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Schumer Rages Over GOP Stimulus Plan as Americans are Running Out of Cash

Update (1650ET): After Mitch McConnell (R-KY) confirmed earlier reports on Monday that the GOP bill would drop the $600 per week bonus unemployment stimulus to $200, and includes another $1,200 in direct payments to American adults, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took to the Senate floor and stomped on his crayons – calling the Republican proposal “unworkable.”

“The Senate majority was content to do almost nothting for three long months,” said Schumer,” addingWe are on the precipice of several cliffs.

He also said that if the $600 weekly supplement hadn’t been adopted in the CARES Act, we would most likely be in the midst of a depression now – and if not extended, “We could go into a depression” (Via IBTimes).

In other words:

The White House and Senate Republicans are set to propose cutting the $600 weekly emergeny unemployment bonus down to $200 until states can implement a new approach which would pay workers 70% of their pre-pandemic income, according to the Washington Post‘s ever-anonymous DC leakers.

The GOP is planning to release a letter later on Monday which will outline their $1 trillion stimulus bill aimed at mitigating the economic fallout from the coronavirus, as the $600 per week jobless benefit is set to expire at the end of the month. 

Over the weekend, Treasury Secretary Steven Muchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows suggested that Congress might do better passing a narrow bill in the short-term, which would include money for schools, unemployment insurance and pandemic-linked liability protections for various industries.

Democrats – who initially balked at carving out an emergency extension for the bonus unemployment, now want to preserve the benefit until January.

The new plan was discussed on an internal call with congressional Republican staffers on Monday, one of the people said. It appeared to be a new development. On Sunday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin denied in a Fox News Sunday interview that they would propose lowering the unemployment benefit to a specific dollar amount, saying instead it would be based on a formula.

The late afternoon roll-out will come after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows spent the weekend on Capitol Hill negotiating final language with key Senate aides. It will be the second try for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who had planned to unveil the bill last Thursday. That was canceled at the last minute amid disputes over language on unemployment insurance and other issues. –Washington Post

The GOP proposal is also expected to include another $1,200 round of direct checks to individual Americans – subject to income-based reductions, as well as a “limited moratorium on evictions,” according to the report. Also included will be billions of dollars for schools, as well as a five-year liability shield for businesses, healthcare providers and other industries.

Meanwhile, $100 billion will be carved out for the Paycheck Protection Program – which we expect hedge funds and public companies to promptly tap despite its intended

There will be no money for state and local governments in the Republican plan – a central component of House Democrats’ $3 trillion bill passed in May. Instead, $150 billion from the March Cares Act will be made available for state and local leaders.

Also excluded will be the payroll tax cut pushed by the White House, though the FBI may receive a new headquarters as part of the package.

Democrats are now attacking Republicans over the delays.

“We have unemployment running out, we have renter protection running out, we have state and local governments going into new month and won’t have the money and will lay off thousands and thousands of people,” said Senate Minority Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Monday morning on MSNBC. “We’re at all these cliffs and we still at this very moment don’t have a plan from the Republicans. We want to sit down and negotiate. But you can’t negotiate with a ghost.”

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  1. It is time for selfish little socialist weasel Chuckie the Whinner to sut his mouth and think of the American People. If he is serious about the workers in America, then he should be pushing for a clause to stop Hedge Funds, Public Companies and a new office for the lying FBI. Those are just 3 that should be prevented from applying for benefits, I am sure there are more.So Mr. schummer do your damn job instead of lining your and Pelosi’s pockets.

    1. We wouldn’t be in this predicament if we had a President that would lead an not Lie about everything He’s act like a CLOWN at a Rodeo…Want all the attention!!!!

      1. The President has to allow the States to do their business by LAW.
        The President has no more power over the virus ‘pandemic’ than you do. He is not a magician, and is also not required to be your parent.
        The federal government cannot take action until the states fail.
        If you live in a failed state, perhaps you should consider moving to one that isn’t run by demons.

  2. Schumer and Nancy are two of the most crooked people on earth. Typical libs give everything away and keep us in their debt. What the libs have done for years. Vote these socialist demorats out.

  3. They want to keep people from returning to work for political reasons. They know they are scumbags so they feel free to act that way.

  4. It is a sad fact I have seen for 50 years. Socialists (calling themselves democrats) have spent money without knowing how to productively make it. Venezuela is a typical example of socialists bancrupting a perfectly healthy and wealthy productive country. Vote these morons out of power!

  5. Somehow I get the impression that everything is political with Chuck “the Schmuck” Schumer . The bill could have been passed as first written and I’m Chuckle boy would have found some reason to go off an a rant . Political Posturing is nothing new in DC but the party of the Democrat , from Pelosi to Nadler , Schiff to Schumer and all of their minions have taken it to new levels . It is not even an art or art form . It is all about getting their face before the camera , getting that sound byte , right or wrong . And Democrats are wrong as usual , wrong about everything and above all , wrong for the country . They want their way or no way . They forget this nation was founded “For the People by the People ” as a Constitunial Republic . We have a Democratic form of Government , ie; one man one vote not a Democrat form of Government , “you’ll do as we say or else . If you don’t like it , to bad . Now give us your money ” form of Government . They pander to the little man with promises of this , that , and the other thing . They get wealthy and yet , the little man is still poor and struggling . His taxes still going up . Why was a great Civil War fought some 160 yrs ago ? Because Democrats wanted to have their way , and now they are doing it again . Trying to use their useful stooges to create divisiveness and upset an elected Government and President because he had the gall to defeat their sacred cow and expose the corruptness on the left . MAGA ! Vote RED in 2020 .


