Criminal Gangs Who Ransacked NYC Arrived In Chauffeured Cars, Used Power Tools, Witnesses Say

Retail Outlets Along I-95 Close Saturday As Looters Target The Suburbs

Now that most of NYC’s retailers have either already been looted, or have been preemptively boarded up and emptied of merchandise until to ride out the unrest, the same looters who relied on more strategic tactics like working in crews and using drivers and lookouts are reportedly targeting wealthy suburbs like Connecticut and New Jersey.

On the advice of state police, retail outlets along I-95 (a critical vehicular artery connecting Westchester and southern Connecticut and the city) are closing and boarding up their stores on Saturday to try and discourage looters, and the potentially deadly confrontations with police that might ensue.

Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets will be closed this weekend after police detected social media posts calling for looters to converge at the premium outlets in Clinton, Conn.

In response to Facebook threats of looting and rioting, Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets will be closed Saturday and Sunday, according to an official of the retail outlet center.

Entrances and exits at Clinton Crossing, a member of the Simon Property Group, will be blocked with Jersey barriers. Some stores, including Polo Ralph Lauren and Finish Line, were boarded up starting Friday morning.

“Based on the credibility of threats and law enforcement recommendations, the decision has been made to temporarily close,” Nathan Ramos, area general manager, wrote in a letter to mall businesses.”…Our goal is to provide a safe environment for tenants, customers and employees.”

Clinton Crossing, off Exit 63, is home to about 70 outlet stores, including the upscale Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Kate Spade New York and Michael Kors, as well as Sunglass Hut and Yankee Candle.

The following message was posted to

“We are deeply saddened and troubled by the murder of Mr. Floyd and mourn his senseless loss,” it reads. “We stand united for racial equality and pray for the healing of our communities.”

Police aren’t solely concerned about the looting: there’s also the fear that confrontations between looters and police could lead to violence and deaths on either side.

Clinton police are being especially cautious in light of incidents across the country sparked by the death of George Floyd while in custody of Minneapolis police.

There also have been some incidents around the country of riots and looting, leading management and shop owners to take preventive actions, said Clinton Police Chief Vincent DeMaio.

“We’ve been following it since Tuesday, we’ve been monitoring it all along,” said DeMaio.

Meanwhile, a candidate for Baltimore City Council told looters and rioters to “take that mess to Towson” (a suburban area) urging them to light fires and loot stores in the suburbs because Baltimore is still “traumatized” from the Freddie Grey riots.

So if you were planning on hitting the outlets to get your father’s day shopping done early…it’s not too late to just order something on Amazon.

A commentator sharing the video above can be heard at one point saying “this would explain all the police activity up here in Cockeysville yesterday.” Police have been closely monitoring calls for more violence and looting in the suburbs and cities.

It’s just the latest bad news for Simon Property Group, the largest mall owner in America, which just filed a lawsuit against GAP for non-payment of rent. The shutdowns will leave retailers who only just reopened in an even more financially precarious position.

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  1. Just about any country in the world has “Shoot
    Shame on us, we let the pantywaists call the shots..How sad! on site” policy for looters!
    We wouldn’t have to run scared by boarding up our stores or sticking to curfews. CowaRdice
    is the norm for once manly Americans!

    1. well looters should be shot dead this is total bull shit liberals need a big lesson with real life not getting everything they want by pouting

      1. Maybe it would have been a better idea to place the guard in the stores to prevent looting and also police dogs in those locations. Looting for personal gain is never a good idea/also looting period. This is even worse than the Viet Nam protests. I still think the draft should have made a comeback. I am glad I was not a store owner. MAGA RVN 68-69

    2. AND democrats want to take our guns and control over your life ! This is the begins the take OVER OF a government ! IF WE don’t remove the problem it will ONLY be our fault ! Democrats want us to need them WELL I don’t AND THEY better not get IN our way ! YOU want a revolution now you keep it up and YOU have one . what IF we start taking the law into OUR .hands ? Abolish the law enforcement of America they are absolutely CRAZY

  2. why can’t we use predator drones to drop pepper bombs on people trying to break into stores, or use amazon drones, or police helicopters, seems like pepper or tear gas would work pretty good!

  3. If and when the business owners reopen after this BULL CRAP they need to put ” 1 1/2 to 3″ of bulletproof glass and other anti- theft devices in the stores,shops and restaurants. I bet that their insurance companies would highly recommend these measures.

  4. Looters opening being directed to go to the suburbs……What a crock. Grow a pair and take a STAND against violence. I condemn what happened to Mr George and criminal charges need to be allowed to work through the process. The changes are valid – to a point. But the problem with the FEW bad cops are ALL of our problems!! ALL LIVES MATTER.

  5. Paint ball devices can be used to mark the looters. Pepper spray in back pack spray devices that can be used on large looting groups. Eventually this will be thought out as to how to protect the property owners and not cause deadly harm to the rioters. But lawlessness can not prevail.

  6. As usual with Right wingers, hate and violent “solutions” prevail. And I bet you also call yourself Christians. Looting is wrong, sure, but espousing death as the proper sentence for it just shows you’re no more fit to lead than your “president”.

    1. Standing up for your business, your lively hood and maybe your life is not hateful. The ones showing their hate are the ones killing our police, burning down businesses, tearing down our Country. Those are the ones with hate. So if your a Christian you are suppose to allow this? Being a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t stand up for yourself, your family, your Country.

  7. Yeah …You lefty , Liberal pinkos …with your kiss em on the cheek solutions ,to violence , has been worn out! And once again its the Right ,who… causing all this, is your opinion! and your sweetness, is what has caused all of this to happen… ? When police are attacked from the rear by Cowards in masks, and cars and stores are burned and looted…It is NOT A PROTEST…It is open law breaking, And complete total violence….. patting people like this on the ass…Is not the solution! jail and hard time is! keep your stupid Ideas up in rhode island, because you don,t have a clue…as to what is going on!

