Republic Of CHAZ Begins Reparations; White Participants Pressured To Give Blacks $10 Each

Seattle’s so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) has begun reparations, as white members of the fledgling sovereignty were asked on Friday night to give at least one black person $10 before leaving the area.

“I want you to find, by the time you leave this autonomous zone, I want you to give ten dollars to one African American person from this autonomous zone. And if you find that’s difficult – if you find it’s hard for you to give ten dollars to people of color, to black people expecially [sic], you have to think really critically about – in the future, are you going to actually give up power and land and capital when you have it?

If you have a hard time giving up ten dollars, you have to think about: are you really down with this struggle? Are you really down with the movement? Because if that is a challenge for you, I’m not sure if you’re in the right place.

So find an African American person. White people, I see you. I see every one of you, and I remember your faces. You find that African American person and you give them ten dollars. Cash up, venmo, ten dollars in your pocket. That’s my challenge to you. Do it.

In short, cough up or GTFO.

Meanwhile, CHAZ’s efforts at gardening appear to be ill-fated. Perhaps they will cross their fortified borders into the United States to resupply at the local Whole Foods.

And the Antifa Republic’s tolerance for religion is somewhat lacking:

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  1. Problem Solved !!!! Now that the”Racism” Problem has been solved by Reparations of the Magnanamous
    Contributions of Ten Dollars from every “White Privileged” Antifa Agitator, All People of Color need not live in fear of “White Supremacy” Now that the Problem of Reparations has been settled !2My5 It’s about time that the Federal Government moves in since the
    “Powerless Snowflake Mayor” has nothing but “Love and Compassion”for those that have taken over her City and the “Can’t say I ever heard of that ” Non- Governor” haven’t the Courage to Stand Up for the People that Elected them, They ‘ll never be voted in anywhere again !

    1. Ridiculous. I love the second part. If you’re not willing to give up $10 oh, how are you going to give up your money and property at a later date? Conditioning those idiots just start thinking like they owe anyone their money and property.

      1. This is just sickening. These BLM scum, portraying to be about one thing but really something so sinister!!They must be stopped now, drop a small bomb on them. Any white person putting up with this bullshit needs to be disowned. They should be ashamed of themselves. Law ENFORCEMENT needs to stop this at any cost.

        1. “GIVE” them $10.00 worth of AMMO…One bullet at a time. (AR-15 about 40 rounds depending on the type of bullet you prefer.)


        2. Just a few weeks ago BLM was pretty much a faded, (bad), memory, but, since then, corporations like Pepsi, and elitist celebrities, have empowered them by donating millions of dollars to the group, to show just how ‘woke’ they are, and to atone for their ‘white privilege’. As a result, we now have a newly wealthy hate group to deal with, who are sure to be around for the foreseeable future. Thanks Pepsi!

          1. What’s funny about that is that the BLM donations is being collected by the Democratic Socialist Party. So Pelosi and co. are essentially making a big deal about giving money and then dropping it right back into their pockets with interest! XD
            If I didn’t have a soul, I’d say that this was the best scam ever!

      1. Thank you for your service Larry and for representing the first real Americans! You are a hero and an inspiration!

    2. Give us niggers your fucking money you white honky ass cocksuckas. We want your money to buy us more booze and drugs. Yous honkies better cough it up or wes kicked your sorry asses white boys. Yay for the good niggas!!! Black power mafuckas!!

    3. There is a phrase for all of you guys who will not work, but can destroy and take handouts–Get on the bus Gus. Most of the protestors must be really ripe if they can be out there this long. Thank God there are many hard working Americans who do not give in and stay on the job. RVN 68-69

    1. ANTIFA IS now a terrorist group thanks to President Trump.
      Only a communication connection is now needed to imprison them.
      I favor GITMO for them.

