Seattle Councilwoman Says Warlord-Controlled CHAZ Should Remain In Public Hands

A Seattle Councilwoman says the six-block, warlord-controlled ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ (CHAZ) should permanently remain in the hands of the public, according to Komo News.

Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, who embedded herself in the front lines of Seattle’s BLM protests over George Floyd’s death – a black man who died after a Minneapolis cop knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes  – says she plans to introduce legislation which would officially convert the neighborhood into a ‘community center for restorative justice.

On Tuesday evening, Sawant opened the doors to City Hall, allowing over a thousand protesters inside who loudly demanded that Seattle defund the police department and ban the use of chemicals such as tear gas. The protesters also called for the immediate resignation of Mayor Jenny Durkan.

The Seattle PD are currently working to broker a deal with protesters, who have controlled CHAZ since Tuesday after clashing with police over the weekend – resulting in the evacuation of a police precinct and a National Guard pullout.

In less than a week, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best says crime has already spiked 300%, and that “Rapes, robberies and all sorts of violent acts have been occurring in the area and we’re not able to get to [them].”

Meanwhile, homeless people ended up stealing the food brought in to support the hungry protesters, and “heavily armed” soundcloud rapper (and AirBnB superhost) Raz Simone has taken over as the autonomous zone’s resident warlord with his crew.

Not everyone’s a fan of Kshama’s plan…

Can you imagine the MSM reaction if this was conservatives taking over a giant section of a major US city?

We’re sure they’ll work it out.

These people seem nice…

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  1. What a crock of whale shit !!!
    If you DON’T like or love America … Move to another country we’re not stopping you from leaving . Good luck and good riddence . but to put the blame on police officers is CRAZY !! They helped make ARE country great and made our country the best it could be !!! So move we don’t need all the liberal Bullshit you knuckleheads are trying to destroy Americans . leave we WON’T stop YOU clowns .

    1. I believe that bitch is muslim who wants to destroy America.
      She should be arrested and deported along with the 4 terrorist and Pelosi in congress.

    2. Don’t worry, the KKK is coming to save Seattle. The woke mafuckas is gonna get their asses kicked. Yay for the KKK!!!

    3. Seattle Police Chief: “Rapes, robberies and all sorts of violent acts have been occurring in the area and we’re not able to get to [them].” #capitolhillautonomouszone #antifa #BlackLivesMatter. And tell Councilwoman Kshama Sawant she has to move into that community and live there.

  2. Brokering a deal with the protesters? Clear them out and protect the people who actually live there. Total insanity. But what else would you expect from idiots? Calling it whale shit is disparaging to whale shit.

    1. This should be the deal. Leave peacefully or be removed in body bags criminals. Negotiations seldom work in these situations when dealing with radicals. It will only lead to further demands to satisfy them. Cut off the head of this snake and the body will leave.

  3. That witch needs to be locked up! That is anarchy in her own little bottle and she sprinkled it all over the rest of city council and for sure on the idiot mayor and governor. That whole bunch needs to be in custody. That is pure revolution and we are not talking about the good kind folks. That is treason and sedition in one neat ball!

    1. This stupid MORON should be locked-up!!! She should go back to the country from which she came. They are going to send in the military & martial law will be enforced. People will be killed, is this what they want. They will all run like the cowards they are. So be it.

  4. And yet ANOTHER MORON HEARD FROM! This particular FIRST CLASS IDIOT was even elected by what most unfortunately is a larger percentage of FELLOW IDIOTS. Face it, people, IT AIN’T IN THE WATER. Can’t be—its now spread from the septic pool of Minneapolis to Seattle. I lived there in the Coast Guard in the eighties (BEFORE it was run by DEMOCRATS) and the transformation is extreme and shameful. This is the destiny of any city that ends up under Democrat/Socialist control. It winds up UNLIVABLE to those who use toilets to relieve themselves. These people are totally backwards—they produce SPEACH from their asses and excrement from their faces!

  5. Why are the time stamps of these comments marked as being four hours in the future? It is 9:54am est. here presently…

  6. My feeling is military clean it out and arrest treasonous leaders. BUT if that happened the protests would burn what’s left of our cities. Time is running out on America and she is having a melt down. Too many have been indoctrinated with communism and socialism. Youth don’t understand those systems don’t work for long. They end up with the people in poverty and starving. Ask Russia how it was under communism, or ask Greece or Venzuela how it was as once rich nations went broke except for the corrupt leaders. Almost no food available and money devalued to nearly worthless. Try getting medicine! The suffering was and. Is horrible. People have fled the hopeless poverty. Only those able to raise crops in rural Venzuela have a hope of close to enough to eat. Youth and idiots don’t understand the consequences.
    Americas strength, unity, one unifying language, and hard work made her rich and powerful. Perfect no. Needing more refining? Sure. But splintering into pieces and not allowing police to do their job only weakens the whole.