  8. Sad to see the nation taken over by a group of organised thugs with open season to use the senseless death of Floyd as excuse for looting, vandalism and arson.
    Our right to protest of course. MLK advocated PEACEFULL PROTEST !
    Shame on these others.

  9. Coeur D’ Aleine, ID. Set the example for what to do when rioters are on the way. Video shows both sides of streets with locals fully armed to protect their town.

  10. Why do many people look like thugs when confronted by the people, that why some get killed by police because you either gun, or they need to take you or be killed. That’s called self defense. So, what’s wrong with you people?

  11. No problem, the KKK is coming for these BLM niggers and rioters. They’s gonna torture the black ass bastards then hang them from the highest trees. You go KKK. Yay for Chauvin. He da man.

  12. The first thing I would do is disconnect all the lights in the stores. They probably have to keep the a/c on to protect their products. The second thing I would do is rig a switch so that if the doors are broken through the fire sprinklers are activated. So it will be easy to identify the looters as they will be soaking wet. The retailers have to protect what is theirs as much as they can in the event they are not looted – but once the security has been breached all is lost anyway. It is hard to imagine that “most” of the retailers in NYC have already been looted. If I was one of them I would be thinking of closing up and leaving. When this is over these looters will have nowhere to shop for what they need – and that will be too damned bad huh? We have already seen the reports of the idiot rioters hell bent on abolishing the police departments in Brooklyn – when two men jumped out of the crowd swinging machetes – what did these idiot “protesters” do? They called the police???? You can’t make this kind of stupidity up.

    1. Just install FRAGS on top of doors with a warning sign. Wired it so that it will explode when removed. I bet you those looters will avoid your stores or establishment like plagues.

  13. Hey you come breaking my home I guarantee you will be shot numerous times and I shoot to kill not hurt. And the second part is that the dump only a few miles away

    1. When you follow up with a substantial threat, the violence is diminished not escalated. In the 68 uprising which was peaceful compared to this, my buddies were sent from Ft Sill to DC and the threat of violence was greatly reduced. When I came home from RVN in Aug 69, I was still in mourning for my buddy on Memorial Day. I almost reupped then. Those people did the same thing to us. Sorry, you cannot forget that part of it. RVN 68-69

  14. The People who are Looting and Burning, are not about Peace, and do not care about George Floyd, They are All About destroying President Trump, therefore, They Need To Be Killed or be Confined to a Detention Camp, until after the November Election, They Are Against America And It’s People, President Trump and the Security Forces Need to Literally, “FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE”, THIS B@×BO CLOTH NEEDS TO STOP NOW.

  15. Isn’t it NICE that we have all these “liberal” governors and mayors helping the “obviously honest” protesters by keeping the police (and State Guard) at bay while the anarchists enjoy themselves burning, looting and destroying everything in sight. After two weeks of LAWLESSNESS, isn’t it about time to SHUT THIS ORGY DOWN ?????

  16. Well said Gary, I’d shoot to kill these worthless bastards in a heart beat then throw them into some quick sand a half a mile down the road..I have no remorse for the ilk that is destroying our communities!!

  17. Hey Rhode Islander -how’s your STATE doing? And just who is promoting and inciting the protests and riots? It isn’t the right-it’s you and you who vote for. I have a police officer son and I don’t want him killed or injured because you are too politically correct that you can’t even stand up for the Police in your area. What does that make you? Look in the mirror-for every law enforcement officer has a family who loves them-but your kind of people don’t enter into law enforcement to keep law and order. You SIT on the sidelines mouthing off and their deaths or injuries are on you. You are such a HYPOCRITE.

  18. I’m so damn sick of hearing Black Lives Matter, that is a Racist Statement! ALL LIVES MATTER!! They are making a martyr out of George Floyd who was in Prison 5 times. The last one he broke in a pregnant woman’s home and pointed a gun at her stomach while 4 others searched for drugs and robbed her! These Rioters and Looters have beaten and killed, stolen and burned and deserve to do hard time rather than be released without charges or bail. Why the Hell are they protecting the Bastards committing the crimes. It’s tragic what happened to the scum bag George Floyd, but did white people riot, loot, burn, and attack store owners or police when the same thing happened to Tony Timpa in Dallas. HELL NO! I’m sick of this BS and expect these Bastards to be treated like they treat everyone else, WITH NO RESPECT AND FORCE!

  19. Americans better wake up or everything we have worked for will be gone. We have to fight back to preserve our country. We are not perfect but, we can certainly learn. ALL LIVES MATTER!

  20. Quote from article. “In response to Facebook threats of looting and rioting,” I thought the algorithm of facebook and other social media outlets was suppose to delete any post that were threatnening, derogatory, or shows any kind of violence. Or they only delete posts by people with a conservative point of view? Since the social media outfits are not deleting those posts immediately they become part of the problem and not the solution.

  21. At that point, patriots will have to work to put things right again and not by panty wasted tactics, ass-kissing, kneeling begging for forgiveness. I do not get it I never owned a slave and none of my family did either they were All hard-working farmers and the like and I have never done anything do harm a black or brown person. I see all as equal under the law as it should be. I sure as hell am not going out to loot and burn someone business that worked and sweated to make work their whole life. The big places all have insurance for the damage but all the small owners do not and many of them are ruined due to the theft and burning of their property. People that own their own places of business should protect what they have and if need be shoot. That is what the Second Amendment was meant to protect.

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