Car Plows Into Protesters In Brooklyn, Anarchists Attack Children’s Hospital During 12th Night Of “Largely Peaceful” Protests

Following another night of demonstrations across the US, and increasingly around the world, the NYT reported that “tens of thousands gathered in big cities like New York and Seattle and small towns like Vidor, Texas, and Marion, Ohio — in swelling crowds that have been multiethnic, spanning generations and overwhelmingly peaceful.”

Though we’re not 100% certain about that last bit, it’s definitely notable that the protest movement has spread from Europe, Australia and New Zealand on to Asia, Africa and elsewhere, as thousands around the world support American protesters with shows of “solidarity”.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus death toll in the US quietly surpassed 110,000 last night.

Though the outbreak has slowed to a crawl in many former hot spots like New York, elsewhere, signs of incipient outbreaks have begun to emerge.

Across New York City, peaceful demonstrators defied an 8 pm curfew as the NYPD mostly stepped aside, following a week of optically-terrible videos showing cops beating on kneeling protesters, badly injuring elderly protesters, and shooting journalists with “non-lethal” rounds. The police allowed the marches to continue long into the night, and in the morning, Mayor de Blasio tweeted that he would be lifting the curfew after seeing “the very best of our city”.

Meanwhile, readers of the Wall Street Journal were greeting Sunday morning with a push alert heralding the results of the latest public opinion poll showing that Americans – by a 2-1 margin – are more troubled by the actions of the police in the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing protests,

Among Democrats, an overwhelming majority (more than 80%) support police reform, while, possibly for the first time, a majority of Republicans (52%) said they are also more troubled by the actions of the police. Though the partisan divide remains stark, it shows that the demonstrators have been largely successful in their goal of swaying public opinion.

What’s more: 80% of respondents said that – between the virus and the protests – their country is spinning out of control.

Americans by a 2-to-1 margin are more troubled by the actions of police in the killing of George Floyd than by violence at some protests, and an overwhelming majority, 80%, feel that the country is spiraling out of control, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

The poll also reveals striking partisan divides in how Americans view a pair of unfolding national crises, including the unrest sparked by the killing of Mr. Floyd, the black Minneapolis man who was in police custody, and the coronavirus pandemic, responsible for more than 109,000 fatalities in the U.S.

Already, crowds have gathered in central Rome on Sunday morning for another day of demonstrations in London and other cities, as crowds chanted “Black lives matter” and “No justice, no peace,” thousands of people swelled Rome’s Piazza del Popolo, and in London, thousands gathered in several places. On Sunday morning, London Mayor Sadiq Khan praised the protesters, and denounced a “tiny minority” who resorted to violence.

As more members of the far-left abandon the push for police reform in favor of police abolition, President Trump has latched on to these claims and seized the opportunity to tarnish Biden using his increasing deference to the Democratic party’s progressive wing.

Meanwhile, one California man – a purported “deescalation expert” – sustained a potentially life-changing injury after police appeared to shoot him in the groin with a rubber bullet, necessitating emergency surgery.

A California man who has worked to help improve relations between the San Jose Police Department and people of color learned that he may not be able to have children after an officer shot him with a rubber bullet during a protest.

While attending a protest in San Jose on May 29, the man, Derrick Sanderlin, worked to prevent rising tensions and calm demonstrators and the police alike, he said in an interview this weekend.

While the mainstream press mostly brushed them aside, this weekend’s demonstrations were unfortunately pockmarked by violence perpetrated by deranged anarchists, who attacked a children’s hospital in Houston.

Sometimes, peaceful protesters were on the receiving end: In one horrifying scene, a car drove into a crowd of protesters in Brooklyn.

Threats to burn down areas have been an unfortunate feature of many live-tv news interviews over the past 2 weeks, and Saturday night was no exception.

In one astonishing scene, protesters heckled Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey after he refused to commit to abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department.

Calls to ‘defund the police’ are spreading.

It wouldn’t be a nationwide protest without the antifas in Portland stirring up chaos, as usual.

While Philly saw another day of massive rallies, vigilantes came out to battle with demonstrators once again.

Then there was this dude, who showed up to a rally in Toronto in blackface.

He was reportedly later arrested.

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  1. Shame on all of you rioters. You are nothing but a bunch of disgusting idiots. Destroying part of the Children’s Hospital in Houston is beyond forgiveness. You need a good ass whipping. I hope like hell you never have to have any kind of help from this hospital. Good luck in getting it. Defunding the Police is a non option. Because 9 out of 10 times the people wanting to defund Police are going to be the first ones to call for help. Defund the Democratic party.! These people in the House Democratic party are the cause of all these disruptions, Soros most certainly. This whole issue of these protests and rioters was planned for the last four or five months. Do not let them fool you. VOTE RED!

      1. i agree with you, why try up the children hospital have to do with any of this, that was none of this was bad,

    1. Children’s Hospital in Houston was never attacked. So says CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL IN HOUSTON.
      Someone took footage from elsewhere in Houston, and lied that it was Children’s Hospital.
      Real Conservatives Unite got suckered in, but hasn’t yet changed their incorrect title.

  2. Why isn’t the cop who shot the man with a rubber bullet arrested…that is a clear cut case of assault with intent.


  3. I would love to comment…But I,m afraid, My anger, will overcome my senses, and it will all be UNPRINTABLE! What is happening here is beyond disgraceful Riots being labeled “PROTESTS” by a LIBERAL MEDIA! ( Stealing, LOOTING AND BURNING public property is Not a Protest! ) If you did this in China…You would be dead! That goes for many other countries as well! There i got it out! Fix Bayonets , And lock and load! Criminals need to be dealt with…As CRIMINALS……Not protesters

    1. I TOTALLY AGREE with this problem solving solution!!! These imported antagonists should be shot down like the DIRTY LIBERAL DEMOCRATS AND COMPANIES FUNDING THEM!!! WE have a 2nd Amendment right to bear ARMS and protect our family, our livelihoods, Our Freedoms which so many other BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN VETERANS, paid for with THEIR LIVES because of Their Love of Our Great Country!!! Looter, rioters, so called peaceful protesters alike should pay for the cost of all damages and not the tax payers who are being ask by Liberal Governors for Federal Assistance… if we the people do not help the liberal idiots who let this happen, we are only going to be blamed even further because we would be neglecting fellow Americans who have lost everything due to the “Peaceful Protest’s… So we are Damned if do, and Damned if we don’t!!! That’s how the RICH ELITES PLAY THEIR POWER GAME!!! I LOVE MY GOD, MY FREEDOM, and MY COUNTRY… VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP AND MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR GREAT NATION ONCE MORE!!!

