Major Bicycle Brand Suspends Sales To Police Claiming Bikes ‘Weaponized’ Against Protesters

The past couple weeks of George Floyd protests and unrest has produced the somewhat new phenomenon of some local restaurants and cafes in big cities like Atlanta or New York City refusing to serve police. This as a driving “anti-cop” ideology has been central in many instances where initially ‘peaceful’ demonstrations have broken out into violence and rioting.

But one 120-year old company has now suspended all sales of police bicycles to law enforcement departments nationwide amid activist claims that officers are using them as “weapons” against protesters.

The North American distributor of Fuji Bicycles BikeCo, said in a weekend statement: “to hear that there are instances where bicycles have been used as a weapon against those who are vulnerable, those speaking out against the unjust treatment of people of color, and those standing alongside them advocating change, has deeply upset our community, our company and the heart of the Fuji brand.”

“In the last week, we have seen our bicycles used in violent tactics that we did not intend or design them to be used for,” the company said, and vowed: “In an effort to work towards real change, Bike Co. the North American distributor of Fuji Bikes is suspending the sale of police bikes.”

However, some observers noted the Philadelphia-based company didn’t provide a single specific example of police using a Fuji bike as a weapon in the lengthy company statement.

One police and law enforcement industry journal commented cynically in response:

Well, two can play this silly game. Law enforcement certainly has the right to “suspend” all purchases of Fuji Bikes forever.

There have been examples circulating on social media of police lines holding back large groups of protesters using bikes.

But it’s unclear whether these particular instances involve Fuji bikes, or other popular brands like Trek.

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  1. Really? You should just shut your racist discriminatory business down. We need the police. I back the blue!

  2. They are absolutely needed. I would give up my life for them. I am 98 and know how valuable they are to our peace on earth. If you are referring as to what happened in Minneapolis, why were the police there? He committed a crime, and thats why we have police. If he had not committed a crime, there would not have been an arrest. Im sorry he died, but he was 50% percent of the problem. Had it been you being cheated by this person, what would you have done?? CALL THE POLICE, right?

  3. Let them catch a criminal who steals from their store in the future on one of their bikes. Call a bike, not a cop.

  4. all people should stop buying tou products , and let the rioters burn andestroy your stores !if your not allowed to protect your self you have to use something between you and them! or should they just shoot ? all the bastards with the bricks and bottles and fire bombs! i dont see them burning congress!

  5. Fuji sucks they and Disney and all these businesses that support BLM need to be boycotted out of business but they won’t because all bleeding heart liberals are brainwashed by all this bullshit, more whites and others are killed by Police every year and at least 90% of them were criminals in the process of a crime!! I think what that officer did to MR FLOYD was a bad thing but you can not blame all Police for the actions of one, just like you can’t say all BLACKS, WHITES, LATINOS, ASIANS are all jackasses because of one acting stupid!! Wake up people BACK THE BADGE, SUPPORT THE BLUE, because they are out there risking their lives to protect me and you, they sacrifice a lot to protect us, give them credit or our society as we know it is doomed to Socialist, Communist, Fascist tyrannical jackasses!!!

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