“Far-Left Or Anarchists” – Intelligence Reports ID Rioting Protesters; Mostly Locals Arrested

There is a delicate tightrope of a path to tread here as politicians, officials, media are forced to admit that these “protests” are now “riots” and while the death of George Flynn at the hands of an over-zealous cop to say the least was egregious, the rioting, looting, and shooting across the nation last night is hard for even the most ardent member of the ‘Resistance’ to defend.

So, what they need is a narrative-shifting bump, to get back to the “it’s racism and it’s Trump’s fault” narrative that Biden began yesterday.

And cue this morning’s Minneapolis, St.Pauls, Minnesote officials press conference this morning to set up the pretense…

First, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz summed-up the current chaos erupting nationwide perfectly:

“These are outsiders… This is absolutely no longer about George Floyd or addressing inequities anymore. This is an organized attack designed to destabilize civil society.”

Then Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey confirmed that the people who are coming to Minneapolis to protest are not residents and are “coming in largely from outside the city.”

Our Minneapolis residents are scared and rightfully so. We’ve seen longterm institutional businesses overridden. We’ve seen community institutions set on fire. And I want to be very, very clear. The people that are doing this are not Minneapolis residents,” he said at a news briefing on Saturday. He said the protests earlier this week that were mostly peaceful and were largely attended by those who lived in the city, but “the dynamic has changed.”

“Gradually that shift was made and we saw more and more people coming from outside of the city. We saw more and more people looking to cause violence in our communities, and I have to say, it is not acceptable,” Frey said. “This is no longer about verbal expression. This is about violence and we need to make sure that it stops,” he added. St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter said everyone who was arrested in his city last night was from outside the state. “What we are seeing right now is a group of people who are not from here,” he said.

And then finally, Minneapolis Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington once again confirmed that narrative:

“…I’m not seeing peaceful demonstrations. And I am not seeing, frankly, any empathy or any heart for Mr. Floyd”

And added that last night we saw a change in the temperament and the approach:

“…they are what I call rioters…they are not demonstrating for a case, they are not protesting injustice, they were simply bent on destruction.”

So the question is – who are “they”? These rioters that suddenly appeared out of nowhere to instill anarchy in the peace-loving people of Minneapolis (and 35 other cities around the nation)? Harrington appears to have an answer – it’s a white supremacist terror cell…

“…as we have made arrests, we have done contract-tracing similar to our covid response… who are they associated with? what platforms are they advocating for? …and we have seen things like white supremacy… part of an organized criminal organization and we are looking at whether this is an organized cell of terror.

Which also backed up what the Minnesota AG said: “Yes there are infiltrators…They are white & probably white supremacists…”

So, there it is folks. Despite scenes of 1000s of black folks looting stores and firebombing police precincts, this is white supremacists’ fault… probably using Facebook to brainwash otherwise-peaceful Americans who just wanted to go about their day (and definitely not antifa! Don’t you dare suggest that, because that would be racist… just asking an awkward question though – how likely is it that a group of young white nationalists would burn a precinct to the ground?).

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    1. It is black supremacist! These are black people who think they are entitled to everything without working. They believe the world owes them a comfortable life. They believe you should work to pay for them.

      Then every once in a while they do these riots to scare others I to believing there is some justifiable reason for their anger, hate, and prejudge.

      They are black supremacists.

  2. Even with the massive destruction of the cities, the democrats in charge are now finger pointing “White Supremacists” in order to cover up the true facts that these malfeasant politicians are totally incapable of governing. Even their public safety leadership is inept and incapable of weeding out those police who operate on the dark side. Without proper leadership and discipline a low minority of officers have lost their way and should be removed. The real facts are that groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are leading the charge of destruction and mayhem. These groups are paid for by George Soros and a few others of his ilk. Check data from other countries where Soros has done the same manipulating and payments to cause riots and fostered hatred in order to take control of the countries. This agent of evil actually turned in his own race to the NAZIs and then stole their belongings. Look around at all the lies the MSM and democrats have done to keep the riots going no matter the destruction and deaths.

    1. Democrats always lie all the time. If it is coming out of the mouth of a democrat, liberal, or environmentalist it is a lie.

      By the way they know it too.

    2. I have a dear friend on the Nashville Police Force. He said that of all the arrests at the riots last night, ALL but three were from out of town and came in on a charter bus together. Just saying!

      1. Well if that is true it should be fairly easy to track down who chartered the bus. My money is on SOROS via one of his shell companies.

          1. Bet none of you guys will bother to do the research. It might not fit into you stupid fantasies.

  3. These democrat politicians seek to stir people up with these false claims of white supremacists initiating the violence when in fact it’s the local black population who’s rioting and looting. The democrats scream racism and try to pit black Americans against white Americans.
    Unless local democrat politicians tone down their racist rhetoric, local thug blacks will continue to riot and loot.
    No it’s not whitey’s fault.

