Biden: George Floyd’s Death More Impactful Than MLK Assassination

Biden: George Floyd’s Death More Impactful Than MLK Assassination

Speaking at a roundtable discussion in Philadelphia on Thursday, Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden claimed the death of George Floyd has already had a greater impact on the planet than the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Not only is the sentence blatantly untrue, but to compare Dr. King to the habitual drug user who pointed a gun at a pregnant black woman’s stomach is disgraceful.

Additionally, while MLK unified the country, the death of Floyd has torn the nation apart.

Nonetheless, Joe Biden declared, “Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did,” Biden said.

Biden’s comment is only the latest in a long line of bonehead soundbites to come from the former vice president.

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  1. How many lives and how much property was destroyed OVER a CAREER criminal . He was detained for passing counterfeit $20 bill. He has at least 5 stints IN JAIL for assorted criminal activities. Was the METHOD WRONG in detaining Floyd?? Yes. TO RIOT and loot and burn, and then to deface buildings is CRIMINAL also. A loser just like Trayvon , Grey , and so many others. Then there are those STUPID WHITE PEOPLE washing and kissing black feet and groveling and BEGGING for forgiveness. When will the blacks ask my forgiveness? For not trying to educate themselves , do something and get out of the Ghetto? Get out of PUBLIC HOUSING , stop creating JUNGLES in the inner cities, STOP BLAMING THE WHITE MAN for all of their PROBLEMS!! TRY to do something right for a change. Then you got the communists , aka liberals , who aren’t liberal , but communists!!! They are so brainwashed and stupid , they don’t even know they are communists.

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