One Gen Z'er Dares To Speak Out: "I'm Done With Your Bull$hit!"

One Gen Z’er Dares To Speak Out: “I’m Done With Your Bull$hit!”

“Everything” summed up in less than one minute…

How long before this brave Gen Z’er is #cancelled?

via zerohedge


  1. Bravo! Well said and I believe this young lady said exactly what many of us of feeling. Let’s show our feelings at the ballot box in November and in the editorials of our newspapers, if they print it. MAGA Trump 2020!!!!

  2. Well said. The problem is you are white as am I. Our voice does not count with a former proud democrat party. Only when and if that lousy group can be voted out of various city and state offices, then people who give a good damn about this country make your statements valid. I can only hope I see it happen in my lifetime and pray in my children’s.

  3. You are a very brave and truthful young lady. Please don’t feel like you are alone in your feelings. the people who agree with you dont have the time to protest because we have to work two jobs to support our families and the families of some of these protesters. If people are too stupid to realize that our forefathers are honored because of their amazing accomplishments and for gifting us with the greatest country in the world and not whether or not they owned slaves then that is their ignorance to overcome not mine. God I hope Trump gets reelected or else we are screwed.

  4. I have tried in vain to forward the original video to my fellow conservatives in my retirement community. As you know, this has now been blocked by the all-powerful liberal tech. monopoly.

    At the age of 92 and matriarch of my extended family of 24, I have spent most of my adult life crusading for the free dissemination of information locally, state-wide, nationally and globally. Never give up!

  5. You soooo impress me with your knowledge and insight….your family must be so proud of you. If you were my daughter, I surely would be. I only pray that there are more young people like you out there!

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