Think The "Cancel" Mobs Can't Get Any Worse? Think Again

Think The “Cancel” Mobs Can’t Get Any Worse? Think Again

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America is in the midst of one of the great moral panics in our nation’s history. If we don’t stand up for our nation’s core values, the situation could get even worse – and soon. If you’ve spent any time on social media in the last three weeks, you’ve probably noticed the organized campaigns to get college and even high schoolstudents expelled or denied admission based on their political views. You’ve also seen gleeful mobs celebrating as Americans lose their jobs for running afoul of someone’s momentary political obsessions.

In every sector of American society, people are having their careers destroyed to the pitiless baying of the “woke” masses. It’s happening in business. CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman spent 20 years building the fitness brand into a multi-billion dollar company, only to be thrown out of the empire he built for declining to go along with the “racism is a public health crisis”  dogma.

It’s happening in journalism. New York Times editor James Bennet, a liberal, was fired for publishing an op-ed by a sitting Republican senator advocating for a military response to nationwide rioting — a position the majority of Americans agreed with. The same fate befell Philadelphia Inquirer editor Stan Wischowski, who was terminated for approving an article that condemned looting and arson.

It’s happening in entertainment, in academia, and pretty much anywhere someone can be found who is not sufficiently supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s even happening to people who didn’t do anything at all. An L.A. Galaxy soccer player was forced to resign because his wife tweeted that rioters should be shot. A lawyer in San Francisco was fired because his wife was rude to a man she thought was spray-painting BLM propaganda on a building that wasn’t his (it was). On Thursday, this Stasi-esque trend reached another level when a company called Equity Prime Mortgage fired the stepmother of the officer charged in the controversial shooting of drunk driver Rashad Brooks after he fought with and fired a taser at police. The stepmother was apparently fired for no reason other than family loyalty.

On Monday, the panic reached what one can only hope will be its peak when a San Diego Gas and Electric employee lost his job for “making a white supremacist hand gesture.” We’ve long since debunked the notion that the OK sign is somehow racist — that was just a fiction perpetrated by internet trolls — but in this case, this man lost his livelihood despite the fact he wasn’t even making an OK sign. He was apparently cracking his knuckles as he drove.

What America is going through right now is not merely another, more intense round of “cancel culture.” We’re now in the midst of a full-force, totalitarian remolding of our society, one that seeks to place the petty resentments of an outraged minority of leftist activists above everything else in American life. Because of their willingness to riot, loot, and assault anyone they perceive to be insufficiently sympathetic to their cause, leftists are able to bully ordinary people into submission. As a result, television shows such as “Cops and “Live PD,” classic films such as “Gone With the Wind,” and iconic brands such as Aunt JemimaMrs. Buttersworth, and Uncle Ben’s rice are consigned to the “dustbin of history.”

I used to speak frequently to nervous conservatives who were convinced that if we only allowed the left to tear down Confederate war memorials, they would be satisfied. How quickly events have disproved that wishful thinking. From Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the western pioneers, activists are now coming after cartoon sports mascots and college fight songsEverything — from the core of our country’s history to the values and norms undergirding American culture — must be uprooted to appease the mob. 

They are tearing down dozens of statues and facing no consequences whatsoever for vandalizing our public spaces — including memorials to our nation’s greatest heroes. When private citizens try to do the job the government won’t and protect our culture, our history, and our public property from destruction, local officials step in and remove the statues on behalf of the vandals, lest they injure themselves while imitating Iraqis celebrating the fall of Saddam Hussein.

These people are not seeking change at the margins. They are demanding a total cultural revolution, and cowardly public officials are giving it to them. If you look at this national outpouring of hatred and recrimination with horror verging on despair, I assure you that you are not alone. Tens of millions of Americans feel exactly the same way.

President Trump is doing exactly what an American president should do in a crisis like this. He is working to maintain law and order and prevent cowed local officials from allowing political violence to flare again. He issued an executive order to add to his legacy of reform and address legitimate concerns about law enforcement in this country. He also issued a separate executive order targeting the systemic bias in Silicon Valley’s censorship offices, which has allowed our social media platforms to become echo chambers for left-wing extremism and “cancel culture.”

The only thing that could make the situation worse at this moment would be handing the White House to a doddering and unprincipled establishment politician beholden to the “cancel culture” mob. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden would immediately delegate de facto control over the vast justice, civil rights, and regulatory apparatus of the federal government to the loudest voices in his coalition: the woke activist class.

At this moment, there is a veritable army of lawyers and bureaucrats who have spent the last three and a half years subsisting on resentment and salivating at the prospect of regaining power. Things are bad enough now, but conditions will become much worse if the “cancel culture” born on social media is augmented with the force of law and given the full attention of Biden appointees imbued with the sweeping powers of the federal bureaucracy.

Dark forces have been unleashed in this country. Even now, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. If we don’t want to find out how much damage it can inflict on the ship of state, we must prevent those forces from taking control of the federal government.

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  1. As anyone who has been thru some rough times will attest – Things may never get better but they can always get worse……much worse. The Democrats have lost all sense of duty and responsibility – they have their get out of jail free card – just blame Trump. What we are seeing now is the result of bad leadership for decades. Trump did not make all of these oppressed cities oppressed they have been that way since long before Trump became their “scapegoat”. Just for an example look at L.A. – Maxine Waters has been their “representative” for 30 years Trump has only been around for less than 4. It is the same people who have been in charge the whole time we have been spiraling down the bowl that scream the loudest blaming Trump. The sad part is how many people just can’t see this.