  4. I know how you feel R.G.Krause! I think the majority of us feel frustrated and disgusted and many other not nice feelings. This is a circus and unacceptable and the liberal media are the instigators in the majority of this nightmare. They are purposely trying to start anarchy and that just won’t do. I truly believe in my heart we the majority who are the silent majority will win in the end. All this is proving is that they the rioters are just sheep without rhyme or reason for no other reason except just because they said so. Sad times yet our turn will come in November when we vote Trump in for a second term and our voices will be heard. But until then I am like millions more where a criminal will be treated as such no matter what the color of skin.

  5. Grow a set people, or this is your future! I’m sure there are lots of folks who love the idea of no police, they actually believe they wont be affected! Oh and about the the new gun laws…..🖕

    1. I agree to a point. The bright side is we outnumber these BLM, ANTIFA, liberal extremists by a huge margin. With police being furloughed, we could Ask them to join us and declare open season on these animals. With no one to arrest us, no repercussions. Cull the herd and imagine the peaceful and see ure country we would have.

  6. Bunker Baby drumpf is 100% to blame for over 110,000 Americans dying from the drumpfavirus and because he has caused the spread of this disease, there are now millions of people that are unemployed. After all this deliberate hardship that he has caused America, unbelievably, there are still, a few deplorable deranged Anti-American dolts that still support the racist rapist and now murdering buffoon !

  7. I doubt BLM realizes what the long term ramifications are to what they started.
    The lawlessness,violance, looting, Distruction, arson and all the rest.
    BLM has , more than likely set racial understanding and unity back seventy years if not more.W54x

  8. blm is racist bullshit blm cant keep their own kind from killing each other!! look at chicago you have the racest bullshit ,jessy jackson ,louis farakan, al sharpton , they cant stop black on black shootings , they want to defund or abolish the police ! what kind of stupid shit is that? what are they going to have their goons trying to protecting their people! chicago tryed that with minority hiring in the police force , they had hired gang bangers rapest,and drug dealers ! ,their are some bad cops but most are great ,and our gov has its democrates that supports criminals like rioters looters ,and ones that beat the hell out of a person who dont stand with them!

  9. This is not a protest but outright anarchy. Remember the present-day democratic party lives by the motto”never let a crisis go to waste”. Their goal is to fuel the protesters into more destruction in hopes of blaming the president. What the stupid left does not understand is these protests are only solidifying Mr Trump’s re-election.
    The House will turn republican controlled, the Senate will remain republican controlled and in Mr Trumps last 4 years as president, heads will roll. The hammer is coming down on the present leaders, and antagonists, of the democratic party.

