Richard Grenell to Newsmax TV: Obama Administration 'Weaponized Intelligence'

Richard Grenell to Newsmax TV: Obama Administration ‘Weaponized Intelligence’

Former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell said the Obama administration “weaponized intelligence” during the transition between the 2016 election and inauguration day to discredit then-incoming President Donald Trump.

Grenell, who declassified numerous documents surrounding the counterintelligence probe that became the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller into a supposed conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian officials to influence the election, spoke to Newsmax TV on Thursday.

He concurred with Trump’s assessment – played in a video clip of an interview the president had with “Spicer & Co.” guest host David Brody – that former President Barack Obama committed treason.

“I agree with President Trump, because when you look at (Obama administration National Security Adviser) Susan Rice’s own words, again she emailed herself on inauguration day, the inauguration day of President Trump, she emailed herself after the 12 o’clock time period when President Trump was now the president, she was still at the White House, and sent an email to herself under the Trump presidency.

“And she used words, again emailing herself, to almost redo history, to try to come up with a justification for why they just spent three or four months unmasking names, why we had these charges where they were talking about Russian collusion.”

Grenell referred to an email Rice composed about two weeks after a  White House meeting she attended with Obama, then-Vice President Joe Biden and then-FBI Director James Comey in which she said Comey was “proceeding ‘by the book’” in his investigation of the incoming administration.

The former ambassador to Germany in the Trump administration, Grenell said raw intelligence reports – which are estimates and unverified – were selectively leaked by officials in the Obama administration.

“I don’t think that you can come to any other conclusion other than this past administration, the Obama administration, weaponized intelligence,” Grenell said.

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  1. Richard Grenell should never have been replaced as Director of National Intelligence! There was a man getting things done!! Since he was replaced by Radcliff, you now hear nothing……the silence is deafening!

  2. I liked Grenell, he did a bang up job. John Radcliff is a good man and he will get the job done. Give him some time to get his department under his control. Don’t give up on him. I think Grenell is going to be of good use in other areas.

    1. Richard Grenell should be FBI DIRECTOR. he will clean it up and get rid of the OBAMA administration garbage. need a new broom.

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