        1. This is so far out of hand! They rape and mame people that don’t agree with them. The call riots peaceful protests! I fought for this great country and it saddens me to see how out of touch these people are. In what definition of Oppressed are these people oppressed? They can buy cars, houses, ride on buses, eat in restaurants and the list goes on! This is America you can achieve anything you want in this country with work and effort! Mayors and city officials that pacify this concept of socialism and liberalism and do nothing antics should be held accountable for any innocent person or persons that is hurt by what appears to be a very orchestrated movement with no real substance!

    2. All of these CRIMINAL nut cases seem to be grouped pretty closely together. Now would be a good time for an old fashioned ALPHA strike or even a couple of B-52’s for a bit of ROLLING THUNDER!!! Lets do a bit of MUCH NEEDED house cleaning!! Lets have a MAGA DAY!!!


  2. $10, I don’t know if the black folks should be happy or insulted…..LOFL.
    If $10 per American will end this nonsense then I’m ok with that….most will go to the local store….win-win!!!

    1. If it were only $10….. he said in his Indoctrination Speech if you have a problem with giving up $10 then gtfo because you will not be able to give up your money, property and d power when the time comes. ( paraphrased)
      I am not giving up anything!!
      This is no longer about dialogue, correcting needed reforms for ALL people. This is extortion!!
      I really would like to hear from PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE AND WORK THERE. Not the intruders.
      Attention RealConservatives. Please get us interviews with citizens of that area. I would like to know how THEY feel, good and bad, about this situation.
      Just to be certain, I would suggest not trying to take over my neighborhood. Some would like and some would not.
      But none of us are giving up.

    2. I’m not gonna give 10 cents, much less $10, to these bunch of lawless botards. Are THEY going to pay reparations to all the businesses they looted and destroyed in the last few weeks? Yeah, I’m a tad skeptical they will. Pass out a ton of legal weed, let them all get lit, and then send in the police or guard to arrest every last one of their sorry butts.

  3. Leave them be! Today the communist government of CHAZ demands all white people give cash to the black comrades, Tomorrow the black comrades will rob the white comrades of the rest and go outside the borders to buy ripple. Of course they can be arrested then but, you know, details. I hope the squishy middle is seeing this play out on tv and asking themselves ‘is this how I want to live’? Because under Biden ALL of America becomes Chaz. OH don’t forget CHAZ people have real full automatic guns they looted from the police buildings, and bullets I assume.

  4. It is obvious that CHAZ is a failure at the gitgo! The first things they did were to put up walls. Then deport. Messed up their supplies by giving away their food. Then they begin arming themselves and walking guard and then coercing the people by demanding tribute. Just like good socialists they managed to fail in less than one week!

  5. Where are the Good Men ? What did you do to stop the destruction of America ?George Floyd was comitting a crime . The Police involved were arrested . You’re destroying a Nation because of a criminal and who stands by and allows it ?

  6. F Them I don’t owe them a thing get off your lazy asses and go to work. Productive Lives. Matter not these baby making do nothing fools

  7. Something isn’t Kosher , why R they using U.S. currency in their country? If they truly believe in reparations $10 won’t even things out. They & their offspring must become slaves 2 the black citizens of CHAZ 4 the next 400 yrs.

  8. The question is getting posed frequently. Where is the Guard and regular military? IMO this whole CHAZ affair is a trap designed to provoke a response from the White House. If Trump sends in the military, media will be broadcasting every buttstroke and punch needed to subdue a rebel. If he doesnt respond, they grow emboldened and we’ll see more of the same.
    The left is plainly communicating they do not wish to coexist with conservatives. So why not wall off these enclaves completely with no food, water, or electricity? Starve them until they beg to be arrested and tried for insurrection.

    1. In addition to shutting off food, electricity and water, block the sewers since they must be using the sewers to crap in or just pooping in the street like some do in Seattle now. Once the sewers back up and the rain doesn’t self-clean the area, they’ll go home.

