Police: Warlord Raz Reportedly Extorts Businesses, Collects ‘Protection Money’ in Seattle Autonomous Zone

Police: Warlord Raz Reportedly Extorts Businesses, Collects ‘Protection Money’ in Seattle Autonomous Zone

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best gave a video address to officers in the Seattle police department Thursday in which she explained that the mayor had overruled police in allowing the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” to be established, and that police were now receiving reports of an ongoing protection racket.

In the video, Best explains that she fought with the city to keep the precinct open and operational, but the city had “other plans for the building” and ultimately “relented to severe public pressure.”

“I’m angry about how this all came about, I understand that my comments in this message may be leaked to the public, but I’m not concerned about that. I stand by what I’m saying,” Best states.

“We have heard that there are armed people ‘patrolling’ the streets near 12th and Pine,” Best continues. “Of course this is very concerning, especially because we don’t know who these people are. We’ve also received reports that these armed people may be demanding payment from business owners in exchange for some of that protection. We’ve also heard that they may be demanding to see identification from people that live in the area.”

The full video can be watched below:

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is currently controlled by roving warlord and aspiring hip hop artist Raz Simone, who has established a private police force that is quick to dole out beatings to opponents of the regime:

In the autonomous zone, the streets are apparently currently controlled by a hip hop artist-turned-warlord by the name of Raz Simone, who has established an armed private police force that does not hesitate to dole out beatings to communal miscreants.

Video footage shows Raz and Co. confronting a man for making unauthorized graffiti on Raz’s turf, which results in the “police” stealing the man’s phone, breaking his glasses, and reportedly repeatedly kicking him in the head. “We are the police of this community here now,” the man is told before the beating.

The vandal is then ordered to hand over his phone as tribute to Raz, under the threat of more violence. “You just broke my glasses! I’m blind! You just broke my glasses and stole my phone!” the man pleads, before being told, “Yeah, we should have broken your face.”

“Don’t be making no threats n*gga, I’ll blow your brains out,” Raz says.

Jon Rappoport breaks down the story of the whistleblower nurse who exposed COVID-19 patients being purposefully murdered to boost numbers.

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  1. this is a shame what happened there. it is worse than China’s culture revolution. all the liberals are in sane and are destroying this beautiful country. I am so sure that Trump will be elected because of all these non-sense. and every person with conscience in this country will know how to do.

    1. Another Chinese woman here. I agree. My family experienced Mao’s takeover after the war and later the Cultural Revolution with the Red Guards. The leftists only care about power.

  2. Nice to see that these peaceful protesters (please read as much sarcasm into that statement as you can possibly muster) are working toward a better society. My opinion, this is an armed insurrection. Send in the military to clean these people out. They are NOT protesters, and they have declared themselves to be NOT a part of America anymore making them nothing less than armed invaders INSIDE of our country.

    TAKE IT BACK and throw these bums into the prisons where they belong.

  3. whats the diffrence between a thug colecting protection money and our corupt gov takeing peoples money for taxes ! the charges will keep rising ,they both will demand more! every year .our corrupt gov has CITY, state, county,and federal, with all sorts of bull shit reasons to raise,the city taxes, will skim money as it comes in, state will waist money on reprsenatives that supposively work for the people ,with their mansions expensive cars and transportation! County will maybe fix a few roads and some infrastruture! the gov legaly steals money from the people support pbs and their special interest ,waist money on illegals and countrys that want to destroy our country! thug collectors dont live love some one else will take him out for power!

    1. If you don’t know you are stupid as a brick. This the United states well it is now if that retard Biden is elected it will be the socialist states of America. This Raz must be a pos antifa sob. A punk a coward rapper ,the worst kinda of excreatment on the planet someone send in a girl scout to kick his and the rest of his Democrat trash out of Seattle.

  4. Once again democrats/liberals show us just how incredibly STUPID they can be. There is no excuse for what is being allowed to happen in our country. These protesters, and I use that term extremely loosely, are nothing but terrorists, and should be dealt with accordingly. They should all be thrown in jail, with no bail, and made to pay for all the damage that they have caused! Yes, Mr. Floyd was killed, and the man who caused the death has been charged. Mr. Floyd was not a choir boy by any means, but no one should be subjected to what was done to him. Alright, now let’s re-educate the police, and hold then responsible when they ACTUALLY do something wrong. But to qualify all police as racist, or biased, or any other word you want to use, is asinine. These BLM and ANTIFA, are nothing but troublemakers, or outright domestic terrorists. They do not have the best interests of their fellow blacks in mind when they destroy their livelihood, now do they? No, they just want to cause unnecessary damage to the most places as they can, per GEORGE SOROS, and all his paid minions (somebody say democrats???). We the people have more than enough of this bullshit, and we need to take back our country. We cannot leave it in the hands of people that want to take ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS AWAY!

  5. These so called liberals are all criminals and need to be prosecuted accordingly. If they want to live in a corrupt country—they need to leave. They will never succeed in destroying this country. Harsh consequences will rain on them. 😡😡

  6. Where there is no law and order, we have chaos, weak leadership in these Democratic cities, the worst governors, mayors, police chiefs that do not protect America and allow thugs to take over. Get the military in and stop this nonsense before it spreads!


