Bill de Blasio & Al Sharpton Paint “Black Lives Matter” On Street In Front Of Trump Tower

Bill de Blasio & Al Sharpton Paint “Black Lives Matter” On Street In Front Of Trump Tower

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and activist Al Sharpton took part in a photo op on Thursday where they joined BLM activists in painting the words “Black Lives Matter” on 5th Avenue outside Trump Tower in NYC.

“We are saying black lives matter in New York City and black lives matter in The United States of America. Let’s show Donald Trump what he does not understand. Let’s paint it right in front of his building for him,” the NYC Mayor said.

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  1. NYC Mayor deBlasio and Sharpton are very petty people. Black lives matter is just a marxist organization. They do not actually care about black people. They just as soon shoot young children as admit that Blm is not what they want people to think it is. Cannot believe how many so called smart business people are actually submit to the hypocrisy of Blm. I was always taught to check out an organization before donating to it. I don’t believe I am racist at all and I have had black girls say to me “burn whitey burn”. But I still help poor black people just like I help poor white people. To me ALL LIVES MATTER, whether you are black, white, asian, indian, or any other color.

    1. de Blowjob is a cocksucking ignorant bastard with shit for brains. Sharpton is a dumbass nigger boy with his head stuck up his sorry black nigger ass.

    2. “Smart business people” only donate, or give in to BLM because it is the cheapest thing to do; or at least they think it is. BLM has already destroyed many of their ‘donors’ business properties, or raided and plundered them. But, the donors are on record for ‘supporting’ BLM, so they get the “virtue” credits.

      The ONLY reason the street in front of Trump Tower was painted is to throw up the ‘middle-finger’ to Trump. DeBlahblah and Crazy Al are both accustomed to biting the hand that feeds them . . . Sharpton never lived up to his name; he’s got to be the ‘dullest’ tool in the shed.

      The thing is, about the ‘smart business people’, if they’d give all the money they pandered to BLM to area shelters and community causes; their money and ‘social credits’ would go so much farther. But we all know they’d have NEVER done that because there is no FEAR of retribution or social antihalation involved with benign social causes. They were SCARED into it. That’s the major premise behind BLM. Marxist bully-tactics.

      1. Smart consumers should ‘boycott’ all the big business panderers that donated to BLM.
        BLM is a fraction of the America populous. Money is power. More than half the America populous should be outraged at the big business pandering to BLM. Black lives DO NOT MATTER to BLM. They said SO on national TV many times, and CNN’s Don Lemon confirmed it on his program.

  2. There shouldn’t be any painting of anything that doesn’t pertain to traffic in any of the streets. The streets are not there for advertising.

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