BET Founder: ‘Black People Laugh at White People’ Who Topple Statues, Cancel TV Shows

Maybe this can wake the “woke.”

Mobs of white “Black Lives Matter” vandals who are destroying statues might think they’re heroes of black America, while white celebrities and entertainment executives might think they’re signaling their virtue by canceling or censoring television programs and movies.

But for Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television and one of the wealthiest men in America, the two groups have something in common that have nothing to do with their racial virtues:

Black people are laughing at them, Johnson told Fox News on Wednesday.

“It’s people having fun, that they can go out and pull down a statue and have the mistaken assumption that black people are cheering for them saying, ‘Oh, my God, look at these white people. They’re doing something so important to us. They’re taking down the statue of a Civil War general who fought for the South,” Johnson said.

“You know, black people, in my opinion, black people laugh at white people who do this, the same way we laugh at white people who say, ‘We got to take off the TV shows.”

Think they’re listening on the Left Coast?

Check out Johnson’s interview here:

Now, does Johnson speak for every black person in American when he says that? Of course not.

But he is the man who launched BET in 1980 and who has remained a major figure in the entertainment world since, including a stint as owner of the Charlotte, North Carolina, NBA franchise once known as the Bobcats (now Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets).

In other words, it’s a pretty good bet that Johnson has a better grasp of actual African-American culture than, say, the white women who stood guard around a blacks-only space in Seattle’s CHOP over the weekend, or the sociopaths who tore down a statue of Ulysses Grant in San Francisco.

And his take is brutal.

“White Americans seem to think that if they just do sort of emotionally or drastic things that black people are going to say, ‘Oh my God, white people love us because they took down a statue of Stonewall Jackson,'” Johnson said.

“Frankly, black people don’t give a damn.”

And that brings up the real question: What is it black Americans want?

Johnson didn’t say it in so many words, but it was pretty clear from his interview that it’s the same thing white Americans want – a good job for themselves, a good education for their children and the ability to live the American dream.

And the actions of the “borderline anarchists” currently dominating the evening news – and sickening the sane part of their countrymen – are not helping in that.

“It’s not going to close the wealth gap. It’s not going to give a kid whose parents can’t afford college money to go to college. It’s not going to close the labor gap between what white workers are paid and what black workers are paid. And it’s not going to take people off welfare or food stamps,” Johnson said.

And guess what major American figure of recent years was doing that? President Donald Trump, who helped the economy grow to record highs before the coronavirus crisis struck.

It was the economy on Trump’s watch that produced record-low unemployment for black Americans, over and over again.

It was Trump who signed a bill to lock in federal funding for historically black colleges and universities for a decade.

It was Trump who was president while the number of Americans on food stamps plummeted after soaring under President Barack Obama.

But the “woke” white savages who are destroying public works of art to demonstrate their fealty to African-Americans claim the moral high ground?

Bizarre acts of self-abasement, like Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy’s decision to publicly shine a rapper’s shoes, do nothing to advance the economic or social wellbeing of African-Americans.

Threats from Black Lives Matter leaders won’t change the country either.

What can change the country for the better is the kind of economy Trump was delivering before the coronavirus crisis, and the kind of economy that’s likely to continue if he wins re-election and Democrats are not allowed to resume their job-killing strangulation of the United States’ material and intellectual productive capacity.

Possibly the best part of Johnson’s statement is its source.

Most recently in the news proposing a $14 trillion reparations plan to be paid to black Americans, Johnson can hardly be accused of being a black conservative selling out his race. (White leftists can’t treat him like they treat a Clarence Thomas, say, or a Thomas Sowell.)

And as the rest of the interview showed, he hasn’t changed his opinion that money paid to black people by white people is the best way to even the playing field.

That’s nonsense, too. But everyone’s got a right to an opinion.

The point here is that a man who knows far more about the black American world than any campus socialist or idiot white woman showing how down she is with the cause by guarding a “blacks only” space in Seattle has blown the whistle on the whole game leftists are running on the country.

And it’s a whistle that should be a wake-up call to the whole nation – especially the “woke.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

via thefederalistpapers


  1. Robert Johnson of the BET Network is wise to understand that these white liberals representing Black Lives Matter tearing down statues are uneducated retard Cretans. This proves there are many more intelligent black enterprenuers, celebrities and businessmen and woman who are a bit older that have good sense. These are the people I would respect. Even a black minister of the Gospel Voddie Baucham on You Tube is an amazing man with compassion and understanding. If more black leaders with compassion and understanding would speak out the truth in peace like MLK Jr. then the silent majority will come out to stand for the truth.

    1. The silent majority does stand for the truth and that’s why we strive to honestly help minorities rather than becoming domestic terrorist’s, trouble maker’s, etc. To put one minute of time toward those knucklehead’s takes a minute of time from doing what’s truly important. Who has time to destroy property when focused on feeding, hiring, and educating more needy families? My times too valuable to waste of such nonsense. So we keep quiet and carry on with a truly necessary agenda. Kudos to Johnson for seeing and speaking the truth. He’s of the ilk that should be admired. Not a bunch of dummies running around in black capes, hoodies, etc. pretending they’d ever it make it as anyone’s super hero. I’d hate to be them when it’s time for Jesus’s coming arrival.

