BLM Co-Founder Appears To Violate IRS Laws On CNN

A co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network weighed in on the 2020 election, in an apparent violation of Internal Revenue Service laws prohibiting 501(c)(3) organizations from engaging in campaign activity.

Patrisse Cullors, in her official capacity as a co-founder of the BLM Global Network, told CNN on June 19 that “our goal is to get Trump out.”

“Trump not only needs to not be in office in November but he should resign now,” she insisted. “Trump needs to be out of office. He is not fit for office.”

According to the IRS, a 501(c)(3) organization “may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.”

The prohibition includes “public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.” Organizations that violate this policy may lose their tax-exempt status.

The donation page for BLM is linked with ActBlue Charities, the 501(c)(3) wing of the Democratic political action committee ActBlue.

The BLM Global Network is not individually registered as a 501(c)(3), but instead operates through a fiscal sponsorship agreement with the nonprofit organization Thousand Currents. Fiscal sponsorships allow the sponsoring organization to accept and direct donations on behalf of the sponsored group. But an organization sponsored by a 501(c)(3) is still required to comply with the regulations governing nonprofits, and is still prohibited from making partisan political statements.

Cleta Mitchell, an expert on campaign finance regulation and tax laws governing charitable organizations such as BLM, told The Federalist that partisan political activity by tax-exempt 501(c)(3) groups is “completely prohibited” by federal tax law.

BLM “must comply with all the rules that govern 501(c)(3) organizations,” Mitchell said.

Thousand Currents, the nonprofit that fiscally sponsors Black Lives Matter, was also recently exposed for having a convicted terrorist on its board of directors.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network and the IRS did not return requests for comment.

via thefederalist


    1. We all know that Patrisse Cullors is a cocksucking whore. She got arrested for prostitution and pedophilia. She got caught giving Al Sharpton a blowjob in public. She sucked MLK’s dick back in the day.

  1. this people really hate them self because they are black … the black community they are the really racist ,
    what the police done was wrong …they will be punishing ,now with this color revolution nobody want to be close to them , so let finish this on the streets and in the end nobody will win ,BLM know how to manipulate the weak people … now who are the stupid and ignorant …you.

    1. Been this way for years, to dumb to keep up with the white and the others in this country, blacks are the only people’s that need to be spoon feed and taking care by us. Only way to get anything is to be pissed because they are black.

    2. I agree.I think all the progress the black community has built to this point they have destroyed it.many white people has lost all respect and the liberal whites. is seems they want a race war well they might get it if they don’t stop their crap!!for me I’ll keep my guns and this girl don’t kneel to no man!!!

  2. Man – I comply with the law maybe I should become a terrorist or a Sharpton and give speeches about Racism. That’s where the real money is. Anymore – it doesn’t pay to be a law abiding – family oriented – work oriented – country loving citizens.

  3. If they hate America the way it is they are free to go else where ,immigrate to a country of your choice. Go and change a country as you wAnt, it’s taken almost400years to make this country free to live the way the citizens wanted, if it’s not to your satisfaction then go find something that is, but leave this country alone! You’ve been coddled and spoiled enough, time to grow up and start acting like adults instead of spoiled brainless brats that haven’t done anything to make things better, only tearing down everything you can get your hands on like some spoiled brats. You’re parents , if you had any ,must be very sorry and
    embarrassed to claim you.

    1. Do U really think they will give up all the freebies & leave? They just want U 2 get on your knees & become their slaves. Where would they go? No knowledge of any other language or culture. (@ least not most of these RACIST slugs) Here they have WHITEY 2 lick their butts.. They R also useful 2 the GLOBALSOCOM ELITES until the latter achieves world domination. Then the whining racists will become “EXPENDABLE”.

  4. Scum like her are are the true dregs of society. They commit political suicide on a daily basis. When Trump wins his second term, the rioting will be unbelievable, arm yourself now !

    1. Sharpton is nothing but a self serving ass.Speaking out for generations about racism & only coming out when there is something in it for him.

  5. Time to arrest the POS. She needs to do jail time or pay
    an astronomical fine. Time to put these scumbags out of business
    along with their Leftist financiers and supporters. If anyone comes
    to their aid from the Democratic Party then they should be arrested
    and fined as accomplices. This scum has done enough damage to this
    country and we do not want these Marxist slugs here.

  6. Barr has a lot on his plate, but he needs to make this a priority.
    Pres Trump needs to federalize the Guard and take over the cities that the Dem mayors refuse to govern. If some of these things die, so be it.
    Enough is enough. We’re getting perilously close to wholesale civil war and/or the dissolution of our union into regional republics.

