US Coronavirus Cases Pass 1.5 Million As Deaths Top 90k; Brazil Overtakes UK With World's 3rd-Largest Outbreak

US Coronavirus Cases Pass 1.5 Million As Deaths Top 90k; Brazil Overtakes UK With World’s 3rd-Largest Outbreak


  • 108 million under lockdown in NE China
  • Beaches, parks reopen across US, Europe
  • New Zealand reopens schools Monday
  • Italy plans to reopen most restaurants & businesses by week’s end.
  • New cases in Brazil, Russia slow as deaths accelerate
  • In US, all but 4 states have “partially reopened
  • WHO annual meeting begins with keynote from President Xi
  • South Africa reports largest single-day spike in cases

With two weeks left in May, the pace of deaths across the US has slowed substantially, a reflection of the progress made by the worst-impacted states like New York, Michigan, New Jersey, California and Washington State, and – importantly – a repudiation of the alarmist forecasts published by the NYT earlier this month calling for the rate of US COVID-19-linked deaths to hit 3,000/day. Yesterday, the US reported just 808 deaths (remember, these data are reported with a  24-hour lag) according to data provided by Johns Hopkins University.

As of Monday morning, the US had confirmed 1,486,742 cases (with thousands of patients likely going undiagnosed) and 89,564 deaths, placing it on track to surpass 90k deaths by the end of today.

Meanwhile, as outbreaks in Russia and Brazil continue to rage, both countries have officially counted hundreds of thousands of additional cases over the last 2 weeks. The two countries, which boast the No. 2 (Russia) and No. 4 (Brazil) highest ‘official’ case counts in the world, are approaching the problem from different angles: In Russia, President Putin is ratcheting up lockdown and social distancing measures, while Brazil – under President Jair Bolsonaro, who has dismissed the virus as “a little flu” – continues to reopen its economy to the consternation of its neighbors.

The death toll has ballooned in the South American nation to 16,118 as of Monday morning in the US, the 6th-highest rally in the world. Two weeks ago the death count was 7,025. On Sunday, Brazil reported 485 additional deaths and 7,938 more cases. That was after Brazil on Saturday reported 816 more deaths, second only to the US with 1,218, and more than 14k additional cases. The numbers pushed Brazil past Italy and Spain on the ranking of hardest-hit countries. Brazil’s “official” tally was 241,080, though with testing rates that lag far behind Europe, many suspect the accurate number is much higher.

While most of the US and Europe have continued to reopen, Chile’s capital city Santiago was locked down on Sunday following a resurgence of new cases and deaths linked to the virus.

Russia said Monday that it recorded 9,000 new coronavirus cases over the last 24 hours, the lowest level since early May (the country was reporting more than 10k cases a day). Health officials reported 8,926 new infections in the last 24 hours, bringing the country’s total to 290,678, the second-highest in the world after the US. It was the lowest number of new virus cases since May 1, when Russia announced 7,933 cases, according to the Japanese Times.

A little further south in New Zealand, hundreds of thousands of children were preparing to return to school on Monday after a 2-month ‘home education’ break.

Hundreds of thousands of New Zealand children returned to school Monday after two months of home education as part of a COVID-19 lockdown, according to the AFP. With a population of 5 million, NZ recorded just 1,149 cases of the virus and 21 deaths, attributed to a strict lockdown adopted in March. Most of NZ’s lockdown measures ended on Thursday.

Back in the US, as more states start the process of reopening, Apple is planning to reopen more than 25 of its branded stores in the US, according to a Reuters report. The company said on Sunday that by the end of the week, 1/5th of its retail stores worldwide will have reopened.

Yesterday, we reported that tens of millions of Chinese in the northeastern part of the country had been placed under lockdown again following a new outbreak near the border with Russia. Apparently, that number was way off: Right now, some 100 million Chinese are back under lockdown.

Some 108 million people in China’s northeast region of Jilin are back under lockdown conditions, BBG reports, in “an abrupt reversal of the re-opening taking place across the nation, cities in Jilin province have cut off trains and buses, shut schools and quarantined tens of thousands of people.” The strict measures have dismayed many residents who had thought the worst of the nation’s epidemic was over.

People “are feeling more cautious again,” said Fan Pai, a worker in Jilin. “Children playing outside are wearing masks again” and health care workers are walking around in protective gear, she said. “It’s frustrating because you don’t know when it will end.”

Meanwhile, according to another Reuters report, beautiful summer weather across the northern hemisphere is enticing millions of people in virus ‘hot spots’ from NYC to the mediterranean coasts of Italy and Spain to visit public parks and beaches, making them the primary centers of recreation in the COVID era.

Most cities and towns have adopted new precautions to prevent the virus from spreading. Many individuals are choosing to keep their distance and wear masks. Greeks flocked to beaches on Saturday as more than 500 beaches reopened, coinciding with temperatures of 34 Celsius (93.2 Fahrenheit).

As the number of new cases accelerates rapidly across Africa, stoking fears about new ‘hot spots’, South Africa reported its highest single-day jump in reported coronavirus cases on Sunday, with an increase of 1,160 infections, according to the country’s National Department of Health. That brings the total number of cases to 15,515, with the Western Cape province accounting for ~60% of that total.

