NYT Implodes Over Cotton Op-Ed While Poll Finds Nearly 60% Of Americans Agree With Him

NYT Implodes Over Cotton Op-Ed While Poll Finds Nearly 60% Of Americans Agree With Him

While the New York Times self-immolates over the Tom Cotton Op-Ed – which they now say “did not meet its standards due to a rushed editorial process,” a new Morning Consult poll shows that 58% of voters – including 48% of Democrats, say they support the use of US troops to supplement city cops amid the protests.

Clearly the Times is far too woke for their own good.

A long-simmering culture war at the New York Times, once the undisputed national paper of record, has burst into public view on Thursday as a group of young “woke” staffers at the paper denounced the opinion section’s decision to publish a column penned by GOP Sen. Tom Cotton urging President Trump to call in the military to restore order in cities across the US where violence and looting have broken out.

By now, more police officers have been killed since George Floyd’s murder after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck, cutting off circulation. An autopsy report blamed the officer’s decision to pin Floyd to the ground by his throat as the cause of death. The office is now facing second degree murder and manslaughter charges. But leftists continue to insist that all opposition to the looting in violence is a fascist dog whistle. Whether you think Cotton is an incorrigible fascist, or you agree with his position, the notion that a small but vocal minority of the body politic is pushing for the active suppression of political speech.

In a twitter thread, NYT columnist Bari Weiss – who has frequently attracted the ire of the “woke”/DSA/Bernie Bro faction, which hates “neoliberals” just as much as it hates “conservatives” (aka fascists, since everybody who isn’t a “democratic” socialist is a fascist, in their view) – explains the division between the younger “woke” reporters/staffers, and the older liberals, with executive editor Dean Baquet, the paper’s first black executive editor, caught in the middle.

Of course, many of the NYT reporters and staffers who denounced the op-ed also denounced their colleague’s take. One reporter even said the very decision to print the op-ed put the paper’s black reporters “in danger“.

In a post weighing in on the debate, the Columbia Journalism Review argued that Cotton’s views shouldn’t have been published because it was “built on lies“. However, the sections of the paper that it described as lies weren’t lies at all, but descriptions of the chaos across the country, recounted with perhaps a touch of hyperbole. But leftists frequently test the bounds of what’s believable, like when they accuse crime reporters of “spreading false narratives” when they report on black-on-black crime statistics.

The problem with this idea of the Times as an open forum for views of all stripes — no matter how abhorrent — is that by opening the door to all “operative opinion” (as a member of the Opinion section described it to me a couple of years ago), the Times becomes a platform for those who are hostile to its core values and at direct odds with the New York Times Company mission to “seek the truth and help people understand the world.”

The core problem with Cotton’s column, it seems to me, isn’t that its arguments are painful or dangerous (though they are those things too). It’s that it’s built on lies. “This week, rioters have plunged many American cities into anarchy, recalling the widespread violence of the 1960s,” it begins, before trotting out hyperbolic (and false) phrases like “the riots were a carnival for the thrill-seeking rich as well as other criminal elements,” “orgy of violence,” and “cadres of left-wing radicals like Antifa infiltrating protest marches.”

Recent days have been marked by looting and violence. But the violence has sometimes been prompted by the police themselves, and the incidents getting the most attention have been isolated to a few commercial districts. The areas around the protests (to say nothing of the entirety of “American cities”) have been relatively calm and peaceful. As Davey Alba, a Times reporter who covers misinformation, pointed out on Twitter, the paper’s news side has already reported how promoting claims of unbridled urban unrest is part of the “untruths, conspiracy theories, and other false information…running rampant online” and being pushed by Trump and his allies.

Remember: These are the same people who forced their employers to describe riots as “protests” and looters as “demonstrators” leading to jarring headlines like “Violence and looting rage as George Floyd protests lead to clashes with cops in several states”.

The notion that we can trust them to be arbiters of the truth as simply laughable.

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  1. “the views of more thsn half of America are unacceptable”
    The ultimate in millenial condescension. Who would have imagined the po lil woke millenials turning on their older liberal masters.

