Fauci Acussed Of 'Misinformation Campaign' Against Hydroxychloroquine

Fauci Acussed Of ‘Misinformation Campaign’ Against Hydroxychloroquine

With the science behind the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to treat COVID-19 far from settled, more than a few people have noted the aggressive campaign against the widely-prescribed anti-malaria drug.

The anti-HCQ push has infected Silicon Valley as well – as tech giants have been labeling pro-hydroxychloroquine content as ‘misinformation’ – most recently banishing a press conference by a group of doctors touting the drug from just about every platform.

To that end, Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch has accused Dr. Anthony Fouci of waging a “misinformation campaign” against the drug, according to Just The News.

On Tuesday during an interview on “Good Morning America,” Fauci further downplayed the drug’s purported benefit, claiming that “the overwhelming prevailing clinical trials that have looked at the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine have indicated that it is not effective in [treating] coronavirus disease.

Risch, however, is sharply criticizing Fauci’s approach to evaluating the drug’s effectiveness, arguing that repeated trials and tests have shown that it is markedly effective at treating COVID-19 so long as it is administered properly. 

On Tuesday, Risch went further, charging in an interview with Just the News that Fauci is perpetrating a “misinformation campaign” in his opposition to the drug. 

Fauci “has been maintaining a studious position that only randomized controlled trial evidence has any value,” Risch said, “and everything else he calls anecdotal.” –Just The News

In a Newsweek Op-Ed published last week, Risch called HCQ “the key to defeating COVID-19,” and said it was particularly effective in conjunction with one of two antibiotics and zinc, saying it has “shown to be highly effective.”

Risch said the drug could save 100,000 lives if widely deployed.

Meanwhile, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Stephen Hahn noted that some medical observational studies “suggest a benefit” to the drug, also according to Just The News.

So the FDA looks at all what we call ‘the totality of data,’” Hahn said in a Tuesday morning radio interview with Florida radio host Drew Steele. “There are observational studies that suggest a benefit. There are five randomized trials that did not show a benefit to hydroxychloroquine, both in the prophylactic setting and in the treatment — both early and late.” –Just The News

More recently, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) announced that he would be taking “zinc, erythromycin and hydroxychloroquine” after being diagnosed with COVID-19 on Wednesday.

If you’re looking for those positive studies, click into this thread:

And for an even longer thread on positive reports involving HCQ, click this tweet:

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    1. Absolutely James Mahan. Fauci’s half truths are also half lies on Covid. He is responsible for over 140,000 deaths in the U.S. because half lies in a Pandemic are really fully lies as they don’t tell the whole truth. His false narrative on Hydroxychloroquine is because he is part of the Deep State and is pushing and unproven and dangerous method being pushed by the Big Tech companies. Is he on their payroll? Think about it.

        1. So who will reap the Financial rewards from Remdisivere. Also from any New vaccine? Follow the Money, after you follow the trail of deceased Covid 19 people who were denied Hydroxychloroquine.

  1. Fauci can’t allow a cure, how will he and his lord Bill Gates be able to inject everyone with their poison and tracking chips if there’s anything else that could stop the Cv19 they weaponized at Gate’s lab in Wuhan and continue to spread.

  2. Follow the money and the power! Fauci is a crook and has been for decades. He has profited from his position in the government much to the detriment of the People that he was sworn to serve! Absolute SCUM!

  3. Yep sure… When was the last time Fauci actually treated a patient? Verify!!!!!
    We are being played my fellow Americans.

  4. Unbelievable! I wish I could say I was surprised about the massive effort to discredit hydroxychloroquine, but I’m not. The real issue is that both Fauci and big Pharma, with the blessing of the Democratic party, are willing to sacrifice thousands of lives, keep this country held down with quarantine and fear, just to try to ensure that the country is in a bad place come November. It’s sickening. Having early access to hydroxychloroquine, administered with the Z-pac (azithromycin) and Zinc, has allowed patients of COVID-19 to recover! You’ve got to question true motivations when there is essentially NO downside to this treatment and a huge upside. Aside from the obvious political argument, do you think possibly the profits involved from the sale of remdesivir $$$$, vs the readily available, tried and true inexpensive hydroxychloroquine $ have ANYTHING to do with it??