    1. Trump cannot at this point call out the guard, that is a States responsibility and has to be requested. Don’t loose faith there are lots of really conservative people in all the states with so much upheaval.
      This woman is a proud Marxist and community organizer which means she is aligned with Russia Communist belief. She and the fella who put this together with her are basically Socialist Communists. They tread very close to insurrection which is against our laws and punishable by death as is Treason.
      This play book is the same as what occurred in late 60’s early 70’s. Then it was Viet Nam War protests bankrolled by Russia Along with Civil Rights. Back then they didn’t keep moving the goal post with the help of democrats and media. They were not associated with them back then.
      They are real hypocrites who think they will be on top but in actuality they eat their own and as long as conservatives keep telling the truth and exposing the lie and praying for our country and leaders we just might stay FREE!

      1. Why are we still allowing these thugs to run around terrorizing the people, destroying property, looting, crating chaos ????
        Who elected them to be in the position of making decisions and laws about our culture, our history, our monuments, our way of life ????
        Have we all become numb ????
        And on top of that we have the left manipulating us about this virus like this is the first time in our history when we have to deal with viruses .
        Ok, I agree, it might be more aggressive than others but we were never told by our lying media how many death we had in the past caused by SARS, or the H1V1 or whichever other ones … on average, between 60,000- 85,000 only in 2014, same in 2015 and so on ? And our governors / mayors never put us on “ house arrest” , nor did they closed businesses, restaurants etc ….
        Why ??? Only because Hussein O was in the WH ???
        It looks like they are playing games with us only because they are desperate to stop us from voting for Trump !!!!!
        This is why they are pushing for voting by mail so they could open voter fraud by having millions of illegals, and dead people “voting “
        We better oppose that !!!!!!
        Either we go vote in person or
        we must delay voting until it will be safe to vote in person
        Of course, Trump must stay in office until it will be safe to go vote in person !!!!
        We are. being manipulated by Pelosi, Schumer, AOC , Omar , Bernie and all the rest of the marxists so called “ democrats”
        Enough is enough !!!!!
        Do we still want to live free in this country of ours or do we want to become the slaves of these thugs ?????

        1. you are amazing. so concise and to the direct point. been dealing with huge fireworks and gunshots going off until 3am for several weeks now. it’s leaked these thugs are doing it to get us used to the sound of gunfire during 4th of july when they enter our homes; rape, pillage and burn to the ground the patriots. l am a disabled senior woman with no car as it was totaled and in the shop for 2 months so am a sitting duck at this point. calling on all christians who know what l am talking about, to pray, when these terrorists come on july 4th, just as Elisha prayed – their eyes will be opened to “see” what Elishas servant saw on the hills surrounding them – fiery angels in flaming chariots ready for battle! l know the finger of God can wipe out 185,000 in one night and cause them to run even when none pursues them. calling all prayer warriors!

  7. If another organization did this they would have been charged already. As for the lady who is a professional hater and racist, Trump is the best person for the black community, more blacks are working now than under any democrat. A lot of black people are good, but there are those who give all of them a bad name.

    1. It’s funny that you called her “ a lady”
      Remember, these thugs, good for nothing losers, admitted they are being trained as Marxists , therefore, they call themselves “ comrades”( because the marxists ideology is totally against people calling each other “ Mr, Mrs., Lady, Sir etc ….
      Besides, a “ community organizer” , by definition, could not be a “ lady”
      Does she really behave like a lady, does she has any class, does she speaks like a lady ???
      They must be simply called a bunch of thugs, lazy, spoiled good for nothing losers , that’s all !!!!

  8. Someone needs to tell that NIGGER, to get the HELL out of AMERICA, this is no place for SHIT, like BLM, what a FUCKING JOKE they are much like TERRORIST, someone needs to round them up put them somewhere and throw, away the KEY, FOREVER!!

  9. Well her comments really underscore her lack of education. The only thing the leftist know is emotion, and parental comfort and care from others (Welfare). Trained Marxists must be a “dog-whistle” for her followers. Her aligned group are closer to Terrorists. Trump should list the b.l.m. as domestic terrorist along with antifa.
    The b.l.m. leaders are definitely not trained or skilled in the art of any deal-making, where a cognitive conversation would be required . . . This person proves what happens when people are trained from birth-to-grave to seek handouts and ignore any life that might require effort. They are groomed to be the patsies for the likes of George Soros and other extreme leftists who want to destroy America.
    She’s also another example of what happens when you don’t get your dog fixed . . .

  10. The militias in America our prepping and ready and itching for a fight black lives matter better watch what they wish it will be a very bloody outcome.and it won’t be on the militias side.