  2. Get rid of Pelosi and her gang. They are ruining our country. They are as close to being communist as they can get. Clean out Congress and put all Americans in their place. Take our country back. Vote straight Republican.⚓️

  3. i think its time for the true americans to take up arms and destroy this anti american bullshit before its to late
    we must do what the government is unwilling to do if we want anything of our country to remain and while we are at it why not remove the worthless government that let this happen.

  4. The question is how long the so called Patriots are willing to keep their mouth shut and say nothing while a small percent of the society destroys all the values of this great country and it’s history.
    When the first sign with black lives matters was posted, where were the whites to counter attack this terrorist movement and put a WHITE LIVES MATTER sign in their home front?
    None of them had the courage to do that and as a result we are where we are today
    Decent people must take this seriously and most of all they must standup to these people by every means possible.
    If we do not, then they deserve to rule over us and change this country as they will

    1. You are not considering the fact that if a white person did that the government would come down on them because the government has many bigoted and prejudice laws and rules that target WHITE people.sAM9

  5. Our day of action is 11/3, We are resolved that this nation shall not perish. God bless all of you; repeat this to yourself every day and share it with like-minded patriots.

  6. What we are seeing now happened just before Charleston Heston landed back on Earth . I’M SURE YOU REMEMBER THE MOVIE.

  7. Most Americans over 40 had the benefit of a fairly traditional and accurate education before the editing, spinning, and pandering to a leftist narrative infected our educational system. These Americans are getting fed up with the ethnic and history cleansing, the fake rage, the strutting and posturing, and the destruction that is occurring across the land. There is but so much they will tolerate before a spark ignites the pushback. When the reckoning comes it will be fast, shocking, and violent.

  8. Where are our so called leaders! Apparently they are not on the side of law and order. What’s happening now is an attempted takeover of our country by marxists,communists and uneducated but jobs it’s time for We the people to stand up and be heard !!! If not now when? Wake up America!

  9. This is how communism works. Eliminate any and all national identity, remove key figures ability to govern through revolts, discourage national historical education, destroy infrastructural systems and first responder systems that are actually secondary defense forces behind national defenses.
    Disarm the populace to ensure compliance controls, and create laws or by laws that prohibit a checks and balances system from operating.
    With that, they begin to remove rights of property from individuals and corporations by vandalizing, looting, burning them out, and delivering class identifications with cancerous by laws / laws to further prevent a “Capitalist” free market.
    The ruling class is made exempt from regime laws and is given immunity to prosecution by the new regime or its people.
    Labor is derived from the most uneducated being labored in the fields in the self sustaining states needs. Even Stalin saw that the “Self sustaining state” failed.
    What I’m writing about is what is going on right now. This comes straight from the Communist Manifesto and what they’re trying to do to our country with these protest movements. It’s straight from the 1917 Red October Bolshevik Revolution that turned Russia into a communist state in the snap of the fingers practically overnight.
    Resist these clowns! Don’t let them remove statues, defund police, or create interim systems to replace lawful authority. It is not peaceful protest!
    This is an agenda that will lead us into a full on civil war! Some of us won’t accept this new system attempting to be implemented.
    Question how these groups are being inspired by potential threat terror cells around the globe ( Al Qaeda-ISIS-Taliban- Internally hidden “Communist”parties or sympathizers-foreign immigrants wanting [immigration revenge]- internal homegrown terror regimes), that have wanted to dismantle our Constitution and create an atmosphere of solidified disruption to distract the real agendas at hand!
    Derek Chauvin needs prosecuted, the Officers in Atlanta Rolfe and Brosnan we’re justified in their actions by any handbook. Now Atlanta is losing its security on the streets. Those Officers faced administrative actions before an investigation could even begin let alone be processed. It speaks volumes for the Mayor of Atlanta as “ Deciding with Prejudice”, and as a result has shown Officers wont back her when she won’t back them! They’re becoming MIA (Missing in Action), and I don’t blame them!
    See how it works? Save our nation and get rid of all of this bad once and for all or deal with the BS you saw in Seattle before the law grew balls to stop it!
    Reformation should also streamline protocols for politicians that do not support standard operating procedures, policies, and laws in place to protect the people contributing their public services in the interest of societal needs.
    “No More Talk, No More Tolerances”.. end these communist regimes / terror groups immediately! Preserve national history and identity! Hold politicians accountable de’ facto for prejudicial violations of due process, and let’s clean this mess up now before it’s too late! Our Constitution, national documents, laws, civility, and established orders based in the principles of past lessons learned about what works is all at stake! There is a war underway. Technology and outside threats is what keeps it from going full fledged outright declared. Let the government become what these movements want and I become an outlaw! Biden and his cronies will decimate what’s left of law and order. His first agenda will be stripping the 2nd Amendment. Then civil rights laws that will offset the balances. I only wonder how many people will exit the government, law enforcement, the military, or how many government agencies will refuse to play along in outright protest.
    The 2nd Civil War is here. I’ve chosen my side!
    Several of our political leaders have become accessories to these crimes against our nation and national identity. Sympathizers at the very least! I see no other way around this other than choosing a side and taking action. There is no other way.
    “No More Talk, No More Tolerance!!”

  10. Part of your 2nd amendment right is to protect this country from our’s time to stand up and refund the Democratic party…go to the poles and vote these scum bags out in November.
    These b l m..burn , loot and murders misfits should be given one more chance to be Americans…then we start loading them up and shipping them off.
    Your 1st amendment rights give you the right to protest but when that protest interferes with another citizens rights it has gone too far..if you violate the laws you receive the same punishment everyone,white,black,yellow,red, same for all
    No one has more rights in this nation then the next man or women…98% of the people will not bow down to 2% of our nation.
    God bless our nation as we go further this.

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