Horrific Scene As Car Plows Into Dozens Of Police Amid Rioting In Buffalo, New York

Horrific Scene As Car Plows Into Dozens Of Police Amid Rioting In Buffalo, New York

A shocking scene has unfolded Monday night from the streets of Buffalo, New York as police attempted to clear rioters and presumably looters from a city street. 

Video captured from a protest live feed shows a car plowing into a large group of police and what appear to be state troopers, and SWAT or possibly national guard soldiers.

The group of police are seen initially clearing the street with weapons drawn, and gunshots are heard in the background in an intensifying situation.

Suddenly the group of police attempt to jump out of the way as what appears an older model SUV rushes straight into the group.

Another angle to the attack shows the car gaining speed as officers realize it’s headed straight for them, most dashing out of the way at the last moment:

At least one officer is directly crushed under the vehicle in the graphic footage, and it appears multiple are down, with others rushing to aid and pull them from the street.

AP has confirmed the video, with White House correspondent Zeke Miller writing, “Video shows SUV plowing into officers at Floyd protest in Buffalo, New York, running over at least 1, then speeding away.”

The group of clearly rattled police then attempt return fire as the vehicle rushes away from the scene. It’s unclear if the driver was apprehended.

Though there was no initial confirmation of the horrific and clearly intentional attack on police via Buffalo Police social media accounts, the footage is now going viral.

The man who took the original video from a nearby balcony, who appears to be Yemeni-American based on the Facebook page hosting the live feed, expresses disbelief in Arabic and utters a prayer.

The attack happened at the corner of Decker Street and Bailey, across from an Autozone which is partially seen in the video.

It comes as attacks on police become more brazen and violent nationwide, and as the mayhem spirals out of control – further as President Trump has threatened military deployments to American streets to quell the violence.

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      1. Hang the terrorist ass in public view for war crimes against U.S. Patriotic Citizens & the enemy trying to destroy U.S. National Security ! These bastards are terrorists & aren’t protesters but all are stupid libtards supporting dems whims to be dictators in 2020 !

    1. The bastard got away & should have been shot by at least one of the cops ! When they catch this ass hole the mandatory sentence is death for multiple attempted murders of Police Officers and commands on the spot justice ! Shoot the rotten bastard the rabid ass has proved he’s a killer !

      1. This is a hate crime, so the sentence, which is NOT automatically a death sentence, gets an additional penalty of 5 years. Remember they are in a “no gun” state. That’s why I pack/carry!! NO ONE will take MY guns.

    2. This can be laid directly on the shoulders of the liberal permissive Democrat attitude that anything goes as long as you are a radical American hating sob! Pelosi, Schumer, waddlers Nadler and all you others are directly responsible for the injury and death of any and all law enforcement officers. You liberal Democrats are just plain ugly Americans

  1. The point has been made. The news media keeps adding to the problems destroying this country. Without coverage the protesters would let the laws handled the problems. Using George Floyd as an excuse to rob and destroy is disgusting.

    Now I hear on the news two kids are suing Atlanta because they would not obey the police. When I am told by the police to do something I say in respect “yes”. The police are not allowed to do their job and that is to protect. They have a job with low pay and many times take abuse. I would not have their job and pray many will not quit. What happens then? The police murdered George Floyd without doubt. Three offices watch and should have spoke up and say “What are the hell you are doing”.

    1. I agree and so does Floyd’s family. This is not about him. Antifa has been waiting for a chance to disrupt the coming elections. Divide and conquer is their motto.

      1. Another created liars reason for racist attack of black floyd is the obamagate hearings in congress 6/3/20 ! Best way for bo & dems to take attention away from bo’s treason sins !

    2. carson tyler; Not true according to autopsy documenting history of heart disease, drugs, obesity causing health problems ! The floyd death is his own crime resisting arrest and defying the cop’s orders ! The cop did not kill floyd, he killed himself with defiance of U.S. Laws ! Now soro’s bought off terrorists trying to kill U.S. Government laws & U.S. Freedom to kill themselves like floyd did !

      1. He died of lack of oxygen to the brain that happened because of a moron putting his knee on MR. Floyds neck. Both autopsies said this was the cause of death.

  2. These are no longer protesters but domestic terrorists and must be treated as such. The senseless violence and looting against persons and property must be dealt with harshly and promptly, in the past looters were shot and violence was dealt with in a swift and powerful way to drive home the point that this type of activity will not be tolerated. ANTIFA is now as terrorist group and should be dealt with as we treat all terrorist groups….eliminated.

    1. It has been reported that loads of “outsiders” were brought in by soros company-owned buses . these are NOT “protestors” and could care less about the reason for the “protest” they were hired to loot, destroy property and keep the “narrative’ going. Most (if not all) do not care about this black man, they were hired to terrorize, disrupt, and destroy property. On black man that was “caught”, and arrested confessed to the police he was only there to get “his share” of “free stuff” and try to steal money.

  3. Murder in this country has a definitive definition in law, with various degrees attached to it. If someone dies while being restrained at a scene, dies at that scene, that is one degree of murder, if the person is alive while being in medical transport, that is another degree and if it is found that the restraints used were a contributing factor and not a direct cause you have another degree. All should keep in mind that Mr. Floyd did not die at the scene.

  4. THESE are not protesters, they are RIOTERS, THUGS, LOOTERS, and CRIMINALS and it is time they are stopped, and if LETHAL FORCE is required so be it, just let them know in ADVANCE that that is what they can expect!

  5. How much more do you need to take the cuffs off the cops? Keep fuc*in around and all of em will be callin in sick, but you’ll blame them when the whole city is destroyed, obviously!

  6. It is sad to watch what is happening to this country. Innocent lives are being ruined by a bunch of thugs and the people in charge are not doing everything possible to stop it.
    I don’t want to see President Trump to have to declare martial law to put a stop to this but if that’s what it takes, then do it.
    People, the next time you vote people in to office, especially Governors and Mayors, think about what has happened when you elect people that are incompetent and do not do the job they are supposed to be doing. Stop voting people into office because of their political affiliation. There are people, both Democrats and Republicans who are worthless that should never have been elected to the job in the first place. If someone is in office and shows he is incapable of doing what he is supposed to do, vote him out, don’t just keep voting them back in over and over.

  7. I wonder what would happen if white’s rioted every time a black man rapes. beats and kills a white woman or every time a white dude is beat or killed by a black person. There would be a lot of riots. and a lot more blacks would die. Maybe white’s should riot and get even for all the white women that have been killed raped maimed. Give them all a one way ticket to Africa let them go there and get welfare and food stamps LOL and Ebola and then find out their black brothers and sisters in Africa don’t like them either. David

  8. There is no valid excuse for what’s happening in our country. The rioting, burning, assaults and murders have nothing to do with George Floyd. I’d be willing to bet that 98% of the rioters didn’t know Floyd or, gave a damn what happened to him! These animals are nothing more than criminal opportunists.

  9. How many police and National guard will be killed or injured during this nonsense. They have families who love them, wives , children, parents just like Mr. Floyd. They also didn’t do anything wrong except to try to protect the neighborhood from damage and more death. And where are the brave protesters for these lives? I guess they aren’t paid OR they are too stupid to realize that their lives have been protected by law enforcement. Maybe their parents should have taught them better.

  10. I agree with you 100%. I read a comment as follows:

    These protestors, were considered to be “riotest. Then the comment went further – saying “THIS IS A REVOLUTION.” George Soros, who hates America, was looking forward to the revolution. Soros is the money man for the “left” and has networks across the nation.

    Anyone who attacks law enforcement should spend some time in jail.

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