  10. This was mostly written in early 2016
    America, where have you gone?
    The so-called grass roots citizens of America, how have you let the “Left and Outsiders” take your country away from within? Where are you the Christian believers that have been silent for so long?
    What can return America to what we, the heritage based constitutional believers all know it was, however, is now but a shell of that country?
    What needs immediate fixing? (Just about everything)
    EDUCATION: First Tier:
    Teachers unions that will not embrace entering into the 21st Century need to wake up and smell the stench of the past 40 years of failed educational techniques in this Nation. For some reason most are fighting or continually dragging out the process for whole-sale change that is needed and has been for 40 years. Our grade school, middle school, high school, prep-school and some college curriculums are stale, antiquated, irrelevant and do not meet the needs of today’s economic, job and industrial world. Especially heinous is the fact that the curriculum cannot even hold the interest of the students who want to be in school to learn.
    Children are just that, children and they require solid and sound guidance as to what they need to succeed, especially in today’s world which is entirely different from just fifteen years ago. If a child is not academically orientated then do not push them that way, train them in an industrial skill that will benefit them and eventually the Nation.
    Have you ever heard of a “selective difference in teaching and learning” based on those that learn from academia (reading, math, science and writing) from those learning by doing (hands-on) more skill oriented work? Europe has had this approach for centuries as have many other industrialized nations but not behind the times USA.
    There are no ways around the fact that the world of jobs has become miniscule in comparison to that of the industrial revolution while the USA has remained stagnant in its approach to embracing and educating its masses (adults and children) for that limited scope. Let us start with our youth. Our Nation cannot continue to educate and train all our youth in the same way, they are individuals and they learn and understand on an individual basis: Let those that want to continue in the public school education system (with allot of change to modernize it) do so, however, through “Vouchers” let those that want an alternative education have a way to choose that alternative without a negative stigma attached to that decision and path. Also, insure those that want to pay for a private education are able to do so through “Vouchers” subsidizing some of that cost.
    Our youth are facing the most difficult job market that has ever existed in the modern world and we are not giving those that cannot abide and adjust to the status-quo a fighting chance. We are saying adhere to the way it is or fail and let your potential never be realized, “because our public education system is the way it is, cast in the past”. That is not so and we as parents, voters and tax payers can change it all if we get out there and do our “due diligence” to make the educational system change.
    EDUCATION: Second Tier
    Change has occurred, but the wrong kind!
    We have allowed some change to occur but of the wrong type and implemented by the wrong educators. Liberalism is a cancer that leads to Socialism and eventually Communism. Liberal Left Wing educators (started out clandestinely but are now blatant in their mission) have changed our school’s textbooks, have eliminated the basic educational building blocks necessary for developing a strong, academic foundation for learning at all levels and have slanted what they do teach to be exclusively from their platform. We have allowed these so-called educators to change the approach and the ultimate goal of our public education system and not in a good way. What is being taught and by those doing it is a travesty and a direct assault on our heritage based American way of life. WE, because of apathy have allowed our heritage based educational system to be sabotaged, diluted and taken away from our children who no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance, no longer see the honor in singing the National Anthem, no longer understand the reason for our founding father’s inclusion of “In God We Trust” on our currency and in our government buildings and have no clue what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights actually mean to them and why they live in the way they do but is fast changing and again, not in a good way.
    WE, have allowed the LGBT-Q Community and Far Left Liberal educators to infiltrate and wield an unjust, unprecedented amount of influence on what is being taught in our public schools and that has to be stopped. Our way of life will cease to exist if the current wave of anti-heritage based influence is allowed to continue unchecked and then not removed altogether. We have allowed them to eliminate and selectively re-write our textbooks to influence our youth into their way of thinking and the worst of it is their deviance is being portrayed as normal.
    Solution: The solution, eliminate the teacher’s union and the Federal Department of Education and replace them with a voucher system, magnate schools and state school boards that include members of the community (parents with school age children) that are otherwise not affiliated with the States or school system.
    WELFARE: Increase welfare, no way: more for those left behind is not the answer; it is a self-perpetuating way to their and our Nation’s destruction and a waste of so much untapped potential. Please, “powers to be” do not provide that lame way out, make our system work for us, not against us and provide an alternative other than failure (Welfare) because the status-quo was not for them! Provide the educational/constructive alternative, not the destructive band aid that leads to homelessness, poverty and much worse (all the various categories of crime) when it all comes crashing down upon their psyches which tells them they are failures and miscreants.
    Revise the welfare system/format to include requirements for eligibility, qualification, duration and the ways and means to leave it behind. The more children you have the more welfare funding you receive has got to be eliminated, now!
    NEXT: Return to Constitutional Law-place strict constitutionalists in the Supreme Court, the Far Left does not belong on the SC bench. Please, recognize, admit and shout to the mountain tops that our founding fathers stated, believed and constructed this USA of ours as a Christian Nation; tolerant of others but a Christian Nation and that we will always believe and state “In GOD We Trust”! We need Conservative and Constitutionalists as our Supreme Court Judges. In addition, we must remove “life-time” appointments and install “term limits” of (10) years without any additional “SC” bench time, ever. Term Limits will eliminate the politicization of making appointments that now exists.
    VOTER REGISTRATION: USA voter registration for citizens should be mandatory, transparent, and require a person seeking to register prove who they are with two types of documentation, one being a picture ID and one a legally validated ID.
    Who did the past Administration think they were (Obama and his cronies) going after our Nation’s States that require voter registration to be validated by documentation (taking them to court to make them revoke that requirement) how can that be beneficial to any legitimate element of the voting system, it only perpetuates the underbelly of fraud and deception by so doing. What a disgrace that the Democratic Party has become so desperate for votes that they condone, perpetuate and create ways for fraudulent voters to be represented at the poles casting illegal and fraudulent votes for their political agenda and candidates election. Why else did Obama and his political party continually try to block legitimate, mandated presentation of proof of identity at the voting poles, duh?
    Why would you not want a pure and accurate voting registry? Ask yourselves that America! Currently there are millions of fraudulent votes that get counted because there are professional perpetuators of fraudulent voting. These criminals compile lists of the dead, illegal’s, etc. using those names to place votes that are illegal. They get away with it because we do not have a “National Law” that mandates proof of the voter’s identity when they vote or supposedly vote! Mandate that all State’s national voter registrations be annually validated and any and all names that fall outside that validation be removed from the voter’s register.
    AND, it is especially heinous because we, as a Nation, vote at a dismal rate of 53% in national elections to include the Presidency. That percentage is actually tainted by fraudulent votes which in turn means our turnout is much worse than that (%) indicates. America, if this trend continues and you do not stand up and demand real and validated voter registration backed by two legal documents (one being a picture ID) then you can only blame yourselves for a lack of change and better representation in the Oval Office and Congress: a preferred Congress that actually does some good for you and our Nation. Liken the current voter fraud condition/situation to an apple with a bruise and that bruised apple is not removed from the barrel its damage eventually spoils the whole barrel (Congress) we need CHANGE!
    Voting registration has for far too long been ignored and abused, it is time to make it more than a choice, to be a citizen you have to register to vote and then do so (vote): a national turn out of less than 53% (again, who knows what it really is) is despicable and is the lowest of any so-called Democratic Republic in the world! You don’t believe me, check it out for yourselves!
    CONGRESS: Congress does not represent us and many have been in office far too long and are accountable to no one other than their controllers. Yes, as we all know, they are controlled and most certainly not by those who voted for them or did not vote as is the case far too often. Money, the influence and power that entails is who controls them. Special Interests and Lobbyists for those Interests make today’s Congress a disgrace. We, as US citizens need to clean house by voting out the old and bringing in the new with mandated term limits. Make all members voting as transparent as possible and mandate they vote, not abstain or just not show up at all!
    The cost of running for a national political office is too high and allows the rich and only the rich to be able to sustain a campaign.
    As voters, we must demand Congress vote for and pass permanent term limits, NOW! House of Representatives (4 years) Senate (6 years). We, as voters, must demand members of Congress relinquish control of their salary, retirement, terms of employment and be placed under the same comptroller’s system as any federal employee, their current employment package and retirement is unprecedented and outrageous! Congress has total control of everything they as members are entitled to, what, how did that happen? Congress should be administrated by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).
    IRS: Mandate that the IRS reduce its manpower by (95%) and refine Tax Codes (single flat tax) for all, no loopholes! There are viable plans for a “Flat Tax” which Congress has ignored and we as voters have to demand legislation is created and implemented to change the existing income tax laws. Simplify, reduce IRS manpower to a team whose role is to oversee filing accuracy.
    OBAMA CARE: Remove the bad elements and revise the rest to make it a viable and cost effective package before it further bankrupts this Nation or eliminate it and develop a better more equitable plan. Immediately, fire the 16,000 IRS Agents Obama hired to enforce Obama Care citizen compliance or pay fines for non compliance; America, how did this happen? HOW? Dysfunctional and partisan members of Congress, that is how! AND, let us not forget the apathetic and absent, non-voting citizens. In my opinion, that is the most outrageous Executive Order ever imposed any President in our history: Impose unfair taxation/fines and maybe even worse on an American citizen and put IRS agents in place to enforce this mandate. Oh and let us not forget; cannot touch the illegal’s as they are illegal and apparently not subject to our laws.
    INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND POLITICS: I suggest that any Trade Agreement between the USA and a foreign government/organization or international company must, by its written content and intent, insure fairness and transparency that must be enforced. Enforcement that is enabled by the content of the agreement itself.
    Re-evaluate foreign alliances; mandate written, enforceable conditions before any agreements, foreign aide or military help are provided and make it a transparent two way/reciprocal partnership.
    If, like Iraq, this so-called Nation cannot resolve its internal political problems and cannot defend itself then we as a Nation have no further responsibility or commitment to them. We have done more than any other Nation to help Iraq and they have failed to help themselves, miserably! Iraq has squandered enough of our precious young men and women’s lives, our tax dollars and have lost or abandoned expensive equipment we GAVE them and have disgraced themselves by their so-called military performance (lack thereof) to uphold our withdrawal from their soil. The past victories over ISIS and Hamas will not last as long as the government of Iraq does not represent all the tribal sects within its borders. Iraq needs to create a coalition government.
    Our Nation’s government and Iraq should have concluded (way overdo and is obvious it should come to this someday) that they should create a strong, representative coalition government with equal parts of Zunis, Shiite and Kurd political representatives. The alternative is to split the country up! These three tribal sects should create an equitable separation of the geography to create three separate countries. In my opinion, the status-quo does not work and never will! It is Iraq’s problem! Iraq’s terrorist opposition love the inept government of the current Iraq, love it! Because, if, and that is still a big if, Iraq takes back all of its ISIS occupied country then the same problem exists, all the in-fighting for control of the government will return which again leaves them open to what has already occurred there.
    Our involvement in Afghanistan should be over. Our military retaliation for 911 has been satisfied yet we are still there (19 years later) with too many lives lost and at an astronomical monetary cost. Afghanistan has been a tribal war zone for 2,000 years and has never enjoyed a nation-wide peace of any kind in that amount of time. It is a desert occupied by wandering, tribal bands with absolutely “zero” allegiance to any central government. It is far past time for our involvement to end and for our military to come home.
    FOREIGN AIDE: Stop all reparation payments that are paid for or subsidized by USA tax dollars to countries that we have been at war with, we owe them nothing, we have paid in monetary cost, blood, injury and death to our Nation’s military as well as their families for far too long! Also, re-think foreign aide payouts (millions) to our so-called allies who are nothing more than fair-weather friends and who run the other way as soon as it suits their needs and they no longer need our help. The only true friend of these so-called allies we have in the Middle East is Israel, period, and we had better, never, let that relationship sour, never.
    New Legislation: Mandate by law that Congressional legislation be left as intended and originally written, no add-on/riders, period. Stop this Congressional under-handed way to stop them from passing if indeed they should pass. Bogus add-on amendments with no other intent but to kill the legislation cannot continue to be allowed. Or, the underbelly additional reason for riders is pork-barrel projects and cow-towing to lobbyist’s mandates. Shame on you Congress!
    LOBBYISTS: Ban all Lobbying and Lobbyists, make those personnel and that profession null and void, illegal, never to be allowed to rise up and taint our political process again. America, do some research and homework on this issue, look at where these lobbyists come from (their background) and see what drives them to do what they quite successfully do which is very unfortunate for the citizens of America (more often than not). Lobbying has but one goal, satisfaction of a self-serving agenda designed specifically for power hungry elitists.
    CONTRIBUTIONS: Limit national political contributions to a designated-capped amount (mandate all sources be identified) with no loopholes and completely transparent information/ledgers. Impose a “CAP” that if broken the offending parties lose credentials and are heavily fined. If transgressed, impose bans from any national political elections for a set time period as well as being placed on probation. A “Contributor” commits a second violation; results in a “lifetime ban” from participation in national political campaigns. Insure the “lifetime-ban” is made public and remains public record. No reorganization, no second chances and transparency provided by making it “public record” to include the offending political party, the contributor/s, the pertinent circumstances, etc. Eliminate political fund raising “PACS”. Eliminate the high cost of running for office by a “CAP” on contributions, advertising and political party fees. The result, a “Common Joe” can throw his or her hat in the ring for candidacy in a political campaign for office.
    ENGLISH: Make English the USA National Language by Law. How did it ever come to this? Require automatic voter registration when you receive a driver’s license or State ID card, however, you must prove who you are to receive any of the three and that proof will be in English (only) and validated by at least one picture ID.
    IMMIGRATION: Ban all exceptions to requirements for assimilation via citizenship and learning English. Ban all immigration by implementing a “5 year moratorium” with resumption after that time period based on revised regulations for immigration application and processing! This will allow a cooling off period and time for an internal assessment of how our law enforcement and material resources to combat illegal entry into this country are being utilized. Mandate and perform a complete review of our current immigration records to identify illegal immigrants, holders of expired green cards, student visas, visitation permits, illicit refugee applications and any and all documents issued with time-lines and restrictions. Upon completion of that process create a multi-faceted law enforcement task force whose sole duty is to “round-up” the violators for processing and deportation.
    The Illegal’s now in country (that have not committed any crimes other than illegal entry) given one chance to come forward and be recognized; implement a rigorous background check, pay fines, be provided temporary photo ID “temporary citizen ID cards” until all requirements are passed. Implement mandatory dates to appear for the processing and if not met “all bets are off” and they are then denied the process and are deported. Mandate Social Security registration and participation via contributions from legal employment and then upon passing all the enforced rules and regulations be issued permanent citizenship. Anyone not passing any requirement of the new process will be deported and registered as such (a deportee) and told (in writing) that any re-entry as a deported and recorded illegal will be an automatic 15 year mandatory federal prison sentence and enforce it! Once they go through the arrest process they stay at the federal level, not a State problem at this point. We have to “get real” with violation enforcement to put the old adage of (put the fear of God in them) or we will have a continuance of what prevails today.
    Complete the border protection wall, fencing and controls, stop federal funding for multi-lingual forms, messages and fliers, leaving that to the incoming individuals to find out what the documents say, what they have to do and use those “saved, many millions of tax dollars” to complete the border projects. If the States want to provide multi-lingual paperwork let them do so at their own expense for State documents only, eliminate federal tax dollars to pay for them. We have a crumbling infrastructure which needs that federal money desperately.
    Any State, County or City that adopts a “Sanctuary Status” which dictates a non-cooperative mandate for ICE notifications and supports illegal immigrants with any form of help that has its funds tied to federal dollars will have those federal dollars stopped and will not be eligible for those funds until all “Sanctuary Status” is removed.
    SOCIAL SECURITY: Make Social Security secure by Law. Stop/ban all congressional pilfering, stop benefit payments to anyone who has not paid into the SS system, return SS to its original intent, a supplemental retirement income, not a “freebie” welfare payment to non-contributors to SS. SS is not an “Entitlement Program”.
    Refugees, Illegal immigrants, new legal immigrants, Dacha and all the rest who have never paid into SS are not legitimate recipients of my SS contributions, PERIOD!
    Adjust the SS COLA to a proper index for it’s’ calculation. Mandate, by law, that Congress has to replace all the funds that they have pilfered from SS for non SS benefits, payments, pork barrel projects, etc. The funds belong to SS participants and must be replaced! How dare the Supreme Court rule that Social Security is a welfare entitlement and nothing but a tax for the federal government to spend as they see fit. Social Security pays for itself by contributions from its participants/contributors, if Congress had not stolen from its’ coffers for years we would never have had this discussion as SS would be and still is solvent! Social Security has been expanded to an extent that was never intended by its’ original charter. SS was established as a supplemental retirement income and it works as such and will continue to be self-sufficient when we mandate, by law, that Congress can no longer use/steal SS money for their own purposes, period! Hands-off Congressional thieves! Understand, it is not your money it is ours and you are stealing from us.
    MEDICARE: Leave Medicare alone; SS and Medicare are not the culprits when it comes to our “National Debt”. Some revisions for the good of the citizens, yes, but taking or removing funding to balance an out of control spending Congress, no, Congress needs to look elsewhere. Social Security has never cost the federal government one thin dime, it is all member’s contribution money, period! SS money does not belong to Congress and never has! Medicare must be made to be more accountable in that waste and fraud are driving costs up and that can be resolved with independent, non-federal auditors, repayments of identified misspent funds and incarceration for offenders.
    FEDERAL BUDGET: Mandate by Law a “balanced federal budget” as all the Nation’s States are legally mandated to have. This can happen more easily and quickly than the timelines Congress keeps putting forth by a simple mandate, “all federal agencies will be subject to an annual audit by an unrelated, non-partisan independent auditing firm”. As it is now many federal agencies just right-off mistakes such as over-payments, identified fraud, misdirected funding and just plain, “I don’t know what happened to the money” statements and that has to stop! Those losses amount to millions and millions of dollar expenditures that were never intended and then multiply that loss by several agencies with the same shortcomings and you have a very high factor of loss. Independent auditing with heavy consequences for mismanagement and those losses will “STOP”!
    ABORTION: Ban all federal funding for elective abortions unless perpetrated by rape or incest. Rescind and invalidate “Roe/Wade”. Discontinue federal funding for all Planned Parenthood abortion clinics!
    HERITAGE: American citizens, how can you let our courts and legal system attack our heritage and not understand what that will ultimately do to America and already has done? America is a Nation that states “IN GOD WE TRUST” and had better understand that it is necessary that we continue that ideal or face a very ugly demise and an America none of us will recognize, ever again! We can and do accept differences, but those that are different also have to accept us as we are and have always been and are going to be. Listen up immigrants, “quit trying to take away our America”. The America you came to live and prosper in because your country was unacceptable or a danger to you and could not afford/allow you the freedoms you so desired is our America, accept it or leave. That America is an “IN GOD WE TRUST” Nation. We allow you to be different within our borders but do not believe that acceptance and tolerance is an “OK” to tear us down from within.