  2. This is no longer a “protest” MOST (if not all) do NOT care who or what they are “protesting” about or who the are “supposed to be “protesting” for. Many have been HIRED by the likes of soros, the DNC, the hollyweird “elites” and the “elites” in the “alphabet agencies” (fbi, cia, nas etc.) to infiltrate the “real” “protestors”, push THEIR agenda of anarchy, loot, destroy property, injure or kill as many as the can, (and of course get “free stuff they have stolen from businesses they have broken into)
    Tell me how, my friends were pallets of brick, piles of rocks, “delivered” BEFORE this “event” by the police was known, and these items were at their disposal of these “protestors” if this was NOT a “pre-planned” event”??? THINK about it. Was this black man a democommunist “pawn” and gave his life, so these RIOTS could commence?
    The “timing” seemed awfully “convenient” as the “virus” pandemic was starting to wind down, and finally get under control. NEVER underestimate the DEMOCOMMUNISTS that have openly opined they will do ANYTHING to gain COMPLETE control this country and the people. For an example look at how many people have died (comitted suicide and other “reasons”, when people “knew too much” about the clintons, or FRAUD obama.

  3. The left wing wackos at the Sad Old Gray Lady have finally completely lost their collective minds. Time to say Good Bye to the Sad Old Lady and find a kinder gentler Old Lady to tell the American people the truth and not the filthy lies spewed by this old hag. Say Good Night!

  4. And which party is marching side by side with these slime ball terrorist? Which party leaders are bailing them out to continue burning our cities? Which party is tying the hands of the police? If you answered the democratic party you are right. Time to get “woked” to reality. You better rid your states and cities of these political terrorist and then clean your streets of the paid thugs or you will continue to burn.

  5. We need to be straight out where the left can no longer accuse us of using dog whistles. It is time for another revolutionary war. Who thinks the same thing?

  6. So, who does the NYT answer to? What happened to just finding and reporting the facts and letting the people make up their minds? ALL newspapers, online services, radio, tv and any other media need to stop telling people what to do. Plus they need to stop getting their feeling hurt when opinion polls show that they are wrong.

  7. Please every Americans need to think carefully before doing any things, do not put our country in danger, do not do the wrong things so that we will regret later.

  8. What standards? The PC police standards?
    NYT and trash are synonymous. Continue in the bleeding heart liberal tradition while your city burns, dumbasses.

  9. That rag screwed up and printed the truth…..now they’ll spend a month firing people and apologizing for it! Now THAT’S funny.

  10. Footage of the incident shows police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd for around eight minutes, despite Floyd repeatedly telling the officer that he couldn’t breathe. Floyd was arrested for allegedly using a fake $20 note in a store.
    His actions have been used by far-left ideologues, Democrats, and Black Lives Matter activists to suggest there is systemic and institutional racism perpetrated against black people. The data(statista and all other website), however, suggests otherwise. Despite white Americans committing less violent crime than many other racial groups, police officers consistently shoot dead more white people every year. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE THEN?
    IMO and thanks to 1st amendment I can have MY OWN OPINION & EXPRESS IT!! This appears to be a case of police brutality and not racism,

  11. The poll simply shows that 58% of the people do not realize that US Military power cannot be used against Civilians under the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act . The 1808 Insurrection Act that Trump is so proud of was promulgated when the U.S. HAD NO Standing Army and relied on State Militias. It was also overtaken by the Posse Comitatus Act , following the sorry record of massive civil rights violations during Reconstruction. And The US Military has a proud tradition of being apolitical and serving the CONSTITUTION of the U.S. , not some would-be two-bit Dictator wannabe.

  12. Except that it’s illegal. Active duty/reserve troops cannot do police work. I think most people are confusing non-federalized national guard troops (ie, under state control) with the regulars. Some Presidents got away with such unconstitutional acts (Kennedy and Lincoln come to mind) but it sets a bad precedent and is a precursor to tyranny.

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