    1. No, at this point, I don’t think it is locals that are rioting and looting. It is likely the Black Lives Matter folks from outside the areas inciting the violence and destruction. Since the demokrauts are determined to blame Trump, unless we see the arrest records, we will never know the truth.

      1. How do you blame the president for the over reaction of a local cop followed by the extreme over reaction of local people. That doesnt make sense!

        These are clearly black supremacists rioting and mostly looting

        1. Yeah…overreaction. I’d like to hear what you would have to say if a cop “overreacted” and murdered one of your family.

  4. Need to investigate who is paying these organized skilled rioters looting criminals! Has nothing to do with protesting peacefully for Mr Floyd’s death..Maybe start Looking into with Satan George Soros, Clinton, Obama, Biden, DNC..shouldn’t surprise America since we know they are totally CORRUPTED….

    1. You hit the nail on the head! Soros is too blame he needs to be sent straight to HELL with the rest of the tyrants in this Corrupt government we have had for far to long! Hang them all.

  5. Except Stef–while you point accusatory edicts at the Democrats, don’t forget that these heinous acts of vigilante riots and destruction across the country– are under the watch of Trump; he’s the culpable one to whom the blame rests!

      1. You just don’t know how many times I have written “you are an idiot” on stupid statements like this lately. I’m glad somebody else sees it too.

        1. This guy “Robert Wallace”, just proved that he listens to no one except the FAKE news. This fact PROVES he is an IDIOT!

          These riots and those doing the rioting, are results of George Soros, the Clintons, Obama’s and the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world!

          America is under attack by the Leftist and they will do anything to destroy OUR FREEDOM! True Americans who believe in the constitution will see right through these riots and those who are using them to destroy President Trump and his efforts to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

          The Liberal left and the Liberal democRATS are desperate, they instigated the Covid-19 HOAX that has greatly COST every one in our country a lot of $$$$.

          The Liberal democRATS were NOT able to take President Trump down on the Russiangate HOAX, the Ukrainiangate HOAX, or the Cover-19 HOAX, so now they are stirring up Racialgate HOAX just prior to the November elections. Look at all the money this is costing our great country and those who provide jobs !

          I say that the police should be using real bullets against these rioters and looters, maybe if these criminals had to pay the ultimate price there wouldn’t be so many willing to follow their example.

          I know that if ANYONE tries to burn down my home, destroy my automobiles, beat my family members, they WILL receive bullets to their heads while in that process.

          A Vietnam era veteran

      1. Because he has spent his entire presidency trying to sow division and discord, because he thinks that is how he will stay in power. He doesn’t give a flying f**k about you, me, or anyone else but himself. He certainly doesn’t care about the country he swore to uphold and protect.

  6. What happened is wrong. Period. Prosecute the 4 involved. Work within the forces to weed out the bad elements.
    As for the blaming of “whites” (which now being called white is racist to me) that is crap. Individuals are to blame for their actions. This is just the narrative to divide. It is pouring in on all SM sites. And I bet Robert did not make the same comment about the last administration.

    1. demoncrats work with “identity politics”. you did not do an act because you are evil. you did it as a representative of your tribe. if an asian doesn’t like something i say, it is because i am racist. if a gay person doesn’t like something you say, you are de rigeur a homophobe. blah, blah, blah. i think sometimes the police use excessive force. that is unfortunate and deserves condemnation. perhaps a jury should decide on charges brought against the individual. riots solve nothing.

  7. Great comments posted here. We won’t see any of this TRUTH on the National Lame MSM…not even one intelligent question by their “reporters” as we see here. One reason is that they already know the obvious answers…TRUTH will not sell their adds and increase their viewership…The lies of the last almost 4 years that DT has been in office…DO! What will happen in any of these D controlled city’s now being burned/trashed when one of the LE O’s gets shot and killed?? The fruits of the rioters’ labors will finally be seen by all of us! Already starting to see the NG and US Army combat troops being deployed around the country.

  8. This is Not about skin color it’s about sin! You can’t stereotype everyone and say their racist. Just like you can’t stereotype all cops when 99.99% of them are helping us. There will always be evil in the world. Our job is to combat thst and “Love our neighbors as our self”.

    1. Biden is merely a placeholder if elected president. Which I sincerely doubt will happen, unless there’s a tremendous amount of fraud. It’s those running Biden that we have to worry about.
      Biden suffers from dementia and anyone voting for him has to be a fool or just as corrupt as he is.

  9. I’m sick of the whining by these parasites and Antifa and they are like ants…Rob stores, rape and even kill each other more than any white man kills them. Blame game for over a hundred years. Look at Chicago, kill each other none stop….Lock & Load…

  10. find out which “store-front”that chartered the busses that brought the rioters to the city, then charge the guilty parties with riot-sedition-murder and what ever the attorney-general wants to add to it , then try in court-then execute without delay the fools. {I guarantee it will be Soros backed and funded}

    1. Classic….though Flynn is whole ‘nother life destroyed by crooked cops. But nothing says “social justice” like “pillage and plunder”.

