Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Tries to get Away With Murder, Blames ‘Covid’ for Spiking Murder Rate

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Tries to get Away With Murder, Blames ‘Covid’ for Spiking Murder Rate

Watch as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot makes the absurd claim that the uptick in murder and violence in her city is due to Covid and not the anti-police protests in which she sided with the protesters.

Lightfoot, like other Dem mayors are literally trying to get away with murder.

She has blood on her hands for promoting anti-police protests which naturally lead to an uptick in crime.

It is the golden age to be a criminal in the city of Chicago, best time since the days of Al Capone, and mayor Lori Lightfoot has blood on her hands.


HILL: “At least five children died in a wave of gun violence across the U.S. over the holiday weekend. In New York and Chicago alone nearly 150 people were shot. CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz is in New York, but we start with Omar Jimenez in Chicago. So, Omar, the rise in violence, this comes in cities across the U.S., of course, we’re debating the role of policing and also wrestling with the Coronavirus pandemic all at once.

JIMENEZ: “That’s right, Erica. Here in Chicago the public safety ecosystem’s as it’s being described, it’s been complicated as it tried to operate at the interception of Coronavirus and gun violence.

This is now a third week in a row where we’re seen children shot and killed here, children as young as 10 years old, 3-year-old, 1-year-old and even this past weekend a 7-year-old shot and killed as part of a weekend where we saw more than 60 people shot and over a dozen people killed. And part of the challenge that officials have described to me here is that they are dealing with the typical challenges of summer violence here combined with the fact of months of people being cooped up at home.

First responders, including police, have gotten infected with COVID or either died. Hundreds of detainees at the Cook county jail at one point or another have been injected or dead. Courts have had to close and all of it piles on top of each other and complicates the situation as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tells me they are all factors contributing to this grim reality.”

JIMENEZ: “Compared to last year shootings up 40 percent, homicides up more than 30 percent. So just point blank, what is happening right now?”

LIGHTFOOT: “All of these forces are coming together at the same time and making it very difficult. The ecosystem of public safety that isn’t just law enforcement but is local, community-based, they, too, have really been hit hard by COVID and are now just kind of coming back online and getting their footing.”
JIMENEZ: “And what makes it almost doubly impactful in the worst way imaginable is many of the same communities that were being hit the hardest by the Coronavirus are also being hit hardest by gun violence. The way one family put it to me of a 3-year-old died, we now have the children carrying the caskets of children.”

HILL: “It’s just so awful. There are no words. Omar, thank you.”

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  2. The virus has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do w/the deaths in Chicago!!! It’s all done by antifa and blm!!! Lightfoot is as GUILTY as the BLM and antifa bc she let them take over her city!!! Stand up and take your medicine and quit blaming everything on the virus!!! Dems are NOTHING but two-faced, lying hypocrites!!!

  3. This lefty scumbag lesbo is a very bad mayor. What exactly are / were her qualifications for mayor?
    Should be shot in both eyes with a .45

  4. Yeah…, go ahead and defund the police along with several federal agencies, abolish prisons, abolish the criminal justice system and everytime I see someone commit an attack on an innocent child or family I’ll draw down!
    Had enough! Want war leftist?! Want to ruin and dismantle America leftist trash?!, Want to see who’s lives matters?!, Want to see what War Veterans- Unemployed law enforcement officers / unemployed federal agents, protective parents, protective church congregations, protective business owners will do?! Keep your bs up chimps! Watch!
    When you have rats in your house destroying what you built, you don’t feed it !, You dispose of it like the pestilence that it is !
    When you have to question the security of your national identity, national anthem, national flag, and the well being of your own communities from disruptive Marxist that are infiltrating civilized culture and turning it into a slow escalating war hitting harder as the weeks go… its time to shut it down!
    When you have weak politicians caving in and cowering because they have guaranteed protection ( for now) and letting this happen are people violating their oaths to office. The other half of the rat infestation! They too must be addressed!
    When Children are victimized and communities toppled it reminds me of what I saw first hand in Iraq on both of my tours!
    Predators killing “soft targets” because they don’t yet understand survival while weak politicians aid or dismiss it.
    These shit skinned mentalities have to go. They must be dealt with swiftly and decisively.
    Lightfoot ( name says it all… tip toeing) around the real issues at hand.
    Start relieving these individuals of their unkept oaths to offices and their wavering disregard for responsibilities!
    Once examples are made collectively and effectively only then will we all see a 180 on this mentality.
    Let’s begin to rid the rats out of their holes!
    “ No More Talk, No More Tolerance!!”

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