    Organizations like the ACLU are frauds, never accomplishing what they claim is their role/goal for our citizens, quite the opposite! Left Wing Liberals, Atheists, Muslims, etc. who are pushing an agnostic and even worse future for America have to be stopped and NOW!
    I ask these infiltrators, “Why do you want to change or disregard the heritage of the Nation you so desperately wanted to come to? Leave our heritage alone. Do you think that your changes will afford you the same prosperity and benefits, not hardly? The Ten Commandments, Motto-In GOD We Trust, our National Monuments, National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, National Documents (The Bill of Rights, The Constitution) Christian Prayer, Christmas and English as our National spoken language, these are America’s heritage and will always be America. The liberal news media station NBC just found that out! NBC was shocked at the overwhelming positive response (90+ %) on a National Poll concerning leaving “IN GOD WE TRUST” alone.
    These are elements of our “HERITAGE” and they are ours, the original America, yes, we have always allowed differences to co-exist with those ideals and principles in place and will continue to do so unless the current trend to dismantle, disgrace, malign, refute and disallow our heritage continues, then we will fight those changes with all our means and we will wake up the real America to the need to do so! Keep it up and the America you came to be a part of will show you that our America is here to stay and you will pay a heavy toll for trying to tear it down from within!
    MILITARY CHAPLAINS: America, did you know this about Obama? He was very much behind this movement which is still occurring. Stop all legislation/Executive Orders orchestrated by the Obama Administration to ban or remove all Christian Chaplains from enlisting in the military and those currently in the military from conducting prayer meetings, holding Sunday services or even giving out bibles to our solders that want them. “STOP” this as it is happening right now, go on line and if you search for it you will find some blogs by Obama victims, Christian Chaplains that refused to stop what they were ordained to do and enlisted in the military for.
    America, did you know about this UN-American mandate by our now former President who claims to be Christian? Don’t believe me, ask the Chaplains. A “Politically Correct” motivated change or is it an Islamic influenced and motivated action? AND, for those who deny that there is a current movement and “National/International War” on Christians and western civilization then you need go no further to see the truth! How many examples do you need, the (8) year travesty of the Obama Administration should have been more than enough!
    POLITICALLY CORRECT: “Politically Correct” does not exist: get a grip, how did the Majority ever allow the Minority and the extreme Far Left Wing Radicals to get such power, stop giving into Special Interest Groups, and yes that includes Homosexuals (that is a sexual preference/choice and nothing else, never was and never will be anything but that). We must stop the entire movement by the LGBT-Q Community or suffer the devastating consequences they and it brings to our way of life. Gender is defined as being a man or a woman, not 200+ delusional variations of gender.
    MARRIAGE: Marriage is between a man and a woman, period, if others (homosexuals and the rest that claim a difference) want a “Union” let them have it, but it is not a lawful marriage nor God’s mandate and the way the majority (not minority) want it and will have it. For all those US of a States standing against the US Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage, hooray for you, keep it up! How dare the insanity of the LGBT-Q Community claim there are 200+ different genders and the Supreme Court defying God’s mandate.
    BLACK FAMILIES/COMMUNITIES: Family, the black community wants change and is yelling “black lives matter” while their families have fallen apart and yet they feel justified in blaming white’s and law enforcement officers for their plight and demise. National statistics do not bear out their claims. Black families that allow their youth to harm others, join gangs that perpetuate violence and illegal activities, loot, damage and ignore the law; well, guess what, change starts in their homes. How many black homes are matriarchal with that one parent an aunt, a sister, a female grandparent? And, their parenting time is disrupted as well by having to work or they are generational victims of the welfare system, how many? How many black men have just walked away from their parental and family obligations, it is more than any other ethnicity/race. JUST NOW, the educated and successful black community members are reluctantly starting to admit publicly that the black man has failed his mission, his obligation to his immediate family and his community by his absence in the home.
    Young black men join gangs and kill one another and innocent victims in droves, how many, more than any other ethnic/racial group and that is how many. Chicago and Detroit come to mind, however, unfortunately, there are many other major metro inner city areas with similar statistics. AND, it is a form of domestic terrorism despite what they want to call it. How many black men are incarcerated in state and federal prisons, more than any other ethnic/racial group and that is how many? Poverty and joblessness are not owned by the blacks, it is relevant and present across the board inflicting its harm on all ethnicity in our America of today. Just travel through Appalachia, another area of American neglect, poverty and failure. Yet, the black community wants to claim sole ownership of that hardship (ACLU says so) by providing percentages of…which they try to use to justify their dismal overall participation in society as law abiding citizens.
    Carte-Blanche blaming whites and law enforcement has become the mantra/cry of the lawless element of the black community and used to justify every form of their bad behavior/law breaking: theft, looting, property destruction (local businesses and police equipment) assault and arson are the fault of a poor relationship between the black community and local law enforcement. No, that is an excuse for their law breaking, not a causative factor. Yes, there are police officers that should not be, but that percentage is very, very low compared to the many thousands of law enforcement officers nationwide. However, that does not justify anarchy in the streets of their own communities. AND, certainly not chants from Black Lives Matter, “what do we want, dead cops” and all their other dark and divisive yells and rhetoric or assassinations of police officers like recently happened in Dallas. God Bless those victims and their families. “ANTIFA” has now been appropriately classified as a “Domestic Terrorist Organization” and so should “Black Lives Matters”.
    If, and there may be, an attitude toward black men by law enforcement, who caused that to be so, not law enforcement, the black community was the author of that by their lawless behavior and blatant and total disregard for the authority of law enforcement and the laws of the land they reside in. Who riots, who burns, who loots, who causes property destruction and who causes bodily harm in the name of protest for being treated badly; the black community that is who; consistently, not just an isolated incident but a repeating pattern of disgraceful behavior. AND, when bad happens who calls that same police force to help, the same black community that is who??? No other ethnicity in America acts out in the way the black community does, none. The Hispanics protest but they do not resort to what the black community believes they are entitled to do because they are so prejudiced against, grow up and act responsibly, please.
    AND, there is a reverse to that and it is: How many blacks have made a success of their lives and how did they do that; they rose above blaming, rioting, law breaking, looting/taking, killing and hating and were able to embrace and achieve the “so-called” American Dream. These blacks are the minority of their ethnicity and race, but they are the shining light that should be aspired to by others within the same heritage. They became law abiding citizens and respectful of their lives, of family, community and sought to achieve and build up, not tear down. If the black man in that reality fathered a child he stayed and raised that child as responsible parenting required. They took pride in themselves, their immediate communities and set goals which they set out to achieve and did so. Many, many accolades to them for their drive and the rewards that drive provided them and those around them. AND, how do militant black organizations see them, well of course, they are all Uncle Toms for sure!
    Fortunately, the number escaping the madness of the inner city is increasing which is evident by the number of young black men and women attending colleges across the Nation and by representation of young successful blacks in the entertainment, professional sports and business industries. Great work, and please for everyone’s sake give back to wince you came.
    NATION AT FAULT: We are all at fault as a Nation of patriotic citizens who have sat back and been silent for far too long; mega-corporations and China’s manufacturing own us and are killing us in numerous ways, both seductively/clandestinely and openly without we as a Nation offering up any resistance or recognition of our demise other than a few who have seen the “light”. Our jobs have gone overseas; our educational system has slipped from the top five in the world to below 50th, our society is in shambles because of a lack of grass roots participation in our political system from the city, county, state and national levels. Our apathy and the prevailing attitude of “Oh well, what can I do as one person” is at fault. We have abandoned our former selves whom at one time asked the question “what can we do as a community, a Nation to help” and which apparently started its’ disappearance with my generation of the 60’s. My generation did actively protest the deceit put upon our Nation by our government as to why we were at “WAR” in Vietnam but then failed to follow-up that protest with political involvement.
    We are in a sour state of affairs and if we do not do the right things to change it all we are “going down”. Down as another failed country/nation, society and entity! Just look at the statistics from the last 25 years and you need not dig any deeper to see and understand that our National Identity and Independence are in desperate decline and it is our fault.
    We “Patriots” allowed our identity and our heritage to be diluted from within, currently changed to a point that most Americans do not recognize our country any longer, which has to be stopped! We have our declining heritage America and we have an emerging anti-heritage movement being orchestrated by several different factions within our borders.
    We could become another in the long line of historical failures that could have been avoided with due diligence and reversed by “Doing the Right Thing/s”. We as a people are far too ambivalent, allow opposition to prevail and then squawk when it turns “sour” and all along the way we had the “ways and means” to change it all and did nothing. I hope that it is not the “end of the line” and that we do “wake-up” as a Nation and soon as “too late” is fast approaching! We can make it right if we realize that there is a desperate and immediate need for change and a return to our heritage or else we are “GOING DOWN”!
    CHRISTIANS: We are a very big part of the demise of our heritage and are inadvertently supporting the Radical Far Left’s and the other assorted anti-faith miscreants attempt to discard our founding father’s model both constructed and carried out during their time on this earth by our complacency. Our lack of participation in our political process (voting) was a disgrace during the 2012 National Election. According to those that track such things 17 million Christian voters failed to vote in the presidential election. If just 5.7 million of those had voted against Obama he would not have had a second term. Yes, God will prevail in the end but the bible and Christianity does not tell you to refrain from being a part of the greatest political process in this world, or was at one time and would be again if all our citizens actively participated in that process.
