Pelosi Led House Democrats Unanimously Block Resolution Condemning Rioting and Looting

House Democrats made it clear on Thursday whose side they’re really on – and the American people need to remember it in November.

A resolution introduced by Republican Rep. Greg Steube of Florida that went down in defeat on Thursday condemned the rioting and looting that followed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May and failed to attract a single Democratic vote in support, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Considering this is the same House majority that was unable to find the moral strength to condemn anti-Semitism in 2019, the development might not be too surprising. But it shouldn’t be forgotten.

And the fact that Democrats were apparently motivated by a portion of the resolution that condemned efforts to “defund” police departments around the country – the latest fad among the radical left – only makes the point more urgent.

The resolution from Steube begins with the words “Calling for justice for George Floyd and others, and condemning violence and rioting.”

That would seem to be something literally all Americans could get on board with – who’s against justice for victims and in favor of violence and rioting?

That’s followed by a lengthy list of “whereases,” ranging from the facts of Floyd’s death to the degeneration of the protests that followed into “looting, destruction of business and personal property, and additional loss of life, including the deliberate targeting of law enforcement officers,” to the current liberal mania of defunding police that would increase the “risk of violent crime to the communities of the United States, especially vulnerable communities.”

Granted, that last part might alienate the leftiest among the Democratic conference – no one would expect Rep. Ilhan Omar or her fellow traveler Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to sign onto the idea that defunding cops increases the risk of crime. (It’s too blatantly true, for starters.)

But Americans could surely expect at least some Democratic members of Congress to sign on.

While it’s true that the looting and rioting that the country experienced in early June left huge swaths of the country untouched, it’s also true that Americans everywhere saw the destruction on television, and had to wonder if their community could be next.

The drama of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Organized Protest – the CHOP-formerly-known-as-CHAZ commune where lawlessness ruled at night (and resulted in one killing) – likely wasn’t lost on many either.

But not one Democrat could break party ranks to take a stand for law and order.

According to Townhall, Democrats used a procedural maneuver to keep the measure from coming to the floor for a vote. That might have kept individual House Democrats from having to declare openly to voters and their party where they stood, but it also sent the message to the American people loud and clear whose side the party itself is on.

Nestled in the document’s legalese, the resolution merely points out what sane people already know. As Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said on the House floor, peaceful protests are not what the country has been witnessing.

“What happened in Minneapolis we all know was a tragedy. Never should have happened. Wrong as wrong could be and [Floyd’s] family deserves justice,” Jordan said, according to Fox News.

“There is a big difference between peaceful protest and rioting. There is a big difference between peaceful protests and violence. There is a big difference between peaceful protest and attacking police officers. And there is certainly a big difference between peaceful protest and forming CHAZ or CHOP or any type of autonomous zone.”

The resolution, Jordan noted, “strongly opposes what I think is one of the craziest public policy proposals I have ever seen: This idea that we’re going to defund the police.”

That may have been the deal-breaker for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s party – one that has set itself firmly on the side of lawlessness in what’s supposed to be a nation of laws.

As is routinely the case these days, the social media reaction to the House Democrats’ embarrassing decision was swamped by liberals attacking the very idea of attacking the “mostly peaceful protesters” who wreaked such havoc on American streets.

Fortunately, many Americans have clearer vision.

Again, this is the party that last year allowed a resolution giving the ancient evil of anti-Semitism a richly deserved condemnation to be watered down to a weak statement that condemned hatred generally.

It’s the party that, with less than a handul of exceptions, voted in the House to impeach President Donald Trump on the most spurious of charges.

But every one of those Democrats is going to be up for re-election this fall.

And the ones who won election in 2018 by presenting themselves as some kind of responsible alternative to the #Resistance-crazed progressives who flooded the streets in response to Trump’s election in 2016 are going to have to face their own voters as representatives of a party that can’t bring itself to condemn riots.

Every voter who has been awake for the past month, watching rampant looting in the country’s great cities, watching mobs tear down statues of national heroes, and listening to an endless drumbeat of liberal politicians and the mainstream media paint American police officers as some sort of hostile occupation force needs to keep this in mind.

Democrats showed whose side they’re on Thursday. Voters need to remember that in November.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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  1. Once again the House Democrats have proven themselves to be at a minimum Terrorist Supporters, if not actual Terrorists.

  2. Well America these Democrats dont care about the hard working America or do they care about your cities and communities. They only want to line their pockets and control you. Disgusting. No compromising with these idiots. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. HouseDemocrats just refused to allow a vote on a resolution calling for justice for George Floyd, condemning violence & rioting & urging peace.

    Nazi-Socialists in the House refused to condemn the Violence, Looting, Assaulting of the elderly, the Rapping of young girls in the street, and the willful Murdring of American citizens.

    All this comes from the New World Order of the Nazi-socialist democratic party. They no longer stand for America, they no longer comply with the Law, they no longer Respect nor comply with tour Constitution, and they still claim they stand for America, will here is your proof that all of the Nazi-socialist as to what they think about American rights and freedom, These asinine LIARS/TRAITORS and TERRORIST in congress should be Arrested, placed in iron chains and hauled out of the halls of Congress in disgrace and charged with the Highest Crimes of TREASON/TERRORISM against this Nation.

  4. All these white people who are apologizing for history and white privilege need to renounce the Democratic Party (founders of KKK) and embrace Republican Party) who freed the slaves. We’ll be watching and waiting.

  5. Just when you think the delusional democrats and the c#nt that leads them can’t get any stupider … they do this stupid crap . If you lost your home do to the looting and burning , And still vote for them … Then your stupider then the delusional democrats and the c#nt running the show and deserve what you got . I bet not one person tryed to loot or burn any of the delusional democrats homes . But then they have cops and armed guards protecking their homes and family’s while you do their dirty work like good slaves burning your homes and businesses down in your city’s . Y’all keep showing just how stupid yall are and will never rise above your own low level in life . Y’all are ya own worse enemies

  6. Once again Pelosi and the Democratic Party prove they are willing to destroy America in order to control it

  7. It’s time for the American people demand the dismantling of the DNC and the Democrat political party. They’re the core reason why America is the way it is, especially our African American citizens. They need their own political party. Getting rid of the confederate flag and statues are a great idea, but remember, the Democrats are the Confederacy, and they’re the ones who built those statues. God Bless America and it’s good people. End the Democrat Party Now. Go Trump and MAGA !

  8. If not one vote by a Democrat for this resolution, then what is their reason? What do they want for Americans? Where is the transparency? Does anyone believe that Pelosi is not senile? Please answer these questions?

  9. They’re stalling because they need ammunition for the election. They have nothing to offer their voters except hate.

  10. House Democrat’s have now proven they want to destroy the country. Then arrest them as terrorists as they condone Riots ,Vandalism , murder anything done by mobs. Start with Pelosi then work down before some citizen takes the chance of taking her out themselves along with the twits breaking the laws, she now condones their protest…

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