Brit Hume Hits Back at CNN Mask Criticism: Biden ‘Looked Ridiculous,’ Masks ‘Not Necessary’ Outdoors

Brit Hume Hits Back at CNN Mask Criticism: Biden ‘Looked Ridiculous,’ Masks ‘Not Necessary’ Outdoors

Fox News political analyst Brit Hume spoke with Martha MacCallum Tuesday to defend his tweet about President Trump, former VP Joe Biden, and wearing face masks in public.

It all started when Hume shared a photo of Biden wearing a mask and tweeted, “This might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public. Biden today.”

Then just to clarify things President Trump retweeted Hume implying that Hume was correct. Of course then Joe Biden jumped in and claimed trump is a fool for nat wearing a mask:

Which brings us back to Hume’s discussion with Martha MacCallum on the mask issue.

Hume hit the nail on the head when he said “Well Biden like anyone else wearing a mask looked ridiculous in the mask he had on with his dark sunglasses especially made him look particularly ridiculous.:

“He’s outside at a war memorial with his wife with whom he’s been quarantined for like ten weeks or nine weeks or something like that, he’s not a Covid Carrier,” Hume added. “So the idea that you are wearing a mask to protect someone else doesn’t seem to apply here, especially the fact that it’s outdoors where there is very little empirical data indicating that the virus spreads easily outdoors.”

“And if you look at the other video of the event, he stayed well out of 6-foot range from everyone he comes into contact with. And you really don’t get it by just simply passing someone or someone opens a door for you.”

Hume just nailed it!

Wearing a mask outside is silly given the data that shows almost no one gets Covid-19 from being outside and Biden looked especially silly wearing his mask after emerging from his basement for the first time.

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