Antifa ‘Autonomous Zones’ Springing Up Across Country As Dems Order Police To Stand Down

Alex Jones breaks down the latest developments on Antifastan AKA the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” in Seattle, including news that more such lawless areas are popping up in other cities now that Antifa is emboldened and police are demoralized.

Jones also discusses the media’s sudden pivot from cheerleading the race riots to condemning President Trump for daring to hold a rally in Oklahoma next week amid the discredited coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. They scream about ‘borders’ yet create one. They scream about racism, but only allow those who agree with them inside their ‘borders’. They scream about no opportunities, yet they destroy business owned by their own kind. They scream about taxes, yet they tax (shakedown) the businesses within their new ‘borders’. They are still highly dependent upon governmental support, and think nothing of asking for food to be brought to their borders. They still need parental care, as the local governments are having to clean up after them. They don’t like the police, until they need them.
    The antifa believe they are true moralists, but are themselves fascists. They are doing everything they blame others for.

    1. give them NO food , NO outhouses, DO NOT empty them , they are illegally carrying weapons , open lewdness in the allys and streets . JAIL THEM ALL

  2. its time for normal american to take back this country from blm and those other thugs ! it is also time to rid this country of democrats !

    1. It seems that if you truly want to live in a socialist country just vote democratic in November and you will get your wish. Why on earth are the good people of America putting up with this crap. Let’s give the Police the OK and support they deserve to go into this area of Seattle and blow these sick bastards away! This is our country let’s take it back before it gets too out of hand to stop it without a lot of blood shed

  3. They are saying and doing any and all things to make Trump look bad.
    You Democrats are a bunch of worthless pieces of crap.
    Making the police stand down while you people stand shoulder to shoulder with the terrorist.
    It’s ok for you to have a block party and parade around with the protesters but you say it’s to dangerous for Trump to have a rally.
    What hypocrits.
    We’re having a rally. The only people trying to bring a bunch of rioting and bad behavior to the rally is the radical left. Yes, that would be You the Democrats.

  4. What will the Democratic Party do next? Fund ANTIFA to go out and commit mass genocide from their positions of operations in the big cities so the public will bow down as slaves to serve the Party and give into their totalitarian dictatorship with the use of these terrorist operatives.?

  5. These terrorists need to go now! The more we allow this chaotic movement, the more misery they bring. It might be time for vigilante groups from law abiding citizens to arise and protect their homes, cities and states!

    1. Which terrorists did you mean, Antifa? The Looters? The BLM crew? Or the Democrats? They are all terrorists bent on destroying the United States.

  6. A bunch of Left wing, I don`t want to work , I want everything free, I don`t have to answer for my crimes, or your so racists. That’s all they ever say, your racists because you don`t agree! Go in there and run these losers out of there and give the property back to the rightful owners. Then cut off their gov. freebies and watch them cry !! Then run that summer of fu##en love so called mayor out of town!!

  7. While the Democrats are in power, they will not support us, but the gangs of ANTIFA and BLM. Everyone – who doesn’t like that kind of life – will vote for the Republicans – for Trump.

  8. one of the many best sayings that i have heard is “HAD ENOUGH YET, AMERICA?”
    when are we going to take back our country from the marxist,socialist, anti- American, communist left democrats ???
    they plainly speak their minds to all, and for all to hear, that they are socialist, they are communist, and that they want to turn the United States of America into that kind of Nation.
    ……we are just sitting here as always allowing them to do and say as they please, while they constrict and censor our Constitution, and those of us that live by it and love it.
    why are we still doing that ?
    why do we allow them to oppress us with fear and panic ?
    why ?
    they are breaking the law of the land.
    they take an oath when they take office, to DEFEND the Constitution and the American people, then try to take apart the very laws of the land that protect us and serve us.
    we the people
    by the people
    for the people
    there is no better place to be, than these United States of America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Send in drones everyday to drop tear gas first, and then bags and bags of dog and horse sh_t. When they have finally had enough of the smell and stepping in mounds and mounds of dog and horse sh_t and they start running from their “compound “, handcuff them and throw them in jail where they belong!!! Save Seattle, save Washington. Lock up the mayor and governor with the smelly terrorists they are supporting. Let them rot together!!!

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