  2. We all laugh at the white want a be’s . They think their making a difference in what they do . But in reality the blacks and the other whites laugh at them . The want a be’s really think they can turn black and will stand with the blacks in life . Not seeing that the blacks are using them and will turn on them in the end cause their white and the enemy of the racists terrorist group BLM . The BLM wants a race war . Win or lose they will gain cause of it . They will still be slaves to the master tho . The delusional democrats controled them in the past , now and will in the future for money . They will keep you right where you are by offering small deals but nothing that will free you . Iam guessing a lot of people will die because of this and will change nothing . Just thin out the sides a bit . Making it easer to control everything . That’s all I have to say about that

    1. Lots of wisdom in your words “old-one.
      You echoed many of my thoughts
      Thank you
      I will end with what I feel. “ALL LIVES MATTER’

      1. Yes! All lives matter! This is the land of opportunity. And many minority’s actually get preference over white workers when applying for jobs. Even when they do not have as high qualifications. (This is called affirmation Action). Those who are willing to get trained and qualify for a position should get it. Too many seem to have forgotten there is a segment of the white community called “white trash” these are white people who don’t want to work! They lay around, or what ever they do with their time, and don’t work and expect the government to supply all their needs. We have a President right now who thinks every able bodied person or disabled who can work should have a job. WORKING for what you have brings a sense of accomplishment and pride that NO hand out could ever provide. There seems to be too many now days of all colors who appear to think the world owes them a living.. try earning your own.. there is great pride in that!

        1. You are so right. When I got out of the Marines in 1975 after serving 7 years in which 14 months is Vietnam as a Tunnel Rat I could not find a job because of all the quotes to hire women and minorities. In 1981 and 1982 I tried 3 time’s to go to college and was turned down each time because of Affirmative Action. I know first hand how it feels to be discriminated against because of my gender and skin color

  3. Like I have said before, the BIGGEST mistake this country ever made was back in 1865 after the Civil War we didn’t ship ALL BLACKS back to Africa. I mean, what do you do when you free someone? You send them back home. Just imagine how great our country would be if we had done that. Oprah would be running around in some village right now with her boobs hanging down around her ankles.


    1. Your so ignorant. The home of hate are in Black homes. Biggest racist group in this country are Blacks. Most crimes are committed by Blacks. Most Black killings are done by other Blacks. Were you one of the ones kissing the feet of Blacks? I’m sure you were. I am now going to enjoy my WHITE PRIVILEGE.

  5. Robert Johnson — it is sad that you think anyone is laughing to see your own people killing, beating, burning people’s property and businesses, looting in the black community. Blacks are doing this to blacks. If you are laughing or anyone else is laughing they are very sick people. With all the influence and riches you have Mr. Johnson you could do some good instead stirring the pot and disrespecting white people. How in the world or what country do you think you are in to be able to succeed the way you have. Wake up and be thankful for what you have instead of attacking a whole race because you think it is funny. Disgusting.

  6. Well Mr. Johnson I’ve seen your black race tear down These statues right next to the whites. So STOP FNing blaming the whites for all of this. Both races are in this together. Your own black ppl burned down Your city businesses, looted, vandalized Your communities Just like the whites, shot at police officers And citizens. Why don’t you take your BLM form them into a Respectful and trustworthy community to fight black on black crimes???????????????????????????????????????

  7. Laugh all you want. You BET and BLM supporters had better look at what ant-American groups are supporting the statue destroyers you are laughing at. Beware of those who disparage history, you are doomed…..DOOMED… suffer the consequences. Mark my words, those who toddy to the Marxist part of Hell are doomed to suffer it.

  8. This Robert Johnson is the same man that proposed America pay reparations at a whopping $14 T to (African Americans?), and suggested it comes to every working American to contribute an average tax contribution of $ 2,900.00 a year!
    Won’t get a dime from me! Want to close the pay gap, then go to school- get a job- and go to work! Problem is the majority of these people won’t and they blame someone else.
    There’s a difference of opportunity when Affirmative Action closes doors, there’s a difference of action when one group decides to work for a living while others are welfare leeches, there’s a difference when a group obeys the laws and takes health measures / advisories seriously while others are part of a plague of people not wanting to adhere!
    Abhorrent behavioral issues left and right. There are differences. I worked everyday of my life sometimes 7 days a week, did 2 combat tours in Iraq, went to college, and I am raising a family. I was born poor, divorced home, alcoholic stepfather, and now live with physical disabilities along with PTSD.
    Still help my children with their school work, help my Wife how I can, we pay our taxes, go to church and obey the laws of the land!
    Want it?, Earn it!
    “No More Talk, No More Tolerance!”

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