NYC Mayor De Blasio’s Daughter Arrested At Protest; Fire Next To White House; California Hit With Looting, Violence

Update (2150ET): The daughter of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Chiara de Blasio, was arrested at a Saturday night protest in Manhattan, according to the New York Post.

Chiara de Blasio, 25, was taken into custody around 10:30 p.m. after cops declared an unlawful assembly at 12th Street and Broadway in Lower Manhattan, the sources said.

“That was a real hotspot, police cars were getting burned there, people were throwing and yelling, fighting with cops. There were thousands of people in that area at that time,” the source said.

She gave 181 East End Avenue as her address, otherwise known as Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s Upper East Side residence. –New York Post

The very next day, de Blasio warned that “Change is coming in this city.”

Meanwhile, a fire has broken out near the White House:

Update (2100ET): Tensions continued to flare in Los Angeles, where a police SUV was filmed ramming through a blockade of protesters – nearly running over one in the process.

Elsewhere in Los Angeles:

500 miles to the north in the East Bay, residents of upscale Walnut Creek have been advised to avoid Broadway Plaza.

Update (1950ET): The driver in the Minneapolis incident has been arrested.

Update (1911ET): A little over an hour has passed since Philadelphia’s 6pmET curfew went into effect – because nothing says “deescalation” like a daytime curfew – Sunday night’s “demonstrations” are already devolving into sickening violence on par with what we saw last night.

Around 1pm local time, looting broke out at a strip mall in Santa Monica and elsewhere across LA, while the situation in West Philadelphia worsened, with the rioters and looters spreading – while peaceful demonstrators continued their demonstrations in some cases offering a convenient cover for the criminality of looters – in LA, Philly and elsewhere.

The situation is getting so bad, Santa Monica just moved its curfew to 4pm – 30 minutes ago – because of the looting. LA County moved its curfew to 6pm local time. Tampa Florida announced a curfew starting at 7pmET (45 minutes ago).

One notable scene in Santa Monica showed looters attacking an Amazon van and running off with packages.

Why are the drivers even out after Amazon asked them to turn back? Could it have something to do with the company’s plans to end COVID hazard pay?

A report from California officials claimed the situation in Santa Monica was “deteriorating rapidly”, and that “police have been called in from other parts of California to assist.”

More looting going on in West Philly with nobody coming in to stop them. Some exasperated locals wondered whether the elected Democrats in the city would use force to protect small businesses, as videos showed several big box stores, including a family dollar, being looted.

Protests broke out across New York City, with groups in Manhattan and Brooklyn. One notable scene that emerged on social media: vandals attacked St. Patrick’s Cathedral in midtown, one of the most sacred Catholic Churches in the world.

Though, notably, protests in brownstone brooklyn, home to mostly white yuppies and trust fund babies who live on hand outs from their parents (leaving them plenty of free time to protest), remained mostly peaceful, at least during the early hours, with only small pockets of vandalism and violence across the city.

Video from Chicago showed looters packing cars with stolen goods.

One looter traveled all the way from Indiana to Santa Monica to join in the looting.

Intermingled with familiar images of nonviolent demonstrators were clips of looting and unprovoked cruelty, like this gang of street hooligans setting a homeless man’s belongings on fire in Austin, Texas.

Twitter users flew into hysterics over this video of a tanker truck “plowing” into a crowd of protesters. Except nobody was seriously injured – at least not according to initial reports – and a closer examination merely shows the driver approaching a crowd, then stopping, before being mobbed by “peaceful demonstrators”.

Minnesota had reportedly closed its highways an hour before the incident took place, but vehicles were still apparently trying to make their way through amid crowds of pedestrians – an extremely dangerous mix.

Once again, violence erupted outside the White House, where tear gas was liberally shared.

Meanwhile, more market analysts are questioning whether the market can simply shrug off all of this carnage.

As America braces for a third night of “protests”, governors and mayors across the country are calling in the national guard, imposing curfews and taking other more aggressive measures to stop a third night of chaos and destruction that’s virtually guaranteed to rattle investors in the US – and possibly around the world – when markets open in a few hours.

Already, crowds have returned to downtown Philadelphia where the situation was already starting to spin out of control on Sunday afternoon. The city experienced the same type of mass violence – looting, rioting, skirmishes between black-clad anarchists and the police, and, of course, molotov cocktails – last night as the violence spread from Minneapolis to more cities across the country.

Ahead of what’s shaping up to be a second night of violence in the city of brotherly love (soon to be renamed the city of brotherly muggings), police have released an update on the number of arrests made last night, as well as details of injuries sustained by police officers.

Fifteen police officers were injured last night, with one officer admitted to the hospital with a broken arm broken ribs after he was struck by an SUV.

Only a few hours have passed since several “peaceful” protests commenced down town, and already looters are tearing up Kensington Avenue.