    2. Unfortunately, there are people living in and around the neighborhood. So they cannot shut down electricity or water. But these animals should not be allowed out to buy food, water, etc. They are filthy thugs. No clothes to change, no bathrooms to do their business, no toilet paper. Oy, I would not want to be among the people who finally takes them to prison. Wonder what their parents think of them? They built a wall, and don’t want a wall to keep out illegals.

  9. white there voted 4 the scum that let this sh-t happen so they should have to give all their money to the thugs!

  10. Define “white”. And good luck with that! Is Megan Markle “white”? She sure looks white. She’s certainly 7/8ths “white”. But does the other 1/8th make her NOT “white”? There are four racial groups: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, and Australoid, BUT – there are one HELL of a lot of combinations of the four races!!! 1/8th that, 2/3 this, 1/4 the other, 1/10th something else! Chinese is NOT a race. Chinese is a NATIONALITY! China is also not a race. China is a COUNTRY! Sikh is NOT a race; it is a RELIGION!! Hindi is NOT a race! Hindi is a RELIGION! English is NOT A RACE. English is a NATIONALITY. The utter stupidity and ignorance on the race file is stunning. Breathtaking. And the Human Genome project discovered that between THE FOUR RACES, 99.99% of their genes are identical. But to the left this is just another way of dividing and conquering. Gin up the mob based – AS USUAL – on FAKE information that most people unfortunately are not fully informed about.

  11. CHAZ is an ILLEGAL Area in the US.
    It should be taken over by the Military
    The Leaders should be tried for TREASON !!!

  12. Hey suck me and all youANTIFA ASSWIPES get ready for your doomsday surprise cause its coming and it will be humiliating. And all the rest of us will be siting back laughing our asses of. Trump GONNA STOMP YOUR ASSES BOYS> GET READY TO BEND OVER AND KISS YOUR UGLY SORRY ASSES GONE

  13. Oh my! The blacks want reperations. The only race that still dances around a fire swinging and throwing sticks, the only race that is dep er ndant on the pitty and generosity of the other races give them. Truly a race of victims and such low intellect they could not exist on this world without what the white gives them. Now that this has gone on for decades possibly millennium they are an entitled race of dependant dullards. Ferrel humans pinned to the lower left side bottom of the Bell curve.

  14. Why don’t the black people give me ten dollars? Last time I looked at a color spectrum chart it listed white as a color. So, like it or not, we are ALL people of color…..

  15. I’d give ’em each $10.00 worth of lead. This is anarchy and they will soon lose and they have already lost millions in donations to their ‘underprileged, minority’ causes. You asked for it you are gonna get it. And it’s time for decent black people to stand up to these thugs or they can just be considered one of them also.

  16. I am a Vietnam Veteran and I think that these stupid thugs should have been stopped before they got started. All they are is a gang trying take over a city in the United States and that won’t happen. This is a Great country, and if you don’t like it then go somewhere where you’re kind will be stopped.
    I am a white male and I went to school with black kids. I have black friends that don’t act like these people do. They grew up poor just like I did and they knew that to get ahead was to work like I did. I don’t know any former slaves and neither do you. I am sick of these people that pull the race card! Your chiefs in Africa sold your people to slave trade dealers. Why aren’t you upset about that. You have to blame someone for all the misfortune that these slaves went through.
    So get off your lazy asses and do something for self and your family. The problem is most of you are on Welfare and believe this country owes you something. Guess what you are what you made yourselves.

    1. George. Thank you for your service to our nation. Especially the terrible situation in Vietnam. You’re “ONE OF THE FEW!”

  17. I saw on chanel6 NBC nightly news the protest starting to march with thier signs nicly printed by machines $$$ and shouting the slogans and sound bites neatly printed on thier 7 to 8 dollar each posters (maybe as high as 25 bucks each including the stick) and NOT to my surprise, this is the truth 200 to 400 participation of 100% WHITE PEOPLE?? WTF? This demonstration with thier printed posters cost someone (A MULTI BILLIONARE NAZI FROM THE PAST ) OSoros G a small fortune . considering the orginasition, the printed material costs, and the 2 to 4 hundred salaries of all those whites so offended at the treatment of blacks the were prostituted into going on without them , the black was nowhere to be seen. What does this say?

