Furious Trump Threatens Twitter For "Interfering In The 2020 Presidential Election" After "Misinformation" Fact-Check

Furious Trump Threatens Twitter For “Interfering In The 2020 Presidential Election” After “Misinformation” Fact-Check

Hours after Twitter slapped a CNN Fact-Check on a Tuesday tweet by President Trump claiming that mail-in-ballots will be “substantially fraudulent,” Trump lashed out – accusing Twitter of “now interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election” by “saying my statement on Mail-In Ballots, which will lead to massive corruption and fraud, is incorrect, based on fact-checking by Fake News CNN and the Amazon Washington Post.”

“Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen! he added.

Mere hours after Kara Swisher appeared on CNBC to call on Twitter to establish a panel of ‘content reviewers’ who can help the platform tag and remove “misinformation” – ie information that doesn’t neatly fit the narrative being pushed by one of Swisher’s employers, the New York Times – it looks like the company is taking a major step in that direction.

For the first time, Twitter has tagged tweets by President Trump as “misinformation”, and appended a link where readers can “get the facts” below the tweet’s primary text.

The tweet, sent earlier today by the president, was the latest in a series of missives opposing mail-in ballots, which the president has insisted would lead to widespread voter fraud.

According to Twitter spokesperson Katie Rosborough, who spoke to the Washington Post about the new policy, Trump’s tweets “contain potentially misleading information about voting processes and have been labeled to provide additional context around mail-in ballots.”

Evidence of widespread voter fraud in the US has yet to materialize, despite the fact that half the country seems to think that Russia somehow rigged the election in President Trump’s favor. To be sure, there have been isolated incidences of voter fraud in recent years that have given some experts reason for concern – though these have been completely ignored, as they don’t fit the narrative that the crime is “totally nonexistent”

But instead of allowing readers to reason this out for themselves (something that shouldn’t be all that difficult given the thousands of replies calling Trump a racist liar), Twitter is stepping in to play the role of arbiter of truth.

An opinion column published in today’s WSJ hinted at a notion that has become increasingly obvious in the Trump era: An absolute truth is an extremely rare thing. Even the NYT has allowed a defined, liberal perspective infect its reporting over the years, as the column’s writer argued, and if the media wants to regain the trust of the public, it’s time to acknowledge that it doesn’t have some kind of monopoly on the truth.

Twitter has reportedly considered affixing warning labels to Trump’s tweets in the past, though Dorsey has insisted that Twitter would never remove a tweet from Trump, as Swisher urged the company to do. However, apparently, a letter sent to Dorsey by the widower of a former intern in then-Congressman Joe Scarborough’s office begging the company to remove several Trump tweets – tweets that allegedly perpetuated a ‘conspiracy’ about the death of the man’s wife – pushed the company over the edge. Though notably those tweets haven’t been touched.

Now, will Twitter apply the same scrutiny to Joe Biden?

And on issues of science, upon which science will twitter rely?

Though the company hasn’t said much, we suspect this won’t be an isolated incident. Will twitter now go full-on CCP and hire a ‘propaganda board’ to review all content on the site? We imagine we’ll learn more about the company’s plans in the coming days.

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  1. If mail in ballots are accepted why can’t voting be done with the smart phone? The origin of each vote can be easily documented same with computer voting. This way busy working people will finally have their voices heard. The present voting system clearly favors those who are unemployed, retired, or homeless,
    Since they have nothing else to do on a Tuesday in November.

    1. People have been voting on their way home from from work since I can remember. Your rights and you responsibilities should connect at least once in 4 years. Absentee ballots are one thing. Too sorry to get off your good intentions is a whole different matter.

    2. It use to be standard practice that voting day was a day off for voters. Vote on Saturday or Sunday. If the nazicrats get control, you won’t have a job to worry about as it is. The last 3 mos has shined a light on the tyrants currently in office as it is.

    3. Get rid of one of the stupid holidays and have a holIday day off to vote . Record all the names of those who vote and a list of those who don t and if their name comes up the next election and they don’t vote, then they don’t get paid for the holiday!, maybe ever again. Also have National UF line every other country.

