NYC Mayor De Blasio Bans Large Gatherings in His City, Except For…Black Live Matter Protests

Far left New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced on Thursday that he is banning all large events in the city through September but is making a BIG exception to allow Black Lives Matter protests claiming they are “historic” and must be respected.

Via Daily Mail:

Speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Thursday night, de Blasio said the demonstrators’ calls for social justice and racial equality were too important to silence, considering more than a month of protests had not caused a spike in COVID-19 cases.

While protests will be permitted to take place without push-back, de Blasio said that all other large events would be cancelled in the city through September.

‘This is a historic moment of change. We have to respect that but also say to people the kinds of gatherings we’re used to, the parades, the fairs — we just can’t have that while we’re focusing on health right now,’ de Blasio told the network.

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‘If you’re just talking about health, we would always say, “Hey folks you know stay home if you can”. But we understand this moment in history people are talking about the need for historic changes,’ he added.

Speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Thursday night, de Blasio said the demonstrators’ calls for social justice and racial equality were too important to silence, considering more than a month of protests had not caused a spike in COVID-19 cases

An organization leader of the group Warriors uses a megaphone to address the crowds during a protest outside of City Hall on July 1

Protests in the name of Black Lives Matter have occurred consistently in New York since the police killing of George Floyd on Memorial Day. Despite thousands taking to the streets night after night, the rate of coronavirus infections as remained the same throughout the unrest.

This is exactly why so many people are ignoring coronavirus restriction.

If Black Lives Matter protests are OK then so is going to a bar, going to school and everything and anything else.

People watch people like Mayor Bill De Blasio encourage mass protests, so long as they serve his side of the political aisle, and rightly think that everything else must be fine as well.

If protests are fine, so is letting kids play with each other. So is going out to eat, going to the store and going to church or other worship services.

If anyone is to blame for the increase in covid cases, and for people resuming normal life, it is those on the left for encouraging and allowing mass protests and riots all across America.

People watch and see, and act accordingly no matter what the politicians and media may hypocritically say.

So Mayor De Blasio better rethink his threats to cancel activities because the people will no longer meekly comply.

And given the targets placed on their backs by the media and Democrat politicians like Mayor Bill De Blasio you can guess who’s side the NYPD and other law enforcement agencies will be on.

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  1. File a discrimination law suit against Billy D.
    Violating EOQ? Equal doesn’t mean REVERSE RACISM.
    BLACK PEOPLE ARE RACIST TOO period, quote UnQuote.
    Just like REVERSE discrimination by LBGTQ.

  2. The most stupid human to ever live could not hold a candle to Mayor DeBlahblah.
    If the Governor of New York had any balls, he would recall this idiot.
    Nowhere else on earth could someone bite the hand that feeds them.
    All the idiots who worship at the alter of Marxist Socialism also enjoy the freedom to do so. They are accustomed to a lifestyle that would NEVER occur in the ‘other places’ that Marxism ACTUALLY exists. They seem to think that where their ‘ideology’ comes from is “so sublime” and “serene” and “a utopia”; where everyone enjoys unilateral equality, acceptance, and everything is free; and no one has to work again. They’ll just enjoy the sins of their gluttony, slothfulness, various perversions, and devil worship.

    Those like DeBlahblah are only pandering. They never learned the true meaning of what they believe; because they were raised in America, protected from the harshness of what the rest of the world has to endure.
    But, like most Socialist rulers, DeBlahblah thinks there will still be a place where he can be an elite, and still be above the fray (serfs).

    Watch how fast all this ‘stupidity’ DISAPPEARS after the election . . .

  3. Iam betting he wants blacks dead . Why would he just tell whites to wear a mask and be safe and then tell blacks they don’t have to . Do they know they will get the virus faster and more will die from it . Are the blacks that stupid to go by the masters plan ??? Iam wearing a mask no matter who saids to or not to . I can’t belive people are that easy to trick into doing what others want they to do , no matter the cost . The mayor saids he backs BLM is the biggest joke yet , But then so is BLM . BLM kills blacks to save them ??? Only a dumb ass would fall for that line . Their only making things worse for every body . But then the delusional democrats trained their pets well . How to kill your own kind and make it look like others are the cause . Either way more blacks die from this BS . So … Does black lifes really matter ??? Seems that they don’t matter to the delusional democrats and their pets the BLM terrorists group . What going to happen to the blacks that fall for their BS story’s after the elections are over . Win or lose them blacks are left to fend for themself’s . The delusional democrats have no more use of them and BLM disappears till the next election . Will the blacks who killed , looted and burned end up in jail ??? I mean after all they have them on film and know where to find them . Did anyone really win anything ??? Don’t forget … if you don’t vote for the delusional democrats … your not black . That should tell you everything about what the delusional democrats feel and think about you . Don’t be their smuck

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