9 Dead, 56 Shot In Chicago Father's Day Weekend Violence; Toddler Killed

9 Dead, 56 Shot In Chicago Father’s Day Weekend Violence; Toddler Killed

Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times,

Nine people have been killed, including four under the age of 18, and 47 more were injured in shootings across Chicago on Father’s Day weekend, police said.

Two teenage boys, a 3-year-old, and a 13-year-old girl are among those who were killed, officials told ABC7 in Chicago.

The 3-year-old’s death was also confirmed by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who wrote that “our city’s collective heart breaks to hear the unfathomable news of a 3-year-old boy who was shot and killed tonight on Chicago’s West Side.”

“There are simply no words to describe such a heinous, unconscionable act of cowardice to shoot at a toddler,” Lightfoot wrote.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, officials said the toddler was identified as Mekay James, who was struck in the back when a suspect approached his father’s black SUV before firing several rounds.

In one incident in the Austin neighborhood, two teenage boys were sitting on a porch when one noticed a laser being pointed at him, according to police. Gunshots then erupted, injuring the two boys, who are in good condition. However, a 13-year-old girl who was inside the home was shot in the neck during the incident and later died.

The Chicago Sun-Times, citing the Cook County medical examiner’s office, identified the teen girl as Amaria Jones.

Officials said that in a separate incident, a 16-year-old boy and a 17-year-old male were killed in an alley in South Chicago’s South Luella Avenue. A male suspect approached the two and opened fire.

A running tally compiled by the Chicago Tribune says that 227 more people have been shot across Chicago this year, compared with the figures in 2019. So far, nearly 1,300 people have been shot.

On Memorial Day weekend, which saw violent unrest in the wake of George Floyd’s death, more than 50 people were injured in shootings across the city. Ten people were fatally shot, marking the deadliest Memorial Day weekend in five years.

The weekend violence came as Chicago aldermen announced a plan last week to remove police officers from city schools amid growing outcry for police reforms.

Protesters take to the streets of Chicago, Ill., on June 6, 2020. (Natasha Moustache/Getty Images)

The proposal ending the city’s $33 million deal with the Chicago Police Department follows similar action in Minneapolis and Seattle. Proponents say police in schools can be intimidating to students and criminalize student behavior in Chicago’s public schools.

Alderman Roderick Sawyer, a sponsor, said historically police were called to schools to protect from outside threats.

“Now our students are being criminalized for being students at CPS and that’s not right,” he said at a news conference. “We want to make sure that our children have every opportunity to learn and grow from children to young adults and police officers in schools is not the answer.”

The plan, to be introduced Wednesday for a vote next month, requires the police chief to end the contract within 75 days.

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  1. There is more to this than black or white. Its about a race that talks about change but has intentions of changing. I am sorry for the few who really changed! They must suffer because of the rest.

  2. After a month or so of no popo there will be many fewer BLM to protest. Too bad the BLM members are working for their masters and are too stupid and uninformed to leave the plantation.

  3. What are the people in these communities going to stand up
    and help in stopping these animals roaming around and killing
    at their pleasure? It is your community and your people who
    are being killed. Time to put these murderous monsters in their
    grave or in prison without the hope of ever seeing the light of day
    again. The Police get bashed and murdered and no one stands up
    for them yet you expect them to put their lives in danger to protect
    you. Perhaps these communities need to take up arms to protect
    themselves with the aid of the Police. The murdering monsters need
    to be shut down.

  4. Hey Chicago care to Explain how well Your BS Gun Control is Working? Maybe Instead You should be Arming Your Citizens to Fight back Against these Gang Banging Thugs! All You have done is Create a City Full of Soft Targets with no way to fight back, so how about You Start following the Constitution and Giving these people a Fighting Chance. When the Thugs Realize They have the Possibility of getting Their Asses Blown Away You will Finally see a Reduction in the Number of Shootings. Unfortunately You all being Stupid Leftist Anti-Gun Zealots the Innocence of Chicago will Continue to DIE!

  5. Five children died due to black on black killings in Chicago. The youngest was 3 and the oldest 15. What is sad is the BLM does not riot, put targets on the backs of these thugs, nor try to ambush and kill them to stop the little children from being murdered. My heart breaks for the parents of these poor children as they morn the loses they are suffering. As for the BLM, well listen to the crickets because you sure do not hear them protesting these deaths. But then it wasn’t a police officer or white person but one of their own. In Feb. 17th, 11 children were shot. In the last 35 years 324,000+ blacks have been killed by blacks. So where and when are blacks going to value black lives in reality?

  6. Yet another city under Democratic Party control that is debt-ridden, crime-ridden, and always ducking blame. To be clear: THE PRESIDENT WAS IN OKLAHOMA. People of Chicago- vote Republican; and give your kids a chance!

  7. Chicago…
    Chicago has Chicago Med, Chicago Police and Chicago Fire on national television as weekly “ENTERTAINMENT Drama Shows” and maybe, no, not maybe, they should transform them all into real life docudramas showing the truth about the city and not glossed over Hollywood production myths.