  7. Time to rid ourselves of ALL these worthless POSs and take our country back. They do nothing but enrich themselves and attack Americans the so called constituents they serve. Everyone of them has been implicated in money laundering deals and TREASON.

  8. Over 68% of people on unemployment are getting a lot more than when they actually worked, so why go back if you are now getting over $52000.00 a year? To get our country back to where it was months ago everyone needs to get back to work. At the reduced rate people will be getting $20000.00 a year which for many is still more. Pelosi and Chucky will hold up this bill until either they get what they want or the people rise and let them know what is going to happen to them if they do not pass this latest bill. Pelosi and Chucky can care less about most Americans and have no problems letting them starve to get what they want.

  9. IF we look deep into the Democrat’s proposed solution, I think we’ll find something about “Mail in VOTING” from what I’ve read. NEVER trust a Demoçrat Repubicans don’t pass anything without reading it FIRST, unlike the Democrat’s.

  10. Old Chucky an ass, We need to vote that clown out. People won’t go back to work if they continue to get handouts, At the rest of us working peoples expense. Get a grip Chucky. If he wants to give people $600 extra, I say take it directly from the DemoRATS who are ruining this country. Socialism does not work…Read the history books Chucky Boy.

  11. There should of never been a $600 for unemployment in the first place. Things are opening now, help wanted signs all over the place and no one is willing to go back to work. Just waiting for this to be continued. Get Americans back to work.
    My husband and children worked through this whole thing as they were consider essential workers. They didnt get a dime extra to say thanks for being there. But Democrats were willing to give $600 extra for people to sit at home & do nothing. Now they wont evengo back to their jobs because of this.
    Why is the goverment enabling these people to do nothing. I look around be and I dont see people struggling. No more than before. All that are struggling are the small business and I’m talking about mom & pop stores. They were all shut but goverment allowed big business to continue. I ask why big business even got any stimulus. Big businesses should have enough money to get them through any crisis without Gov’t help. Most of the crap that is put in these bills have nothing to do with this so called crisis. Do not over spend in this bill as America doesn’t have the money to do so.

  12. It is time for Schumer n the rest of the whiners to shut up and see that we know democrats want the fort to keep spending our tax money so they have more to complain about. It will only keep American ppl home and not work so they hope it will help them at election time. ASK what They have in mind for your future besides disaster and NO FUTURE in the way of getting you back to work or your health or ANYTHING ELSE !!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Time to go after these pricks at every turn. I’ve met them and they DISGUST me. They eat in places where most people aren’t even allowed to empty the trash. They live in mansions in gated communities with armed armies telling you to serve them.

  14. lets face it, while “chuck the socialist” has been in the senate for the last 14 years the country has gone into financial debt about 250% more then the entire history of the country before this slug was lounging in the senate. It is their plan to make the U.S. a critical debtor nation and make it another Venezuela (once a proud and wealthy nation into it’s citizens currently going through garbage cans to live).

  15. Why would anyone go back to work when they can make more staying home?

    When Crin’ Chuckie says “Unworkable” he really means “paying for votes”.

    The only reason the additional $600 went to unemployment was to HALT going back to work, or destroy business. There would have been another ‘stimulus’ passed if not for the DEMONRATS stalling it.
    The demonrats will do anything to regain their power and oust Trump, even at the expense of the constituency. They assume they will have a constituency when this is all over.
    I think all this nonsense they have created and proliferated since Trump was elected has poked the sleeping bear. The left did have a lot of potential voters who simply voted the way their families or churches or neighborhoods have voted for decades; not really studying the issues or simply voting on emotion. Now, people are starting to wise up, and are seeing them for what they really are; DEMONS.

  16. Schumer (Dork). Help wanted signs all over the country, but, well you know the!!! Republicans dither? Ask Nancy about dithering you idiot, she held up everything that’s been brought forward since this whole thing started months ago. You and the rest Of your idiots in the Barr hearing really showed your true colors yesterday. America has been awaken to your ploy. It failed big time! Children in adult skin .

  17. enough is enough. open up this country and let people get back to work. most of these people getting $600 a week unemployment aren’t looking to go back to work because they didn’t make that kind of money before. there’s no way we need another stimulus package. what going to happen in a couple of months if the socialist have their way they don’t want this country open that would defeat their agenda to bring this economy crashing down and keep people locked in their homes because its easier to control them locked up.this country is broke and they want to spend another trillions of dollars on another stimulus package. all these socialist are doing is pandering for votes. they are all up for re-election this year i hope they all get voted out of office.

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