  11. The Constitution provides for “peaceful protests”! These are “riots” plain and simple, being perpetrated by antifa, black lives matter and who knows what other groups, all of which were “birthed” by BHO! During his eight years our race relations have been set back fifty years!
    These domestic terrorists have no intention of doing this to honor the black man who died after being brutalized by a white cop oh no, their sole intention is the collapse of our government so a socialist/communist government can be implemented! These terrorists are a part of the Democrat party working to accomplish the “Democrat Vision”! You all know it whether or not it has occurred to you yet!
    These terrorists should be arrested and sentenced to long prison terms for their attempted coup! They have committed federal crimes!

  12. Is it relevant who they are? The very fact of their actions speaks to the type of character they are!
    Where is the mainstream medias outrage and condemnation of the actions taken by these people?
    Where is the media investigation into the truth of who and why of these instigators?
    Why is the mainstream media so absent in assisting the investigation for the truth instead of promoting the violence?
    Where are the real journalists?
    Are there any real journalists left or have they all become propagandists!

    1. I feel the same way you do. I’ve read that Obama was behind the riots – done deliberately to hurt Trump.

  13. I’m so tired of hearing former vice-president Joe Biden and what is being baby fed via spoon to him by his advisors, obviously he can’t keep a thought or a fact together for very long, all that I can do I will do is to be the first to cast a vote for POTUS, as soon as early voting is scheduled for my district.

  14. This is no different then what the white man did and still does to the NA . they been killing us for as long as they been here . But no one seems to care about that . So now it’s blacks and the world go’s crazy . Iam not saying it’s right … lord knows it’s not . Its seems to be the white cops mostly that kill and get away with it . They don’t even care that it’s being filmed while they kill . Guess they have no fear of their actions by our real laws . Looks like our Laws don’t apply to cops . Not all cops are as bad as the ones that kill . I live in a small town and the police are pretty good . But then we all work together to save our kids and older people living here . We don’t have crime running crazy here . But still they have to police the police so this don’t happen . People protesting need to go about this in a better way burning and looting don’t help . Iam surprised there aren’t more deaths from the burning and looting . The cop is in jail for 3rd degree murder. Should be 2nd murder . He killed the man knowing he can’t breath . Our country is a racists country , right here is the proof . And on video! !! This is also the cops 2nd killing and 3rd charge against him . Why was he still a cop and not in jail befor this . This is how our laws fail us .

  15. Hey Scum Joe,

    You and your corrupt sleazy backers are paying To protect Terrorists – just read what our Great Trump just announced. Just waiting to finally hear and get confirmation that the following shows your bloody hands all over it! Stand By!
    America Needs to investigate who is paying these organized skilled rioters looting criminals! Now we know who has brought them in and Not only paying then but disgustingly paying to set criminals/ terrorists free and back out in the streets to attack and destroy our cities. This has nothing to do with protesting peacefully for Mr Floyd’s death..Maybe start Looking into the actions and money trails of Satan George Soros, Clinton, Obama, Biden, DNC..shouldn’t surprise America since we know they are totally CORRUPTED….

  16. Robert Wallace; Do you by any chance have a brain that works? How in this world can you blame Trump for the actions of criminals around the nation who claim to be protesting the murder of Floyd? It is idiots like you that will eventually destroy the freedoms we enjoy in this country you seem to believe what you are told and ignore what is shown in plain site as being the truth. Sympathy for Floyd has long passed and these thugs are simply on a replenish mission of things they can not afford but under the cloak of protest can break into businesses and take whatever they want in the name of protest against police brutality. They must be stopped even at the risk of having to use deadly force.

  17. Questions, questions, questions ….
    1 .. If the Commissioner of the Department of Public Security of Minneapolis John Harrington claims that arson, destruction, attacks on residents of his state were committed by a gang of supporters of white supremacy, which is an organized cell of terror. – Then why are innocent locals arrested instead of arresting this cell of terror?”
    2. Why are these villains not arrested, why are the names of these supporters of white supremacy who have committed this terrible crime not named, why are they not in prison?
    3. why the riots, looting and shooting in his state are recognized as “it’s racism and Trump’s fault” that Biden started yesterday. But could it be Biden’s fault? – Where is the proof ?
    4. So many questions to the Commissioner of the Department of Public Security can arise only when either he himself knows nothing, or knows, but does not want to tell us anything.

  18. Socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared a guide through her Instagram account for the rioters who are burning different cities across America right now. The infographic is supposed to help the Antifa activists and looters to stay safe while they are outside and wreaking havoc on American cities. The unrest came in the disguise of outrage over the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minnesota


  20. Whooooooee……so Sam the Man has all the answers folks. HEY ….everyone….Sam has all the answers……yawsa…..he da man…!!

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