And it’s only getting worse.

Police have begun to respond to “select break in incidents” according to a reporter covering the unrest.

In parts of the city, the looting hasn’t stopped, as looters returned in the morning and afternoon as battles with police escalated.

As a peaceful demonstration moved toward city hall, a tense exchanged erupted as locals confronted two “professional” protesters who were urging the crowd to “take it further” – ie escalate violence against the police – in retribution for George Floyd.

To be sure, not all of the demonstrations in the Greater Philly area were violent: Some marches on Sunday afternoon remained largely peaceful, like in Atlantic City…

…where police shut down traffic, preventing outsiders, who reportedly cause most of the trouble, from entering.

Protestors will gathered at 1 pm on Sunday in front of City Hall for a peace rally advocating for justice and a change to policies that provoke police brutality. A march from the Ben Franklin Bridge to the Liberty Bell at 5th and Markets Street also started around noon, according to local media reports.

But by mid-afternoon the situation had already turned violent. In response to the riots and violence, Mayor Kenney and Commissioner Outlaw addressed citizens Sunday afternoon, announcing a mandatory, city-wide curfew set to resume at 8pm Sunday, and last until 6am.

“The peaceful protests earlier were touching showings of our collective grief. The anger being displayed now cannot continue. Please have respect and dignity for each other and return home,” Kenney stated.

However, as the looting and violence intensified in the afternoon (in Philadelphia at least, it never really stopped) the city moved the curfew up to 6pm.

In addition, all retail stores have been ordered to close immediately. Many that haven’t even reopened from COVID yet started to board up windows “as a precaution”.

As the violence begins not just in Philly but in Pittsburg and in other cities around PA and the rest of the country, the state police said they were calling troopers from the surrounding area to converge on the cities.

PA Gov. Tom Wolf signed a disaster emergency declaration Saturday authorizing the adjutant general of the state National Guard and the Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner to activate personnel to help cities.

Philly police have already released their first arrest update.

During Sunday’s briefing, Kenney and other city officials praised the volunteers who came out Sunday morning to help clean up the damage. “I hope that the story of May 30-31 isn’t about what happened last night but about what happened this morning,” Managing Director Brian Abernathy said.

To try and prevent a repeat of Saturday’s violence, Outlaw said much of Center City “from South (street) to Vine (street), from river to river’ — from the Schuylkill River to the Delaware River, and including the Ben Franklin Bridge — would be blocked off, affecting roads, bridges and expressway entrances and exits as well as the city’s transit agency, according to the AP.

While local officials in the US have blamed foreign influence for instigating the violence, it looks like the protests are spreading around the world, to the US embassies in London and Berlin, and beyond.

In Chicago, national Guard troops have been deployed to help the police try and restore order to the chaotic scene, as the city’s progressive mayor Lori Lightfoot pleaded with “protesters” for calm.

Though many of the rioters, looters and protesters have worn masks, as the country braces for another night of chaos, it should be interesting to see how the infection/hospitalization numbers out of some states change in the coming days and weeks, especially considering that LA County reported some record numbers on Sunday.

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  1. This is no longer a “protest”. These people are proving to the world, (after saying they are NOT the “stereotype” they are portrayed as) that they are INDEED nothing more than criminal THUGS by looting their own stores, destroying their own neighborhoods just to get “free stuff”.
    I have read that many “professional protestors”are being “bused in” more than likely PAID FOR by soros , his “organizations” and the DNC to keep the unrest going.
    I find it OBVIOUS that MOST (if not all) of the “protests” are in DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED “cities”, which tells me there is a lack of leadership.

  2. The Mayor of new York City may have had “The Talk”as he calls it ,with his Son, and obviously his Daughter didn’t receive the memo or didn’t get “The Talk” ! Maybe some of the mayor’s disdain for the NYPD has “rubbed off” on his kids and acting out seems to be a “Cure” for Racism in the City !
    Let’s see the Spin that Di Blowsio puts on this escapade !

  3. You want to stop the violence, stop their unemployment. Cut out their Medicaid and no stimulus payments. It’s obvious these people have nothing better to do but create chaos. Dont they realize they are creating enemies not friends. Time to call in the Military, put MPs on the street with fixed bayonets and gas cannons mounted on tanks, let the bodies fall apparently the old adage that you must fight fire with fire still stands!

    1. Oh, I’m sure you’re right. They will all bow down and say, “Yas, massah!” if you treat them like that.

      1. well, is this the legacy he wants to be remembered by. Looting, burning, rioting. If he is as portrayed, I think not. In the all lives matter heart. More whites died by leather means by law enforcement that black or latinos. Yes all lives matter, but how many roots, burnings lootings occur after whites were killed by LE. what were the circumstances in all of the killings? they of course vary, although percentage wise, more my next stat will be censored, it is not racist or dirty

  4. looters and rioters should just be shot if they come here to my house they will be met with a shotgun

  5. I hope all these looters understand most will be getting knocks on their doors once all the cameras are looked at and facial recognition is used to identify them. Cannot wait to see the stories of these criminals being caught. As for De Blasios daughter, WOOF!!

