140 Republican Lawmakers Pile Onto Lawsuit Against Democrats Over Proxy Voting, File Injunctions On New Proxy Votes

An additional 140 House Republicans have joined a lawsuit Friday filed earlier this week against Speaker Nancy Pelosi over new rules in the lower chamber allowing for proxy voting.

The suit was initially filed Tuesday by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined by 20 GOP lawmakers and four constituents on the eve of the first time members of the House have ever voted without being physically present, upending more than 200 years of precedent.

“In the 231-year existence of the United States Congress, neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate has ever permitted a member to vote by proxy from the floor of the chamber,” the lawsuit opens. “Through the Civil War; through the burning of the Capitol during the War of 1812 and the terrorist attacks on Washington on 9/11; and through the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 and the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, the Congress of the United States has never before flinched from its constitutional duty to assemble at the Nation’s Capital and conduct the People’s business in times or national peril.”

Among those joining the lawsuit that now features 161 Republican Congressman includes Shipley Swayze, a constituent of Florida Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist’s who cited the “ongoing public health emergency” as reason for his absence from Washington for Wednesday’s legislative business.

Crist however, held no such reservations in attending the NASA/SpaceX historic space launch on the same day, which was ultimately postponed to Saturday due to weather.

Florida Democratic Congressman Darren Soto also disenfranchised his constituents by delegating his constitutional voting duties to another member to attend the launch.

House Republicans have also filed both temporary and permanent injunctions requesting that the D.C. Circuit Court put an immediate halt to proxy voting which has already been invoked by more than 70 Democrats this week based on the briefs filed.

“Those numbers can and will grow, while the number of members who cast votes in person shrinks,” McCarthy said in a statement Tuesday. “Ultimately, as few as 20 members could control the vote of over 220 members under this rule for the foreseeable future.”

Republicans assert that a clear and honest reading of the Constitution outlining House duties explicitly rejects the idea that, by definition, the nation’s assembly must actually assemble.

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  1. I am surprised to see them taking a stand together. looking closely the reason is clear. it threatens their power. because their actions are self serving knowing that mail in ballots can be easily manipulated. just one example I can verify is when my mother was in a nursing home. her eyesight was very poor and couldn’t read the ballot. they had a gaggle of “volunteers” to help these people vote. I happened to visit her on that day because I was out voting myself. the nursing home saved all the mail for the mail in ballots so the people could get help all in one day. I walked in on a lady “helping” my Mother. the help given was only pointing to the spot she needed to vote. no explanations of what or who she was voting for. when I asked what she was doing she said to mind my own business and i wasn’t allowed to be near them when she was helping others to vote. I then asked for her credentials that are issued by the Secretary of State. she had none. I told her she was dismissed and I would finish. I looked at the ballot and it was for people I knew my mother disliked and asked why she voted for them. she told me she didn’t. I then called the police and had all of them removed and asked to have a representative sent to investigate. while they were all taken into custody most actually helped them vote. two changed votes to what they wanted. many patients didn’t have the understanding of who they voted for. they were manipulated. I want to know where the ballots go when returned? are they interrupted in their path? Easy enough at the post office. we need penalties for fraud for our votes. ones that cant be bargained down to a lower charge for a fine. I have offered a method to verify mail in votes but no one responds to my letters. the republicans wouldn’t say a word if it would sway the votes to themselves. While government must guarantee anonymity why cant we have a way to verify our vote for ourselves. have a rip off tab from the bottom of the ballot with the number of the ballot for our own data kept by ourselves and a print out that tells you how you voted. this you keep so if the votes are in question your tab and printout can validate your vote insuring your vote counts. The only ones that object are the ones that want to use your vote for themselves knowing they cant win honestly. ——Grampa

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