  2. This is nothing new for the DEMOCOMMUNIST “party”, just another scheme to CHEAT, and encourage yet another round of VOTER FRAUD. My friends these “deep state” actors will stop at NOTHING to keep the “status-quo” in place, and keep constantly removing more and more freedoms from We the people under the guise of “keeping us safe”, as the citizens of this country are turned into mindless DRONES (subjects) to be used, abused, or ELIMINATED if we refuse to kowtow to to every “royal command” they utter.
    Open your eyes the “PROOF” is right there for all to see, if people wish to observe for themselves instead of relying on the “bought and paid for” propaganda news organizations.


      1. Don’t make me laugh…you tRUMPsters have been drinking too much koolaid (aka bleach and hydroxychlorquine).

        1. Actually the only known people dumb enough to take that crap were liberals and anti Trump. So I wouldn’t talk too much if I were you!!2mn3

      2. Then we should hunt them down if caught. We do need people at polls watching back entry’s for the trunk full of late votes too!

  3. Here we sit worrying about what anyone that can walk and talk at the same time already knows WILL be voter fraud, when right in front of our face was an attempt to over through a duly elected president. It is so clear yet no one has even been arrested and no one probably will. This is the absolute worst thing that can happen and yet no one seams to give a shit. People tried to remove our president. What the hell is going on this can not be allowed in this country. Are there no political people that have authority that give a dam. We already know that mailin ballots will be abused. We know it so why even entertain the idea. I love my country , I hate all of the people that are supposed to be working for us. Romberg they work for us. FIRE THEM and lets get back to making this country great again. God Bless America

  4. If Twitter wants to call President Trump a liar. Prove it. Go to all 50 States + Dc and assure all Americans that they definitely cleaned out their voters rolls have been cleaned up from dead people and only eligible voters remain. Also, insist that all mail in voters enclose a copy of their current voter registration and proof of citizenship. Only then can you prove our President lying. What takes the cake is using CNN and The Washington Compost as a source. Oh yeah, impeach and impeach again. STFU and get real.

  5. It’s started already. I’ve had my vote stolen in the mail in primary’s in Ohio’s Montgomery county. All of a sudden I’m getting all kinds of the Democrat e mail’s, text’s, postal mail, the amount has increased 4 fold 3 week’s after the primary’s. I will be going by the election board office, in person. I have a feeling someone’s taken it upon themselves to list me a Democrat, it’s not going to be pretty, if so.

  6. Why is it that everyone and their dog is making so many different voting methods. Mainly governors and state AG’s. To me this has come to a head….and needs congressional intervention to create a common method for the entire nation to follow. For Comrad Pelotski’s to tear off on some personal agenda and demand mail-in ballots is unconscionable. With our broken congress President Trump should create a investigative panel to get this going. Quiet frankly I am sick and tired of the left’s skewed mentality dominating my living room each evening to see the goal post moved yet again. Come on folks……this has to stop.

  7. Voting does not have to be done in one day, daa! Can someone tell me why, do to the Corona virus, maybe we should have more than one day to vote in person. This mail in shit is not going to cut it. Maybe Time to take our country back from the criminals, REVELOUTION this fall, everyone should start preparing now, you know what’s about to happen.Itspretty plain to see.

  8. Every thinking person in America should be able to understand how mail-in voting is ripe for corruption. In all 50 states there ARE documented instances of mail-in ballot abuse. This is clearly yet another vehicle the Dims want to use to hijack the 2020 national election because they are incapable of legitimately winning an election.

  9. If you cant free up a half hour every four years, you deserve whatever you get! And yes, this IS a very obvious, transparent attempt to subvert the process. Even more than they did in 2016!

  10. In WA, we have mail in ballots. The envelope requires you to ID your party registration and signature. Why on the outside ? it is for fraud. And fraud only. The ballot itself has no ID of the person voting at all. Therefore, ballots can be trashed and replaced. The ballot should have the ID and signature of the voter, not the envelope. who the he’ll trusts UPS? They have a vested interests in demonRATs for tax payer monies. They can easily separate out blue over red votes and ship elsewhere. When found, if found, it will be to late to count. WI had that very scenario in the last primary. Bags of ballots found still at the post office.
    What ever the demoNazi’s want, you can count on it not to be in the best interests of the American People. The last 4 years has revealed much about demonRATs criminal actions. The FBI, DOJ, Intel and demonRAT congress actions should send chills down your back.
    Wake up American ! If the demoRATS win in Nov, the last 3 mos will be nothing compared to what will happen in 2021.