    Not once in the above article did it mention that the shootings were “black on black” shootings, why is that, oh yeah, “Black Lives Matter” but only when non-blacks are the shooters. BLM and the fictitious brotherhood of the black ethnicity are both blatant lies which need to be called out as such and very loudly called out by those that have the means to do so. The Far Left/LGBT-Q controlled entertainment industry, the Far Left controlled mass media and now the BLM have a captive audience and the means to change the narrative to a truthful one versus the prevarication they produce 24/7 for their personal and political agendas.

    The BLM has the Nation’s attention now, however, their agenda and their platform are not what the black community and the Nation require to enable what they supposedly desire, equality and change. George Floyd’s family does not want what the BLM has publicly implied they did “defund the police”. They also did not want riots committed in their son’s name. They knew their son was troubled and knew he had numerous convictions for criminal behavior but they also knew that he did not deserve the fate he was dealt by a rogue police officer. His memory would have been better served with a national fund raising event with the donations going to the inner-city programs for their youth.

    The Soros funded “thug” element of the BLM used the tragic incident as a jump-start for their long ago established plan to incite national unrest once again victimizing the Nation, the black community and the victim’s family. There was no legitimate reason for the unrest, none, as the city/state law enforcement authorities followed the rule of law; they arrested the officers involved, will find them guilty in a court of law and will prosecute them to the maximum penalties the law allows. The authorities did not defend them, did not say the death was justified, did not say he was a criminal and therefore the act was justified, no, not once did they defend the rogue officer or his fellow officers who did nothing to stop the incident, they acted swiftly and lawfully and made the appropriate arrests.

    That was what should have happened and did. The rioting, the unrest, the looting and property destruction, the assaults and resulting injuries were not justified and are never justified as a result of police wrong doing but alas, an ugly, costly repetitive overreaction by some and the master plan of outsiders is more often than not the outcome. Sadly, the high cost to everyone is a lesson that is seemingly unlearned and the perpetrators unrecognized for who they are and what their agenda is.

    From another commentary:
    As I have stated several times, if the underlying, hard core BLM was a legitimate organization and black lives really, truly mattered to them they would be physically located in all the large metropolitan inner city areas with the purpose of saving black lives, all black lives. Candice Owens has provided BLM and the public with the documented, actual, real statistics on who kills who in large numbers and it is not the white man or the police, it is blacks killing blacks with the newly adjusted national count of 1,400/1,500 black on black homicides annually (2020 will be even higher). BLM has publicly told her to shut-up and has ignored the reality of who kills who because this truth does not fit their false narrative and agenda.

    A remedy is available to BLM as it most certainly has the financial resources: AND, if they were legitimate, caring and desirous of the average African American’s success they would outline and display the reality of who does what to who “they do it to themselves”! Convince them by the facts that it is not whites and white racism and not 98% of law enforcement officers and ask them why they allow themselves to continually be misled and fed a bill-of-goods by entities that mean them harm and maintenance of the status-quo. The hard core BLM organization has no motivation nor any self-help agenda as part of their controlling and destructive platform, none!

    Educate (present the facts as they exist). NOTE: “White Racism” or “White Privilege” has nothing to do with it, those come from a tired, false narrative that has seen its day. A black mentality of “it will always be the status-quo” and then making it so by the same behavior over and over again does play a major role in the ongoing, repetitive, unfavorable history of the inner-city African American’s life in America and allows them to be misled by those that mean them “no-good whatsoever”.

    For Example:
    Matriarchal, not patriarchal are the black community family head-of-household norm.
    Irresponsibility and non-participation by black men for the pregnant women they abandon
    Highest rate of abortion of any ethnicity, a direct correlation to the missing black man
    Homicide rate highest of any ethnicity, gangs and the above causative factors
    Who ultimately loses when riots occur in the inner city communities, the blacks do, they hurt themselves by:
    (1) Goods and Service unavailable due to burned down businesses
    (2) Economy destroyed by loss of physical business facilities and the revenue from them being spent elsewhere
    (3) Re-building limited to only a few businesses because big business uses a different paradigm based on ‘risk assessment’ and more often than not they opt to leave the area permanently, case in-point, Detroit’s 80’s riots caused loss of the car manufacturing industry, destroyed the Detroit economy which is still evident today in 2020.
    (4) Inferior schools, why, excellent/good teachers opt for other school districts based on repetitive, anti-social, violent and destructive behavior by the inner-city residents
    (5) Generational acceptance/satisfaction with welfare income rather than aspiring to rise above and out of that quagmire of poverty subsistence Tell them to stop blaming and start doing and things will change for the better.
    (6) Lack of pride in Community and place of dwelling; trash and graffiti beget trash and graffiti.in conjunction with low self-esteem and sense of despair and perpetuation of the status-quo.
    (7) Riots, assaults, burning, looting, homicides, attacks on responding police officers and then the black community wonders why they may have reduced police presence and longer than the norm police response times, obvious reasons don’t you think?
    (8) Do something to stop it all, involve the community: Organize inner-city block watches and have round-table community meetings to present these facts and allow resident input on who, what, where, when and how to implement change to eliminate their disastrous history from repeating itself.

    AND, the list goes on with a bottom line of “positive change” is never easy, it takes hard work and a myriad of other contributions to be successful and the BLM can assist, implement, educate and fund the movement away for the “status-quo” if they are who they claim to be. Blaming others is not the answer and the BLM knows it.

    1. This is the best explanation with a solution I have heard from anywhere. Sadly I am not too hopeful that any will listen.

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