  18. You didnt think just kneeling and apologizing for bein white was gonna be enough, did you? Bulldoze the whole fu**in place!!!

  19. Uh? Return to me my taxed, $122000 contribution to LBJ’s “War” On (YOUR) Poverty, my child’s tuition costs above YOUR Affirmative Action, Welfare, prison/police costs, social programs, free lunch.

  20. Take 2 of the 5$ coin rolls and place em in a wide gauge shotgun. Best $10 you’ll ever spend!
    Then as for the whiners wearing a military uniform not wanting to support the POTUS Is in direct violation of the Oath of Enlistment.
    I swear to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution against all enemies both Foreign and Domestic! The Insurrection Act is Constitutional but vying against the Commander in Chief is NOT!
    If you can’t uphold your oath I don’t want your sorry asses calling yourselves service members!
    I’m a Retired SSG US ARMY. NEVER!, once did I challenge my leadership because of a personal conflict or desire to disagree! I followed orders like you’re expected to do!
    Too many appeals processes for our courts, too many leniency loopholes in the system, too many sympathizers approving of the nation’s degenerative pace, too many letter identified generations disregarding the laws as they’re supposed to be! Worst part is that it all starts at home. 75% of these fckrs don’t have a Father figure to plant a boot where and when it needs to be put when a fool gets out of line!
    Sick of all this trash!
    I’m not paying shit anybody.. work for it, earn it, and watch yourself threatening that you’re watching white people or staring in the future you plan to take property or whatever. You’ll get dealt with coming at me with that!
    Thank God my time is done and I’m retired. This nation is approaching an irreversible funnel of degradation. These CHAZ clowns can’t compete with skilled, accomplished, respectable people … so they tantrum and extort society. Pieces of shit skins

  21. It is time to whipe out this virus before it spreads. Our country has come along way to wipe out racism and these jack asses are trying to erase all of that it’s not a black and white issue . These scum bags want to devide our people and deface our great nation. It won’t happen this is America the land of the brave and home of freedom . Bring it on antifa and black lives matter this is cover for chaos .it is time for the federal government to step in and rid these low life scumbags get a job and earn your way you aren’t getting ten dollars from any true American

  22. Shut this nonsense down now, do NOT let it spread to other cities/states, it is anarchy and we need law and order, otherwise we have chaos, we see what that looks like! What is wrong with these idiotic leaders?

  23. CHAZ huh…more like FUNNY FARM, make it PYSCHO FARM, what a bunch of NUT JOBS, you want to make them go away, give them a job, the fear of being a productive citizen is too much, they’ll be gone in no time.

  24. Do the two words “SOYLENT GREEN” come to mind? How about that garbage truck scene? Maybe we need to institute more “garbage truck” scenes around the U.S. and put all this to a stop. I’m not politically correct. I say it as I see it.

  25. Cordon them off. If, and when, they try to leave, ask for documents from their
    “government”, passport, visa, etc. Advise them that we don’t recognize the
    “country” of their government and send them back. Let them eat what they
    have grown! Let them drink water from their utilities system. Don’t accept
    their money (American, or otherwise) because they are not recognized as a
    “country”. Drop the hammer on these make believe “Protesters”. There is an
    old American tradition of “Turnabout is fair play”. Besides, Antifa sic has been
    declared a terrorist organization. That could, and should, mean that we send
    in the Delta force and wipe them out if they resist. Demand the mayor of
    Seattle and the governor of Washington state explain their actions. Identify
    their “Osama bin Ladin” and act accordingly. Nail them with extreme prejudice!!

