Tucker Carlson Warns: ‘The Mobs Will Not Stop with Christopher Columbus’

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson laid into leftist Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for kowtowing to the Antifa/BLM mob demanding statues be removed in a city plagued with violence and debt.

Carlson noted Lightfoot’s political priorities of wanting to remove statues of Christopher Columbus rather than address the record-level murders and violent crime gripping Chicago.

“In case you are wondering why Lightfoot chose Christopher Columbus to blame for her city’s decline — why not Marco Polo? Why not Vasco de Gama? There’s a reason. Her constituents demanded it. Not voters or taxpayers,” Carlson said on Friday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


“There was never any groundswell of opposition to Christopher Columbus in Chicago. He’s not on the list of concerns for most people there. No, Lightfoot’s actual constituents wanted Columbus taken down. Her actual constituents are Antifa. Last week, the mob descended on Grant Park to take down the Columbus statue.”

“Almost 50 police officers were injured in the riot you just saw,” Carlson continued. “But Lori Lightfoot did not care. They’re not her voters. Lightfoot cares about her base: the looters, the destroyers, the angry Marxist rich kids with the spray paint. When they tell her to act, Lori Lightfoot acts immediately.”

Carlson then argued Americans should worry about the far-left mob’s escalating violent behavior, claiming it will go beyond just tearing down statues of Columbus.

“The problem for the rest of us is, the mobs will not stop with Christopher Columbus. He’s just the beginning. If they can tear down statues whenever they feel like it, how long before they tear down buildings? How long before they tear down homes? How long before they tear down human beings? Probably not very long,” Carlson said.

“Violence rarely remains symbolic. It accelerates until good people rise up to stop it. If Lori Lightfoot and progressive mayors like her around the country, and there are many, are allowed to divert attention from their own failures by bowing to the mob and destroying public property, this will not end with Christopher Columbus. It will get much worse, and it will get more dangerous. You may not think tearing down a statue is a big deal until you are the next designated Christopher Columbus.”

Harrison tries hard to remain as he watches college students respond to the question; “where the founding fathers heroes or villains?”

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  1. From what I’ve seen and heard of and from this woman, it’s really hard to imagine that there are cognitive voters in Chicago. How did she get elected? Does anyone wonder if the citizens of Chicago even care about their own city? What was it that secured her win?

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