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Sen. Lindsey Graham: FBI Lied Their ‘A**’ Off to Congress on Steele Dossier

Information will come out next week showing that the FBI didn’t just lie to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court concerning the Steele dossier, but to Congress as well, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday. 

“Stay tuned next week,” the South Carolina Republican told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo. “They lied their a** off to Congress.”

He also said that former Obama administration officials will be called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he chairs. 

Over the past week, Graham declassified several documents and said Sunday there were two things that were declassified so the public could understand “how corrupt Crossfire Hurricane,” or the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, had been.

“Number one was the memo written by an Intel analyst who spent three days interviewing the Russian sub source” of the dossier,” said Graham. “I always thought the Russian subsource was based in Russia in the bowels of Russian government risking their lives trying, you know, to get information out to the Democratic Party. The Russian sub source we now know was on the payroll of Christopher Steele. He also had a working relationship with the Brookings Institute. “

Also, the memo showed that Steele’s subsource told him that what he had on Trump was “bar talk” and wasn’t reliable.

“What did Christopher Steele do with that? He turned it into a Tom Clancy novel,” said Graham. “He sold it to the FBI. They sold it to the FISA court to get a warrant against Carter Page. What does the memo show? In January 2017 when they found the Russian subsource who was in the United States, he disavowed the dossier being reliable. The FBI knew it.”

Further, FBI agent Peter Strzok, in charge of the investigation, knew that the information was “all bar talk,” and had a duty to notify his superiors that the document used to get the Page warrant was no longer reliable said Graham, and he thinks it’s impossible that former FBI Director James Comey and ex-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe also did not know.

“What were the odds that someone would write a 40-page memo to shred the reliability of the Russian dossier not tell the FBI about it?” said Graham. “I think there is zero chance that happened.”

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  1. It’s starting to look like “there’s zero chance” of any of these crooks going to prison . . .
    Hurry up Lindsey!

    “There’s zero chance” Obama “didn’t know” either.
    The whole country knows Obama and his cohorts were hip-deep in criminal activity.
    Obama worked really hard to cover up his dealings with Russia, Ukraine, and Syria. He and Hitlery worked out a deal to sell uranium to Putin, and sell out American security and our future.
    Obama’s bent on Flynn was because he knew that when Trump took over with Flynn, the country would know he was a fraud and a crook (who only became a politician to get rich).

    (Think that’s too far? Why did he ignore his home town until after his reign was over? — Who needs a Obama museum when there’s no food on the table and kids can’t play outside?)

    1. Your right about one thing. I doubt any one will be even charged. It’s just another show the American public will have to pay for.

      1. We really need to take over. Hire the best snipers in the world and clean house one at a time. Maybe if we are lucky we will be like Hillary and kill 54 and get away with it.

    2. Well, I guess I WAS gripping because they do move REALLY slowly toward justice.
      Congress and senate have to do so much smoozing and groveling to get anywhere.

      There are too many politicians concerned about their re-elections to ‘move on Obama and Biden’. And, the FBI has been holding out to avoid embarrassment and possible convictions of upper-leadership. Christopher Wray should be cut loose, and hauled before the Senate too.

      The conviction of Obama and or Biden for their misdealings and subversions while in office should be no different that what the left desperately wishes to do to Trump!

      Biden is on RECORD for goodness sake! He’s so brain-dead, he just didn’t think the TV would convict him (and his son).

      Obama is a little more secretive and slimy. He’s a skilled snake in the grass. He was able to talk others into doing his dirty work.

  2. They knew … then they lied about it . It was all about getting trump out of the way for their corruption to bring in the money from kick backs for votes for the Rich and the corruption they needed to make more money . They knew !!!!

    1. the reps also knew, at least the ones in the classified briefings. so the left can break the law but the reps are above the vulgarity of the rhetoric and choose to do nothing. because the law lets them. so it is ok to release classified information by comey but not any congresssman on the debriefs because they qere bound by “law” because it allowed this to go on for four years and continues…

  3. Lets make this the first ex president a criminal, and send hi to Gitmo for the rest of his life. He is behind all this crap that is going on now. He divided this country, and is not even a citizen of the USA. UDH8

  4. If you vote Democrats, your going to get all the same corruption that Obama Biden administration was all about.Biden going to be the figureheads.There going to finish what they started and ruin this country. Trump just got in there way,he is a good president that never really got the chance,he got resistance from all of the crooks in Washington DC.

    1. And Biden will bring in Holder, Rice and the rest of those who should go to jail!! Because Barak and Hillary are calling the shots!

  5. So Graham is now providing Congress with their Culpable Deniability claim. Lindsey Graham is a 100% Swamp Rat. All the Politicians are in this dirty coup business together. What a bunch of scum.

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