Harvard Grad Fired By Deloitte After Violent Rant, Blames "Trump Supporters" For Her Plight

Harvard Grad Fired By Deloitte After Violent Rant, Blames “Trump Supporters” For Her Plight

It’s a familiar trope: some privileged white or non-black BLM “ally” says or posts some shocking denouncement of ‘white people‘, goes viral, faces a huge backlash, then whines about how they’re being “victimized” by the evil, corrupt “white supremacist” system.

In the latest almost laughably egregious example of this trend, a Harvard graduate who grew up in a wealthy Connecticut enclave is blaming “Trump supporters” for being fired from a high-paying job at Deloitte, where she was set to begin work after graduating from Harvard.

In a video published yesterday, a teary-eyed Claira Janover whines that she lost her job for “standing up for Black Lives”. In reality, Janover posted an unhinged video where she threatened to assault any white person who dared say “all lives matter” in her presence.

“I’ma stab you,” she said. “I’ma stab you, and while you’re struggling and bleeding out, I’ma show you my paper cut and say, ‘My cut matters, too.'”

While everyone has skeletons in their past they wish could be wiped from the Internet, Ms. Janover, an adult who was educated at Harvard, posted this just the other day. To claim that the post was somehow “standing up for black lives” borders on delusional. But nevertheless, Janover claims her video “put me a place online to be seen by millions of people”, as if she was compelled to post it by some otherworldly force, not via her own free will.

Janover’s LinkedIn account reportedly listed her as an “incoming government and public business service analyst” at Deloitte, per the NYPost.

Progressives and leftists have gotten hundreds of people fired for expressing relatively innocuous conservative political views on the internet. At least now it looks like the pendulum does occasionally swing the other way.

But with a Harvard degree in hand, we suspect Ms. Janover will bounce back from this. But throwing a public tantrum probably isn’t going to convince Deloitte to give you another shot.

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  1. Ah you poor thing, does it hurt. Talk of racists, maybe it’s time you look in the mirror. Nobody is going to fall the crap you spew. Grow up

    1. What is it a twit l don’t give a flip what it thinks all lives matter come an try to get me fired no going to happen since I’m the owner ha ha tuff turkey

  2. If that whiny libaturd is so tough, why is she crying ? Probably because she has been brainwashed by Harvard & the “media” to believe that she can say or do anything she wants without consequences! There is a world outside that bubble & she just encountered it! Hope it continues to happen to her!

  3. Honey, you did this to yourself with your own racist words. Yes,
    you are a racist. You destroyed you own future. Why were you pretending to be a black ghetto person using gang lingo? Is that the difference you intended to make in the world, as if you could in any way relate to black people when you are not black but ARE privileged? You dear, are a hypocrite and a racist and now you want to blame your own words and your video on someone else? Shame on you!

  4. I am sorry for this young woman, that she went to Harvard and came out so subjective, advocating cutting throats of those who have a different opinion than hers. My advice to her, especially after all the threats she claims to have received is–move to a different (secure) location. If they have your phone number and e-mail they probably know where you live. And, please sweetheart, keep your legs together. Ben- investigator.

  5. Good it makes my day , to mess your up . I hope it hurts to . If you cry a little louder I might be able to hear you . Where do these people come from ? Didn’t their parents teach them anything in life ? Guess it’s easer to blame others for your failures in life . Suck it up butter cup and make your own way in life . If we can so can you .

  6. Janover if I ever meet you I will say to your face all lives matter and if you dare try and slit my throat we will see whose throat gets slit. I bet your parents are so proud of you, spending all that money on your education just to have you come out more stupid than when you started college.

  7. She made her own bed. In fact, in life, everyone is entitled to dig their own grave, and she has dug deep and exacerbated her actions by her posting her whiney little self blaming everyone but herself. High-paying jobs in her future? How about washing dishes in the back room of a burger joint? They “might” accept her. I sure wouldn’t want to marry her now. She is isolated by her own actions. By the way, ALL LIVES MATTER.

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