          1. you have never seen the green UPS truck? It is not the same as a USPS white truck United States Postal Service (mail)

  11. Over there million illegals in California voted for Hillary in 2016. We need photo ID’s and proof of citizenship in order to vote. Mail in voring will NEVER work.

  12. They totally bury the stories about those who have been caught abusing mail-in ballot fraud = A judge in PA was just arrested (and admitted) to ballot stuffing for the Democrats who bribed him since 2014. CA has nearly 3,000 dead people who voted in 2016 – again – Democrats. A Postal carrier in (I think it was) VA picked out all of the Democrat ballots and mailed them, but any Republican ballots he came across he loaded them into his truck and dumped them out in a field in 2010. They were all found in 2014 when a new subdivision went up in that field. Another mail carrier (for 20 years) took ballots home with him and boxed them up and stored them in his garage. Voter fraud is real and seriously abused, why do you think that Dems push so hard for open borders and no I.D. voting? If mail-in voting wins, then I would insist that each ballot is notarized by a certified notary (who verifies I.D.) and no envelopes have affiliate information on it, and if not someone stationed at each poll station to watch employees and would-be abusers, then have cameras set up at all poll stations and Post Offices to monitor that votes are being handled appropriately. I would also send in a crew to every county to update all voter’s rolls by clearing out anyone over 105, dead, not possessing a valid I.D, and those who have moved to another state.

  13. You guys are such an incredible bunch of idiots, like the moron you support. He’s threatening to regulate social platforms over content–the stupid sucker hasn’t even read the Constitution he swore to uphold. He absolutely can’t do that.

    1. You must be speaking about the same Constitution that the Socialist Democrats and Progressives give not a shit about—as IT SEEMS to be the ONLY thing they are all rapidly progressing FROM…then what to do about the technocrats? I suppose that you are fine with them sticking this B.S. on the Republicans only? And as usual. Just as they manage to bury everything they can manage that goes against their fear stoking with this virus? Actual M.D.s and scientists opinions? Like they don’t even matter—when all they chant about is their “Science and data” mantra—yeah—only when “approved” by the leftists—even when they have been ten times as accurate!? 98% of these Socialist Democrats ought to be lined up in public and shot with a ball of their OWN SHIT! There are very few worth their breath anymore.

  14. We need vote machines that have facial recognition and that registers that authentic or not. The Dems need to learn they can’t push this party around and their will be no mail in voting they can not put in new rules especially when we can’t even prove they are registered Americans. We aren’t a bunch of dummies and if they do not want a civil war they need to straighten their act up. If they don’t, we need to have our noses up their behinds in every move they make. We need to have people passing out leaflets to everyone that is going to vote and are legally able to vote they will be excised from this country asap and sent back to where they came from or to Kenya. They need it drilled in their heads rioting and falsely voting in an election that they are not allowed to do so, that it is treason, will be black listed forever from voting.
    Soros sending all these Antifa people here to riot and burn down communities, should get life in prison or sent to deserted island and live on their own.
    I guess we will have to start assembling to gaurd our poles and any fraudulent votes cast , the castor should be penalized or loose right to ever vote. Burning and looting should mean send them to a deserted island or China forever. I can not believe that the Dem’s greed and hate has ever reached to such gigantic proportions. It just goes to show you how evil you have become over control and money.
    I am beginning to think the democrat party and dems for short are controled by real demons. After all some of the most famous and richest in the USA are know to be in Covens. I mean think about if folks the Dems are not ordinary people anymore they are being controlled by Satan! Wake up and fight!
    The politicions that are pushing and bringing in non citizens to vote should have a penalty of treason against them and be jailed because are committing treason by trying to buy votes and rigging our system even just one false vote byone who is not legally allowed to vote should be removed from this country and or tried for treason! Lock em up!!! use fingerprint machine at the polls and lie detector scanners if they fail they pay jail time! We can not let George Soros, The Clintons, Joe Bidden, Pelosi, Obama or anyone else perpertrate fraud on this election. This is not Russia, Chinna, or South America

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