  7. Some well placed snipers to “take out ” those with firearms slung over their shoulders, then arrest and deprogram these indoctrinated children and mentally disturbed adults.

  8. We should all listen to the Chinese women they have lived through this kind of nonsense. And it’s past time for someone to take control.

  9. Listen closely, you can hear the founding fathers and all our vets who gave it all, spinning in their graves! Fu**in disgusting!!!!

  10. Well at least there is no police brutality! Thanks raz! You made your little communist utopia safer. I’m sure that people from all over the world will be scaling your boarder walls to come into your country…….the land of beatings and extortion. Did you establish your reeducation camp yet?

  11. This fools in Seattle deserve no sympathy for what’s happening in their city. They voted these weak, corrupt Democrats into office. Now they must live with it. Stop your crying pussies!

  12. The terrorists that have taken over the Seattle are are simple terrorists and need to be exterminated. The military can do the job without even leaving the base. Furthermore, all the “democrat” government leaders need to be included in the terrorists group. It is past time to rid our country all the communist leaders in this country.

  13. Damn, it looks like we are seeing The Idiocracy become real! These knuckle draggers finish destroying everything, there’s not a damn one of them going to have a clue how to fix things or how to survive without them!

  14. Put a ring of razor wire around the CHAZ privey. Cut off electric, water, gas, wifi. telephone/cell phones and food deliveries. No need to take them to prison. They are already in one. They should call this the shit hole of the northwest.

  15. They should blow their brains out but then again these thugs and terrorists have no brains!..Trump needs to get the army after them to get that puke raz and his violent followers the he’ll out of that poor city!. Doesn’t anyone have any guts to stand up to those filthy pigs? It’s an outrage! Shoot them dead! Bums! Demoncraps fault!

  16. This is America if Biden wins the election. What bothers me is after all this I have a cousin that is still going to vote Biden. I don’t understand at all.

  17. Get this my dad was a cop in Dallas. So one time he took me on a ride along and he said where do you want to go. I said show me where the most trouble is. And very quickly he said ok. His area was west Dallas and that’s where a lot of blacks where it had a lot of gov.housing and a low income area. So he pulled up to a grocery store like a piggly wiggly or maybe a Tom Thumb I don’t remember, but I said what are we doing here and he said well you wanted to see where the most trouble was at , we are here so tell me what you see. Right off I said no one parks in the lines they just park all over. And he said that’s right they won’t park in the strips because whitey made those strips and they will not park in them and we get by far more calls here because of shootings stabbings and fights than any place in this city. They block each other in. Hah! That’s something that I will never forget. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. Stupid!!!!

  18. I say let them have at it! If the people of Seattle are that dumb that they allow this kind of behavior in the 21st century then they deserve all they get. To elect a mayor so pathetically stupid just reinforces it! I feel so sorry for the police chief (the only with a brain) and all the cops that work there. Shame she can’t call out the National Guard with a ‘shoot to kill’ order. I never liked Mayor Daley of Chicago but back in the 60’s where this type of Nazi behavior was going on, his ‘shoot to kill’ order stopped it literally overnight! These people are thugs, but more than that, they are COWARDS! It’s the one thing all liberals have in common – other than not having a gray cell between them – but they are total wimps and cowards! Go Trump 2020!

  19. The Idea is to elect Biden. Then he is removed due to his National Gaffes. His woman VP becomes President and the Speaker of the House is third in line and Nancy Pelosi becomes VP. Go for it.

  20. Well truthfully blacks and whites are really just the same there are some really good whites and there are really bad whites. I mean look at pelosi and shiff and pencil neck it’s the same thing. Look at Ben Carson and Candice Owens they are great black people, I wish I was as smart as those two. But I still do think that blacks are more racist than whites. They often look at me like they hate me but not all. But most.

  21. The Mayor of Seattle and the governor should resign and these gangsters should be prosecuted. I hope they turn on eachother. What a disgrace to America. Oh I forgot the Democrats are the disgrace of America. Trump 2020🇺🇸

  22. The mayor is despicable… it makes me sick to hear such blatant anti Trump remarks. I, as a woman, always thought that if women were in charge it would be a kinder, safer, more respectful world…… NO These silly skanks and there power trips have made this a sad, scary place………. As far as I can see, they have set race relations and women’s causes back, waaayyy back……… They should all own their shame……………….. the letter A is not for adulteress, more like now A it’s for a**h****!!!!!!!!!😱😢😱😢😱

  23. The old saying give an inch and some will take a mile. The only true racist left in this country are the ones that holler about it. Whites and blacks . Tearing down statues removing busts and changing names is not going to change history or satisfy the ones protesting for it. Why not rename all hwy. signs. Oh no that would be racist. What happened to Me. Floyd was in excusable and inhuman the officers should pay the price but all the other stuff is ridiculously stupid . Democrats looking for votes. People have to accept each Other as equals and stop pointing fingers at everything from the past thinking it’s the cause. It’s corrected in each of us and our own minds. Wiping out history and structures won’t change a thing.

  24. Every one relax raz at chaz is in control. They are going to be ok they have started a farm. I wander if they plan to export

  25. I hate to see this country being taken over by thugs who just want power over innocent people! I hope our President gets re elected and we vote these liberals out of office. America Wake Up before you fall victim to these criminal thugs!

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