    UNITED NATIONS: In reality a farce and a very negatively biased organization and bad, potential influence on the America we love. Today’s UN is a far cry from its’ original mission intent. AND, since when (apparently for years now) did we allow our tax dollars and our slipping international influence to be over taken by the UN? Check it out America, you will be amazed, but do not expect to hear anything about it on our liberal television news networks, you will have to do your own due diligence to find out what the UN wants America to be involved with, fund, shut-up about and take away from our Nation. The UN definitely does not want our heritage America to exist anymore. In my opinion, we need to tell the “UN” to stand down and remove itself from interfering in our internal affairs! Obama wanted to allow UN police officers on our streets with arrest authority, what! This is part of his gun control agenda; he is gone now and good riddance! AND, the UN is blatantly anti-Semitic, outrageous if we allow that to continue. We provide more funding than any other (5) nations combined and with that contribution we should have some demands, yet we allow their biased agenda to prevail.
    AMERICA: GOD Bless America, we can become a “Great Nation” once again but it is going to take us (heritage believing Americans) all working together and in the same direction for that to occur!
    Allowed and accepted differences with tolerance, yes, but not to the point of our foundation being cracked and broken beyond repair with those elements of grace being abused to the point of becoming demands wanting to override the American “way of life”.
    We Americans have allowed our Supreme Court to undermine yet another of the pillars of our foundation. Recognizing and allowing a sexual preference to have the ultimate legitimacy “legal marriage” which was meant to be and has always been in America (between a man and a woman) when they already had recognition as a “legal union”. Now the Supreme Court, by making this ruling, has put yet another nail in the coffin of historical America, a GOD fearing Christian Nation. We have become two Americas; the melting pot of so-called “political correctness” and the struggling, sinking historical America our founding fathers established in good faith and with great hopes that their hard work and long hours forging the Constitution and Bill of Rights would forever be the foundation of and for America. We are entering an era likened to the horrible historical split our Nation experienced during the days of the NORTH and the SOUTH! That war was a despicable part of our history that should never have happened as the near genocide of our Native American population should never have happened. We have made some tremendous and horrendous mistakes as a Nation, there is no denying that, but despite those mistakes we are and will be, if allowed to do so by our participation, a great and caring Nation. It is a part of our history, granted, an ugly part, but it is in the past and current movements to erase or destroy or move associated monuments to that history is “WRONG”, stop it!
    We are allowing the vicious and deadly strangle hold on our heritage by the Radical Far Left, political correctness and non-assimilating legal and illegal immigrants to stop our breathing life back into our Nation (as it was founded) to the point it has become almost unrecognizable by our heritage based American citizens and the World. Being American does not mean being “politically correct” for that is an evil and destructive cliche that needs to be stricken from our vocabulary forever.
    American citizens, if you are a heritage based believer in our Constitution and Bill of Rights and that we are a Christian Nation then you had better vote and speak that way now and forever-on or you will be stricken from existence as our former President has so stated and I quote, “America is no longer a Christian Nation” unquote and he claims he is a Christian, really? Obama is more than a Muslim sympathizer, much more!
    AND, yes there are issues I have not touched on because we are far from perfect and still in need of allot of internal cleaning up; like our legal system, sex slavery/trafficking, child pornography, adult pornography, drug trafficking and other nastiness. Those are elements of society that neither law nor Constitution should ever be allowed to be used to condone and perpetuate, never ever! We need to recognize and accept that without us American citizens as the market/clients/buyers and perpetrators of these vices they would dry up and blow away, we are a big part of the problem as consumers of these abominations, we are the problem as are our so-called elected representatives who are hell bent on being “politically correct”. The actuators and facilitators of these abominations cannot exist, cannot, without the market we as citizens provide, think about the part you play in these issues and what you can do to clean up yourselves and America!
    HILLARY CLINTON AND THE CLINTON POLITICAL MACHINE: How can anyone be in this woman’s corner? Are you blind, deaf and ignorant or just corrupt yourselves? America, can you read or perform personal due diligence in researching her political history which is filled with one failure after another, power mongering, self-serving political influencing and one lie after another. Do not take my word for it, do the homework and you will see for yourself. Contact the organizations that have done their due diligence and they will provide you with fact after fact in support of the position that she cannot run this country with honesty, integrity and success. She claims Donald Trump is out for himself and himself only, what about her “suspect” alliances with foreign nations to collect millions upon millions in support of her political career and furtherance of those nation’s political influence here. The list is staggering and very long concerning her improprieties yet Americans are apparently willing to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to it all, why? Is that who you want for our country and the office of the President of the United States, I do not! America, wake up, she is a modern Medusa, period! A woman President would probably be a good thing, but not this woman. We already had to endure her husband’s disgrace, lies and shameful behavior in our Nation’s White House Oval Office! Bill and Hillary personify everything that is wrong with the current political system in the USA. AND, do not forget her illegal dealings with Russia and our uranium stockpile.
    NEWS MEDIA: I left one of the worst and most corrupt elements of our society for last. “The liberal Far Left Wing” news media is biased, tells half-truths, flames fires that they build and perpetuate on half the facts to distort their reporting for their own agendas. They are responsible in a large part for the racial upheaval of the past 36+ months. They report what “they” want the public to hear, not the factual truth until the actual, real investigations prove that what they initially reported was in fact a lie or half-truth and they do it on a daily basis with evil intent! AND, even when they are shown to be in that “dark light”, they do not apologize, they very reluctantly (only some of the time) qualify what they first reported as incorrect and then do the same thing again, specifically when race is involved. They do not wait for the investigations to show the facts, they jump on the incident, write their slant and report what they want to report, which in the past and now in the present has caused irreparable damage in so doing! They push and author the violence by their cameras and false reporting.
    Freddie Brown comes to mind, at first a deliberate and complete news media misdirect, a deletion of the facts, a misrepresentation of the events and what he was doing and did. The Far Left mainstream news media stations that participated in that decisive delusion/illusion of Freddie Brown, his supposed innocence, the police officer’s fabricated guilt and culpability should be held accountable, made to pay reparations for all associated expenses of the city, business owners, county and state as well as the local law enforcement agencies. Those Far Left mainstream media news stations, with malice and forethought, caused the outcome of the events which followed the Freddie Brown incident while knowing full well they were not presenting the facts/ truth to the community and the Nation.
    The Far Left mainstream news media stations in question should be ashamed of themselves but they are not, they merely want biased headlines no matter the truth or consequences and I for one have quit listening and watching their televised lies and filth! Their lies ruined the life of the police officer doing his duty by their railroading him as the racist killer they so wanted him to be, shame on them, shame.
    President Trump has aptly named the Far Left biased mainstream media news stations as “FAKE NEWS”. And they prove that name and point on a daily basis.
    Ongoing Comments:
    Immigration equals assimilation, not separate isolationism with attempts to change us with the imposition of their way of life and laws. Sharia Law has no place in America, ever and any judge that even contemplates hearing an argument based on that set of laws should be unseated and disbarred. America, true immigration is for those that want a better life and want what America has to offer, freedom, but not to the extent that assimilation is not part of that freedom. They can keep their heritage as well, but we cannot continue to allow them to immigrate here with the purpose of replacing our heritage with theirs which is what the strict ideological Islamist’s want to do. The Muslim faith, Sharia Law, the State of Islam and the Koran have no place nor provision for others, period, it is all or nothing with them, you are a Muslim or you are an enemy infidel to be put out of your misery. They say otherwise but their actions speak for themselves.
    The Far Left Liberals and other secular, non faith based self-serving entities that are trying to bring this faith based heritage Nation (our America) to its knees have to be quieted by our participation in our political system which cannot be expected to happen by our silence and complacency. AND, we have to make the Far Left Liberal news media accountable for the chaos they cause by reporting only what they want to report with half-truths and outright lies. Our racial unrest of today lies at their feet as the perpetrators, instigators via camera, false or slanted, incomplete, biased and untrue reporting.
    Congress needs cleansing and voting is the only tool to do so, so vote out the old and vote in the new and hopefully untainted. Term limits implemented and Lobbyists outlawed (they have no legitimate place in our political system, they are a pariah) make them gone, a must! Congress was never intended to be a career for anyone, House or Senate members. Take away the career; lobbying disappears, cronyism goes, power dissolves, corruption becomes much harder to develop, constant member renewal cultivates new avenues for ideas and resolutions, term limits makes for a win-win situation.
    Term Limits can be mandated via two avenues; the most obvious is by demanding those currently in Congress to create legislation for term limits, bring it to the floor, vote on it and pass it. Career politicians are the reason for the quagmire that currently exists within our political system. No way should we, as voters, have allowed a member of Congress to reside there for 20+ and some 30+ years completely betraying our founding father’s intent for a citizen, limited time membership in Congress.
    The second way takes longer but will probably be more realistic in the long term as it will cleanse Congress of the problems currently manifested by its’ career members. Any and all members of Congress with more than one term extension should be voted out of Congress. Second term incumbent or longer must be looked at as part of the problem. Make incumbent behind a member’s name a trigger to (if not outright reason for expulsion by a non-vote) perform due diligence by researching his/her voting trends and their political alliances and leanings. If it is clear by those records they are moving away from our heritage based American way of life and history “VOTE them out of office”. Also, insure any that are considered as a replacement will vote for term limits if not already in place. Hardcore partisanship is at the core of our current quagmire, inept Congress and sits mostly at the feet of the House Democrats and the Pelosi gang. The Republicans are not entirely innocent of partisanship either, however, it pales to the Democrats compulsion of “my way or no way” mentality.

