Nolte: Democrat-run cities are doomed

Nolte: Democrat-run cities are doomed

Things will someday get better. This left-wing moral panic will pass. Just not anytime soon. And not before things get worse — most especially in Democrat-run cities.

Please do not fool yourself into believing the rioting and mayhem and blacklisting and canceling will quickly burn itself out. It won’t. The radical left is emboldened, and when the radical left is emboldened, cities burn, violent crime explodes, good men die, people and content are disappeared and blacklisted, and human rights are violated — all as the corporate media propagandize these obscenities as progress and virtuous.

As I wrote earlier, the “Woke Taliban are literally toppling statues, literally rewriting history, literally creating their own caliphate, literally renaming streets, literally forcing people to their knees,” and literally blacklisting and desecrating art.

And they are just getting started…

But it is in the Democrat-run cities where things are going to get especially awful.

Shaun King: 'Democrats, from top to bottom, are running the cities ...

We are already seeing this play out in Seattle, where the left-wing terrorist group Black Lives Matter have established their own caliphate or confederacy.

With the help of a city council member, Black Lives Matter briefly took over Seattle’s City Hall and have now created a permanent Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), a six-block zone blocked off by barricades and signs that read, “You are now leaving the USA.

The police are banned from this zone and have, at least for now, agreed to abandon the area to armed protesters and terrorists.

Within this six block area are 500 residential homes.

It will only be a matter of time before criminals prey on these helpless residents.

Freedom is dead in this zone. Just try wearing a MAGA hat or hanging a Confederate flag or watching The Jeffersons where everyone can see you. Just try questioning or challenging your new overseers…

This is a caliphate.

So how was this allowed to happen…?

In a word: Weakness.

Few mayors have sought to appease the left-wing terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter more than Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. Weakness not only invites aggression, it also increases demands for fealty. The terrorists who took over city hall and those six blocks are holding Durkan’s resignation as a form of ransom.

Whatever her shortcomings, she was legally elected by the people of Seattle. But the Woke Taliban want her gone, and now they have essentially recalled her by creating their caliphate.

As we have seen over the past two weeks, weakness is a problem in all of these Democrat-run cities. Another problem is that Democrat politicians cannot defy the monsters they created without being devoured by them. The bind they are in, and by extension the bind they have put their city residents in, is that if you defy the Woke Taliban, you will be attacked as a racist and find yourself under fire by a corporate media that has also been taken over by the Woke Taliban.

In other words, you can either abolish, defund, and otherwise weaken police protections, or you will be  voted out of office, recalled, or worse… Your city will be relentlessly besieged with disruptive protests and riots: blocked traffic, damaged property — the extortion of chaos and mayhem.

Of course, these Democrats will give in and are already giving in. Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, and a host of Democrat-run cities have already agreed to abolish, defund, or otherwise weaken the police — even though there is no question this will lead to a dramatic increase in every imaginable crime, including rape, murder, armed robbery… Street gangs and cartels will again own streets.

There is no way out for Democrats.

The Democrats Have No Good Options - The Atlantic

And there is no way out for the idiots who live in these cities and vote for Democrats.

You can either weaken the police and suffer through the increase in violent crime and lawlessness that will follow, or you can subject your city to the unceasing disruption of protests and riots.

Of course, Democrat politicians could do the right thing and uphold the law, but they are not capable of that… They are almost all radicals themselves, and they want to remain in power…

So what does this mean for the average citizen in Democrat-run cities…?

In a word: blight.

The return of urban blight.

Dirty streets. Crime. Collapsing property rates. Boarded up storefronts. High taxes. Homeless. Terrible schools. Living in fear. Bars on windows.

We tried to warn you.

But you idiot Democrats still voted to make a communist the mayor of New York, an appeaser the mayor of Seattle, and an open Antifa supporter the attorney general of Minnesota.

You get what you vote for, and Democrats are about to get exactly what they deserve…

(Article by John Nolte republished from

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  1. To all the major demorat cities in the US, BYE!!!!!!!! There will be nothing left!!!! You reap what you sow, and I hope you idiots enjoy the aftermath, because no one will be around to help you!!!! PERIOD!!!!

  2. What truly sucks is the rest of us (Republicans) are the ones that pick up the trash and the tab for these idiots, because they just never learn, NEVER. Let me rephrase, ASSHOLES!

  3. Unfortunately, because of a lazy bunch of people who chooses to destroy the assets if the hardworking citizens who thought they would be protected by the Police, many police departments have abandoned the most vulnerable populations when they need protection the most! The lies being told and the scapegoating of good people by the lawless hoarde is disgusting in this time of biological crisis!

  4. The communist democrats made that bed they should now sleep in it. At least for a while. They are like children you must show them their mistakes before they will learn. I just hope they don’t get tired of it and move to my area.

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