  26. It was your Black kings of Africa who sold you to the white people why don’t you go and get money from them? And by the way the very first owned slave in America was a black man owning a black man he owed money took him to court and made him his slave? Kind of like the black man shooting the black man don’t you think? And by the way there is far more white people being killed by the cops all the time and they are just as likely to be face down in the dirt as you are, no one here is racist we all see you as an American not by color or race crying all the time makes you a baby and taking city blocks makes you a criminal and should be dealt with accordingly if you took it by force with weapons you should be dealt with with weapons and if you point a gun at the authorities well if you get shot or dead oh well you had it coming I would not expect the cops to treat me any differently than you if I pointed a gun at them and they shot me dead I would tell you to your face I deserved what was coming to me even if I died taking our city is not helping you in fact it is doing the opposite if you do not quit you will be dealt with very harshly and that Mayor of Seattle should resign as should the head of the police and the Governor of this state you let a terrorist organization steal our city from you you should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

  27. So, bottom line, the black warlord who has seized power in CHAZ-istan is now extorting money from his fellow CHAZ citizens, if they are white? HOW is that not racism of the WORST sort?

  28. Send in the troops and end this invasion with live amo not rubber These are criminals arrest them using whatever force is necessary. Never heard of such a dumb idea as negotiating with criminals. order ample amount of body bags and proceed.

  29. I say we try the Governor and Mayor for Sedition and Treason in abstentia, then send in the troops to place them under arrest, drive them straight into the area where the police station is with 2 cranes. Commence executing the laws of Constitution for such crimes that are punishable by death. Let them hang!
    Then under armed guard by the troops get the neighbors and store Keeps / merchants out of there while retaining the terrorist that took it over. Make the terrorist clean up the entire area alone, make them repair the police station, make them help law enforcement put their furnishings back in the department, make them do “police calls” cleaning up the damages and debris, make them repair the damages to anything destroyed, make them complete prisoners of war until the everything looks like a beautiful place to live again!
    Make their lessons of being an enemy to the US Army and the American people the most miserable experience they’ll ever have to endure as many enemies have faced before.
    They wont do it again, guaran told ya!
    Try that bs here down south and watch what happens! If your so called life matters I have something to say to you trash protestors ANTIFA / BLM “No More Talk, NO More Tolerance”… we’re coming after you! Get ready

  30. Looks to me like they need to appoint Michael Bloomberg as their Secretary of Agriculture. As for reparations, that is just so much bullshit it is laughable. Maybe we give 40 acres and a mule per family unit who existed in 1865. Maybe they could cut up the 40 acres so that each descendant these days would get a few inches, but I don’t know what they’d do to the poor mule. THEN, we’d need to off set the portion paid directly or indirectly to black of the more than $30 TRILLION DOLLARS spent on social programs since the presidency of the biggest huckster in American history, Lyndon Johnson

    Assuming each black person is given $10, what the hell are they going to spend it on in Chaz? Seems to me they produce nothing but human waste, and the market for that must be small, even in Chaz. And they have no currency nor any trade or travel agreements with any other country

    Seems to me the Chazites are trying to reinstate the plantation system Democrats have done that for years: keeping black folks on the political plantation: they’ve been bought and paid for with legal and illegal handouts

    Chaz has NOTHING to offer black folks. Then again, that’s not the point, is it?

    1. PS to my last comment. I think the US, in an effort to protect its sovereignty (and to hell with Seattle) should give an ultimatum to Chaz to surrender. Since they have no one in authority who can negotiate a surrender, US troops will have to conquer the country. That should require a morning break of an infantry squad. Then, the Chazites should be compelled to restore the area within its boundaries to pre-war condition to secure their parole. As foreigners they should be banned from government benefits or any other rights and privileges afforded US citizens.

  31. $10.00 is just a start guys. If they get away with it they will just up the ante. You have to nip it
    in the bud.

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