    Wake up!
    Now 04/03/2020 same issues untouched and unchanged since the above was written 4+ years ago
    I am not going into the COVID-19 pandemic, however, I am going to provide a current list of legislation that this inept Congressional House of Representatives has let lay untouched because of the unfounded, biased, hateful, negative, mean, unproductive partisan attacks and false accusations the Pelosi gang and the Radical Far Left Progressive Socialist Democrats have levied against our current President and our America for far too long!
    Legislation that requires immediate attention and has for years now (some thoughts slightly revised from original narrative) not a complete list but one gets the message.
    (1) Education Reform
    (2) Congressional Reform (mandate term limits Senate 6 House 4 place Congress with OPM)
    (3) Eliminate Lobbying/Lobbyists
    (4) Mandate a reasonable election contribution cap/limit
    (5) Eliminate “PACS”
    (5) Mandate a balanced federal budget
    (6) Eliminate the IRS or drastically reduce the manpower
    (7) Create a flat tax or a national sales tax
    (7) Implement Supreme Court term limits (10 years)
    (8) Eliminate Specialized Federal Agencies (let the States create their own)
    (9) Create a mandatory “National Draft” (not just military service)
    (10) Immigration Reform
    (11) Legally establish English as our National Language
    (12) Social Security Reform (only participants receive)
    (13) Mandate all legally confiscated property, real estate and money from drug trafficking be released from federal holding and used to fund construction costs of the border wall
    (14) Further reduce Americas’ funding of the UN
    (15) Stop all foreign aide to fair-weather allies
    (16) Bring home all military personnel from Afghanistan and Iraq
    (17) Eliminate the Department of Education
    (18) Stop all federal funding to Sanctuary States, Counties and Cities
    (19) Stop all federal funding to Planned Parenthood
    (20) Stop all legislation on historical slave reparations
    (21) Mandate independent annual non-federal auditing of all federal agencies, especially those that historically have fiscal inequities
    (22) Mandate independent, non-federal analysis of all federal agencies for redundancy, number of employees, mission overlap and when reductions or eliminations are recommended implement the recommendations asap (no debate or excuses for not doing so)
    (23) Eliminate the federal Department of Arts and Sciences and let that revert to State level
    (24) Continue to put America first and renegotiate outdated and unfair International Trade Agreements
    (25) (AG) Continue to investigate Benghazi
    (26) (AG) Continue to investigate Hilary Clinton and her email misconduct
    (27) (AG) Investigate internet web-site censoring of Conservative users
    (28) (AG) Investigate the Obama Admiration’s roll in Trump spy-gate and the FBI’s role
    (29) (AG) Investigate Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and their cohorts for their involvement of the House Fake Impeachment process of President Trump
    (30) Place a moratorium on all immigration for 5 years, regroup time
    (31) Mandate Election and voter registration reform