In Brooklyn’s Domino Park, white circles were painted on the lawn to help sunbathers and picnickers keep a safe distance. About half the people in the park appeared to be wearing some form of face covering as they congregated in small groups on a warm Saturday afternoon, as cops in masks kept watch.

In Italy, many restaurants, bars and cafes have reopened now that Italy has seen daily deaths drop to levels not seen since the early days of the pandemic.

After releasing consumer-goods pricing data that hinted at a wave of destabilizing deflation headed China’s way, the mainland press has been searching far and wide for “foreign” experts to reassure the Chinese people that China’s economy will hit its pre-COVID growth benchmarks, just like President Xi said.

As we reported last night, the WHO is holding a two-day annual meeting starting Monday. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered the keynote address on Monday while members battle over whether to authorized an investigation into the early days of the outbreak in Wuhan, as well as pushing for Taiwan to be made a full member of the organization over the rapid resistance of the CCP.

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  1. Thank you for sharing relevent charts and other data. Good review of available info, and not laced with carefully crafted, fear-inducing verbage — as is the case with most “Legacy Media” sources, like the Chicken Noodle News,

  2. A new party needs to replace the Democratic Party…It does not even represent a democracy, but instead a socialist/communists agenda. It only wants to get rich off of everybody that works, and/or is power hungry and wants to rule with an iron fist. Some Republicans can’t seem to get it right either. Some are taking under the table money same as Democrats. Nobody should be allowed raises above COLA without voter approval. The Democratic party should be billed for the costs of false claims against the President and all lawyer fees. Impeachment, Mueller investigation should all be on them! This virus has been falsified by other causes of death being ignored. The drug research again is for $$$ not for our own good. Actually the drug the President just started has saved numerous lives with little to no known side effects.

  3. Have you ever asked yourself the question – why did the blue states suffer the most from the pandemic? – 1 .- Virus COVID-19 likes the color blue? 2 .- residents of blue states love COVID-19? 3 .- maybe because in the blue states democrats rule? Then why do residents of the blue states need COVID-19 together with their democratic government?

    1. To address your question, perhaps the answer is that the blue states which push for socialism are a mere stepping stone in the path the globlists are on towards a New World Order and totalitarianism. Nearly everything going on today with the virus, the lockdowns, the world-at-large is under massive manipulation by the globalists, mostly from “the shadows.”

  4. 60,000 people died of the flu last year that’s with a flu shot….how come no flu deaths are mentioned? Did they mix them with covid 19 deaths and nobody died of the flu this year? SOMEBODY BETTER LOOK INTO THAT? I THINK THEY ARE SCREWING US… THIS IS BULL IF THEY ARE NOT COUNTING THEM. OR COUNTING THEM AS COVID19 DEATHS… Because there 87,000 covid 19 deaths so far …if we had bad flu season like last year 60,000 FLU deaths minus 87,000 covid19… deaths 17,000 real covid death and all this is bull. HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE OF THE FLU WE DEMAND TO KNOW !

    1. Just a guess, but the flu usually hits in the Fall and Winter months and we are still in Spring 2020. It could be the flu hasn’t hit yet this year.

  5. To address your question, perhaps the answer is that the blue states which push for socialism are a mere stepping stone in the path the globlists are on towards a New World Order and totalitarianism. Nearly everything going on today with the virus, the lockdowns, the world-at-large is under massive manipulation by the globalists, mostly from “the shadows.” Globalists, who want the NWO, also believe the world population MUST be reduced. War is a good means, world war is better, for achieving some of that depopulation. But when they’re talking about a world with only ONE BILLION, how do you depopulate SIX BILLION? Only bio-weapons can achieve this. Bill Gates talked about coronaviruses in 2013 and again in 2015 that I have seen on video. He talked about coronaviruses killing millions, and then his propaganda is about the need for “vaccines”. One might conclude he believes we need to create vaccines to combat a coronavirus ahead of its existence, which is impossible. What he is talking about is using a man-made virus, with a vaccine created for it at the same time the virus is created. But he is NOT going to tell you that. Rather, he tells the world he is working to find a vaccine to combat the virus and that everyone needs to be mandatorily vaccinated across the entire world, and everyone MUST be vaccinated. Think about that. He has already proven he is willling to use a “vaccine” containing a sterilizing agent or a live polio virus in Africa and Syria. In other words, the scheme from these globalists, with Gates at the forefront using “double-speak”, is to get mandatory vaccinations across the world with a “vaccine” that actually contains the virus. The current COVID-19 is already spread around the world, but will not kill the billions the globalists want. If a “vaccine” were used, then the entire population gets the virus. There will be many survivors, perhaps around ONE BILLION, and the rest are just dead. How could anyone do this? Because only their agenda is important. Human lives don’t matter to them.

  6. Well, what noone is talking about is that the hospitals are getting close to $15,000 for each Covid death. Even if it’s a gun shot they list it as a Covid death so the hospital can get the $$$. Follow the $$$. That’s what this is all about.

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