    1. Not our cities!! That are all liberal cities, run by liberals and liberal governors and liberal citizens voting for all the liberals! See why things never change for Blacks?

  7. I’m running out of patience with this nonsense. It’s a marvelous thing I wasn’t in charge as I would do a “Bolsonaro” on the whole lot. Negotiations with domestic terrorists, those insurectionists? They’re madder than hatters.

    1. If they have stated that they are no longer us citizen and they are armed. That being said, we have been invaded by a foreign source that is armed. Thus we should declare war as they have.

  8. This Sawant is a communist/ radical as with omar, talib and AOC. All the coverage of this radical group totally leaves out the people that live in this zone. Prisoners in their own neighborhood. The mayor and police chief are weak leaders. The rule of law and safety of the public should take precidence over negotiating with dangerous radicals. What would have been the response if these people were white supremacists? It would have been a blood bath. Move the innocent people out. Cut off utilities, blockade their blockade. No one in or out. Play the National Anthem 24/7 loud. Employ directed sound frequencies to put these radicals on their knees. No need for weapons.

  9. Welcome to Socialism!!!! If Americans don’t take a stand against this crap, then it’ll just spread like a deadly virus. That are doesn’t belong to the Anarchists/Socialists/Communists. It belongs to all Americans. Send in the military and take it back. Send a message to these animals that their way of destruction will not be tolerated.

  10. I read a while back that Soros & his globalist comrades funded a lot of Governors, Mayors and DA’s throughout the country.
    Now I can see why.
    And they are, along with Cair & Muslim Brotherhood funding blm & antifa .
    Their plan I believe is to install Sharia law.
    These will be no go zones.
    Europe’s almost dead…are we next ?

  11. Criminals running local tax-funded areas in Louisiana would not be tolerated – either by their arrests OR by our law-abiding citizens with guns. Praying for you people in this craziness that you get control of that for which you are taxed!

  12. Why are not these insurrectionists being brought to justice? Is this not the very definition of “treason”? And those who support such actions are supporting treason and should be brought to “heel” under our USA Constitution … otherwise we may as well shred the USA Constitution (which is what these ingrates and their supporters want along with the MSM and those who get their nourishment from the tit of the MSM).

  13. 1) Shut off all utilities to the area.
    2) Treat this are like the foreign nation they claim to be. No one goes in or leaves without going through US customs.

  14. Send troops, eliminate Seattle government and “chaz?”, and terrorist ANTIFA. Just shoot. This is an act of war. Be sure to get Durkan.

    1. Where the hell are Washington residents? Hiding? This is their city and state people are laughing at.. with all the liberals cities (20). That are no longer safe, it makes it easy to pick a good state to vacation! I will never visit one of them ever again.

  15. Do these people think successful black folks, black athletes and media people will go live in these areas……
    LOFL, they will sit in their protected homes and jobs and talk a good game to maintain their “street cred”(whatever the F that means) while they joke about the “warlord”. I wonder if the Warlord is white or black?
    Can’t wait until this idiots get voted out of office e 75% – 25%….yes I believe there are 25% who are completely militant, stupid, and have no clue of serving in a civil society

  16. I can’t figure out how idiots like that get elected to office. Maybe it’s from another planet and brain washed the voters

  17. Its beginning to sound like time to forcefully cause a secession of the left and right coasts from the United States. We could put up borders and fences around the “Peoples Republic of Amerika” enforce emmigration laws. Let them run “their” country just like Seattle, Portland, Scat Francisco, LA, NY, etc. and we’ll see them begging to come back in 6 mos. Let these places do what they want and if the citizens put up with it, so be it.

  18. This is what the people there voted for! If they are so ignorant that they continue to put these idiots in office, they get exactly what they deserve! Let it burn, the sooner it is destroyed the better!

  19. Typical foreigner,comes to this country and brings her old country BS with her. Build the wall and shut off the entry’s!! All of them. Also legalize assassinations, after all Hillary’s hit man killed 54 and has never been caught!

  20. The rebels and anarchists need to destroy.
    Those who stand behind them all have the intention of overthrowing the government, they are disguised communists.
    The United States never accepts no law.
    Americans never accept living with the treason.

  21. In England today–the decent people finally had enough –they went out and beat the shitt out of the protesters who were trying to remove statues. Man–you can see blood in their faces and got lucky when hundreds of Police SAVED them!!

  22. The Public then has the right to form militias with guns and bombs to destroy this zone without any impunity since there is NO police to enforce the law. The terrorists are subject to genocide and this part of Seattle is to be destroyed by the citizens militia in order to restore law and order and wipe out a new outbreak of Coronavirus.

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