    Wow, we as a Nation have got to rid ourselves of the current career politician membership of Congress as they are mostly to blame for this list and this list is not complete, Democrats more so than Republicans but both have contributed to the quagmire that currently exists. We citizens are to blame in not doing our due diligence with voting them out! That has to change! Vote, demand and accept nothing less than passed legislation for “term limits”.

    However, today’s Democratic political party is not pro-America, they are anti-America in every political move they make and that my friends, cannot continue.

    1. I have to applaud everything that you said it was long and well worth the read after you took all your time to write it. I can’t agree with you more. I don’t know where you live but I’m here in Massachusetts The Blue state of far lefts. And I wish you would run for offices. Man that has it so right can’t be wrong. And lastly If Only…God Bless You and God this Country lord knows we need it BAD!

  11. Agreed. Just another lemming following those who want to control the minds of the mindless. WAKE UP!!! This isn’t about the Floyd death. It’s about the evil leftists, liberals, Soros, Obamas, Clintons, AOCs and others who want to make our great America a socialist country. One of these days they will receive a rude awakening of the One who made our great America, the world, universe and beyond. I wouldn’t want to be them at that time.

  12. This is the most poignant article I have read in TOO LONG OF A TIME. We Americans are all up “against it” with the liberal hysteria that is going on. Granted that “a few” of the liberals are well meaning – but so many largely have their head up there a$$ in regards to what actually MAKES a country. As much as I’d like to, would love to post this on FB, but know that there would be no chance in he11 of that happening. Let alone all the $hit I would take from SOME (but not all) of my family members. There is TOO MUCH HATE going on out there now. I will forward this to the few that I know will appreciate it. Again, awesome article.

  13. Experts say the world is over crowded with humans but the last few days proves them to be wrong…… we are overcrowded WITH SHEEP !

  14. Insanity has taken over our nation. Abolishing the police forces is a dangerous prospect. It would be an open invitation to criminals to rule.

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