  6. Democrats importing and paying thugs to burn democratic cities down, loot the stores, and destroy jobs. Even wild animals don’t destroy their homes unless they are rabid animals. All you democratic voters can thank your liberal leaders for your cities burning. Take a good look. It is DEMOCRATICALLY RUN STATES AND CITIES NOT REPUBLICAN RAN CITIES AND STATES. Your party letting your party destroy your cities and jobs. Don’t you just want to run out and vote more in? Trump 2020.

  7. I wonder if the thugs the police have arrested are still in jail or were they turned out the next day in time to do the same thing again the next day.

  8. DeBozio is surely the worst mayor in NYC history…and that was before he told people (along with his Health Commissioner) that is was safe to “take the subway, the buses, trains….go about your lives…this flu doesn’t present a real threat” The man is an idiot, and should be arrested for manslaughter.
    If the animal in the picture, with the piercings and attutude, is his ‘daughter’, we see what a FAILURE he was as a parent as well. Time to DUMP THE IDIOT!! IMPEACH HIM!!!

  9. This may have initially begun as a protest against the police but the anarchists and Trump haters were ready and waiting for a reason to begin this violent war against anyone not standing with them – backed by Socialist Democrats, funded by Soros, elitists and Hollywood millionaires – destroy your cities, kill citizens – anything to regain power.
    Remember, President Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves -the Southern Democrats owned them.

  10. Her mother and father cannot account for what happened to the $900,000,000 of NYC taxpayer dollars entrusted to them to be used to care for NYC’s mentally challenged citizens. Though from her photo she certainly appears to qualify for some of that care – she should not have received it all – and absolutely should have no reason to be out looting. The Governor of Minnesota’s daughter was busted for “leaking intel” to the rioters – Ilhan Omar’s daughter was busted for the same thing in Minnesota. Now where would they have gotten that “intel”? 😉 Scumbag Democrat politicians raise scum bag kids.

  11. Cut off their welfare, food stamps, unemployment, etc. This is just going to deteriorate unless you hit
    them in the wallet. They should all be rounded up and arrested. There are plenty of empty military bases in the country that have the room for their detainees. President Trump is right. Call out the military. This is insurrection. Peaceful protests are one thing. Rioting, looting and arson are quite another. Criminals need to go. Oh, unless you’re Biden’s campaign that are bailing them out of jail. Would anyone with a sane brain want that doofus in the White House??????

  12. I am very upset that the reason for the peaceful protest was used and abused by anti-American forces to create instability and chaos in the country. Neither this never-ending pandemic nor the grim impact on the financial stability of the Americans can justify
    riots and looting. Law and order, as well as justice for all must prevail.

  13. de blasio must be so proud of his daughter. how can he manage a city if he can’t even manage his family? he is an absolute corrupt disgrace. oh, and by the way, no curfew in NYC. amazing. he continually puts NYC police personnel in jeopardy

  14. It’s way past time for the Feds to do a thorough investigation of these riots. The rioters are coming to towns from hundreds of miles away-they aren’t wealthy, so someone is financing them. I am absolutely certain the DNC is involved with funding the riots, Biden is taking up donations to cover the cost of bail for the rioters who were arrested. I think good old George Soros has his fingerprints all over the riots, as well. I read a manifesto about the way to convert a civil society into a socialist society and it starts with rioting in the streets. The government needs to determine who the financiers are and jail them, after extracting the money needed to repair the damages done from their banking accounts. In the past these kind of riots were organic and eventually fizzled out but these are being bought and paid for and will continue until we stop it or call uncle.

  15. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: “Change is coming in this city.” What a Comedian…Very Funny!
    All of the Violent riots are in Democratic Governed States.
    All of the Violent riots are in Democratic Governed Cities.
    The Officers committing these horrific / deadly arrest acts all work for Democratic Appointed Police Chiefs!
    Conclusion: It’s time for voters of all Colors to wake-up!

  16. You guys are a bunch of stupid, uneducated racist jerks. Wait until a member of your family is murdered by a cop for making an illegal left turn. And it WILL happen if you let Nazis take over this country. You are not immune.

  17. Leftist and socialist and Communist want and like a police state. So…what are the protesters complaining.
    Re:de Blasio regarding your daughter. Are you easing your guilty conscience? What a wimp.

  18. Rioting and looting should have consequences. They should be shot and let the bodies lay. If that is unacceptable, mass arrest them, bus them to the south side of Chicago. They will kill each other. Problem solved.

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