Footage Shows What Led to Rayshard Brooks Shooting in Atlanta

Footage Shows What Led to Rayshard Brooks Shooting in Atlanta

A former officer in Georgia is currently being charged with murder and ten other counts after shooting a man who attacked him outside a Wendy’s.

Ex-Atlanta officer Garret Rolfe currently faces 11 counts for shooting Rayshard Brooks twice in the back after Brooks resisted arrest, then proceeded to fight with Rolfe and another officer before grabbing one of their stun guns and attempting to tase the officers as he fled.

Officers had been summoned to an area Wendy’s after an employee called 9-1-1 reporting Brooks had fallen asleep inside his car in the drive-thru line.

The fateful incident, which began as a casual interaction, was captured by several witnesses, police body cams and Wendy’s surveillance.

Watch a compilation of the footage:

Footage shows after officers assessed Brooks was too intoxicated to drive, he fought off attempts to arrest him before taking one of the officers’ tasers.

Officer Rolfe fired three shots at Brooks as he fled, hitting him twice.

During a press conference Wednesday, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced he would additionally charge Rolfe “with kicking Brooks as he lay dying — an allegation made after reviewing surveillance footage and citizens’ cell phone videos,” the Daily Mail reports.

Howard dropped a bombshell when he revealed the other officer on the scene, Devin Bronson – who was also fired and charged on three counts – would be testifying against Rolfe.

Rolfe is said to have violated Atlanta PD policies prohibiting firing a weapon at a fleeing suspect.

Just weeks ago, DA Howard argued a taser was a “deadly weapon” when police used them against protesters, which could provide former officer Rolfe with a self-defense argument.

The case has set off yet another firestorm following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, with many concluding Brooks’ shooting was justified, while others claim it’s just another instance of institutional racism.

Alex Jones breaks down the globalist agenda to destroy America hiding out in a supposed movement for racial equality, playing on people’s guilt to submit to an un-elected power.

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  1. The black race has not evolved. Blacks comprise 12.7% of the general population & 79% of the incarcerated (jail/prison) population. For the past 40 years, black children born out of wedlock have averaged nearly 50%. (HHS statistics – 2018).

    They play the ‘victim’ and terminally ignorant ‘progressive’ white people fall for it. I’ve never owned a slave or know anyone who has. Neither has any of the fools falling for today’s ‘woke’ dialogue.

    1. I am NOT for violent protestors, Anarchy, looting or rioting nor feel ANY police officers are above the law! But, after I watched the Rayshard Brooks video, I was APPALLED! He did EXACTLY what both police officers told him to do for quite a while! The first ex-officer Rolfe was quite nice to him at first – he allows Rayshard to pull over in the parking lot, apparently allowing him to sleep it off. Then I feel after he found out that the car was rented, he was rightfully concerned about Brooks driving it. All he had to do at that point, was to PC him. But, he calls ex-officer Bronson to give Brooks a sobriety test. I feel Bronson excessively tests Brooks and was frustrated when Brooks passed those tests, so of course the breathalyzer comes out. When Brooks fails this and they try to arrest him is when he resisted for the FIRST time! At any point during this, they could have PC’ed him and put him in the police car while explaining what they were doing! If he resisted at that point, and took the officer’s taser as that is what actually happened, the OTHER officer SHOULD have used HIS taser to subdue him! It shouldn’t have escalated to this point in the first place! There was no need for gunfire even when Brooks shot the taser and then they had the nerve to kick him and hold him down while he was dying! They are a disgrace to the police department and to the human race! These are the kind of police officers that need to go, not most! This could have been COMPLETELY avoided!

  2. Paul Howard is a political hack A.G. We lived in the Atlanta area for 16+ years. During that
    time there was an incident where an SUV was stolen in the Buckhead area. They found
    the vehicle and suspected thief in a parking lot behind one of the businesses in the area.
    The cop tried to arrest the suspect who ended up pinning the cop against a brick wall
    and gunning the engine of the SUV. It was a large Ford SUV. The cop pulled his gun
    and shot the suspect, killing him. Paul Howard indicted the cop!! He was eventually
    acquitted, however. The police union went crazy, coming to the cop’s defense, among
    other things. I don’t remember if the cop stayed with the police department, or not.
    This is not the first time Paul Howard has acted in response to media stories or his
    constituency. The police forces adopted TASER’s as a NON-LETHAL weapon years ago.
    Now, however, it becomes a lethal weapon. How convenient!! However, if you buy that,
    then the cop fired when the “Lethal Weapon” was fired at him. Too many politicians are
    playing to the media, and public hysteria, when they took oaths to uphold the law. Paul
    Howard is one of them!

  3. This guy is insane no law here for the pd they should all leave let these morons fend for themselves

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