    1. About time that the America loving people wake up !!!!
      This is not something to not be taken seriously , they really want to destroy our way of life, our culture, our history and instead make us into Venezuela !!!
      Soros, Barbie Sanders, Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Steyer, Hollywood, the mass media they hate this country and as Obama said in 2007, right after being elected by a lot of the
      “ white guilt” individuals, brainwashed into believing that by electing him we would show the world that America is not a racist country …. so, Obama said
      “ we are going to fundamentally transform America “ !!!!!
      Do we think he meant anything else but making America into a socialist/ Marxist paradise ????
      How about him and all the rest of the America haters pick up their bag and go to Cuba, Venezuela, Kenya or whichever other country they prefer and leave us alone ?????
      They want us to pay them “ reparations” ???
      For what ???
      My generation, my parent’s generation, even my grandparents’ generation, never owned any slaves , so, what are we talking about ?
      Besides, we have all kind of social programs, welfare, affirmative action, additional funds for helping the undeveloped / poor communities, we’re paying for free lunch for poor kids, there are hundreds of thousands of money coming from charities for poor people , so what else do we have to do ?
      How about to teach them that it’s better to stay in school, get educated, don’t have kids when you’re just 12-13, learn some skills, don’t do drugs, be respectful of others ( including cops) and when you decide to have a child, make sure you have a husband too , because kids do need fathers !!!!
      How about that for a change, instead of teaching them about how to hate America, how to burn the flag, and re write our history based on the Marxist ideology ???
      Wake up, America !!!
      November 2020 is the last chance we get to keep our freedom !!!!!!
      Biden is nothing but a puppet, his health is in rapid decline and if God forbid the Marxist will manage to steal the election by the push for mail in voting , immediately after his inauguration, there will be an announcement (breaking news, by the Marxist / democrats) to “ sadly” let us know that Biden must be step down for health reasons and his place will be taken by …
      Whoever the VP will be ( Either Kamala, or Stacey, or any other black female )
      Then, if that happens, we could pack our bags and go … God knows where, far away from the dictatorship they will be putting in place !!!!
      No exaggeration, that’s the plan !!!!!

  11. Does anyone think this Communist BLM organization believe in the laws of this country, they defy it. On top of that contributions to BLM go to a third party that divvies it up to the Democrat party.

  12. She is not Fit for Life, Racism begins with the Lazy Blacks President Trump has helped the Good Blacks, more then Anybody. That Piece of Crap Obama is the Cause of this Hate.

    1. The hate, in my opinion comes mostly from the fact that we, the people, managed to vote for Trump because we finally realized that no politician ( right or left) were listening to us anymore !!
      Instead of them “ working for us, it became us, working for them “
      They have a special kind of treatment , a special kind of health insurance, they have secret service, 24/7, they have immunity ( none of them could be accused/ prosecuted for any reason, they have all kind of connections, in order to make millions and billions through all kind of “ back door deals”… everything paid by our taxes !!!!!!
      What do we get in exchange ???
      Just lip service, promises never to be kept, taxes on top of taxes ( and still not enough) …
      So, we dared to elect Trump who is the only president ( except Regan) who really loves this country, respects our Constitution, our flag, our history !!!!
      Now, all the “ globalist” crowd is getting worried that we will elect him again !
      Let’s not forget, the marxists / globalists/ the “Green Party “, China
      (which is mad as hell for the trade deal forced on them by Trump, )they all hate America, hate Trump who took us out of the “ climate change” agreement, also, the Iran deal ( which supposedly was part of King Obama’s legacy), Trump is fighting to make all the trade deals to be fair for USA, he has kept mostly all the promises he has made to us .
      Therefore, all those marxists / plus Hollywood, plus the lying / fake mass media, plus Soros , Bloomberg, Bernie Sanders, (the commie ), Steyer, Obama, Clinton’s, Google, Facebook, and all the rest of America haters are trying desperately to steal the election so they could get unlimited power over us, their slaves !!!!!
      And the “ pandemic” is part of it , make no mistake !!!!
      They will try again to scare the hell out of people , to force us into “house arrest”, again, this way Trump would not even dare to insist on new rallies or political debates , so this way nobody would oppose their trick of “ vote by mail”, which would be the only way for them to make up millions and millions of
      votes supposedly sent by mail by people that never existed …
      If God forbid, that happens, America will
      be on its way of turning into Venezuela, because those Marxist thugs hate the private property, hate the private businesses , hate our second amendment, hate our first amendment.
      So, God forbid (again ), the marxists in power ( WH, Congress, Senate) will start
      putting their agenda to work :
      First amendment applied only under certain conditions ( no opposition, no criticism)
      Mandatory disarming the population
      Universal healthcare ( government !!)
      No private property allowed ( the government will “ provide” housing / apartments built according to the new
      laws in place by congress along with the new environmental requirements.
      Taxes will have to be raised to aprox the level of 75-80% !!!!!!
      And that’s only part of their plan !!!!!
      No exaggeration, no conspiracy theories, just listen to their proposal, they are not joking , this is part of the Marxist ideology!!!
      Let’s wake up before it’s too late !!!
      Once we give them the power, they will make sure not to lose it again !!!!

  13. These dumb ass blacks think the dumb ass whites are afraid. We do owe the dumb ass blacks one thing, and that is a bullet in their heads, and their white trash oreos as well.

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