    1. Fauci is an ass. He is a crook and he is teamed up with Bill Gates and neither one wants any help with this disease other than their vaccine and the money that they will make. We have to keep speaking up as both Fauci and Gates are total trash.

    2. Since the beginning- early March- I’ve been outraged by the half hearted effort to conduct controlled trials of Hydroxychloroquine to achieve a cure for Covid-19. I’m not a doctor, but in each trial which met with failure, the HCQ was tested ALONE without the additional drugs that doctors in France and a few other isolated spots on the globe used with success! The additional drugs used with success were Azithromycin, with zinc, and maybe another one drug that I don’t recall.
      All along, I felt as if they weren’t really looking for a cure? See my other comment on this list. Dudley

  5. I watched this video before it was taken down. Finally some honesty for the American people. I applaud these courageous Doctors who still take their
    Hippocratic Oath to heart.
    I had seen all the data available
    to us prior to viewing the video . Also,
    have seen interviews with different people all saying that if not for
    this treatment they would of died.
    these being regular people. The Tech Companies ,
    Big Phara, the FDA and the Leftists are against it so mucH…..Gotta ask Why???? Power, Money and control of our lives..
    At the expense of our health and economy….very scary that a sheep mentality will Allie it to happen.Wake up America before it is too late. Get all Socialists/Communists out of office. VOTE For Freedom/Democracy 🇺🇸

    1. I heard that they don’t take that oath any more. At least that’s what my doctor stated. But he’s from Yemen, so… (I’m looking for another doctor, not because of that, I have gone to him for almost a decade. They are playing games with my health, I think I could get much better through someone else. And I need Hydroxychloroquine because of those health issues, just found out from the video. I would surely have to demand it. It could really benefit me, but of course he has thrown pill after pill that were expensive, so he could get kickbacks. He would most likely not agree, but he also knows how my autism is affected when he denies me something. I have been able to more or less control him. At one point, he was asking me what ‘I’ wanted to do.)
      As the doctors stated in the video, they are not even following HIPPA rules, giving out your diagnosis to pharmacists.

  6. Check the “Virology Journal from August 22, 2005 and you will see how disingenuous Dr Fauci truly is. In this article he touts “Chloroquine and it’s derivative hydroxychloroquine as a very potent treatment of SARS-CoV as both a treatment and a cure.” In other words he calls it a “Wonder Drug” in the article.


  8. i have but one question for Fauci! When did you or have you ever treated a patient with Wuhan Covid?

    Answer: Never

  9. Well, show one clinically controlled large scale trial of HCQ that was sucessful. There are none. The major medical groups CDC, NIH, WHO do not see any efficacy in the drug in relation to COVID-19. UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Brazil have all found no efficacy in relation to COVID-19. So, why is it still being pushed? What is the thread tying Trump, Kushner, Modi, Patel together?

  10. Why is Fauci hiding the benefits of hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID-19? In fact, Fauci knows for a fact that this drug, pioneered by Dr. Zelenko, to treat COVID-19, has helped cure the entire Hasidic community of New York City suburbs from COVID-19, and there is not a single death …
    Why is Twitter blocking claims from epidemiologist Risch and many other epidemiologists who have proven the drug can save 100,000 lives? But why does Twitter never block Fauci and other hydroxychloroquine deniers? – There is only one answer – BIG PHARMA, BIG MONEY!

  11. Wake up. HCQ deniers like Fauci, censorship on social media platforms, extremely violent riots being called peaceful protests and everything being labeled offensive all have one agenda – remove President Trump from office come November. They aren’t even trying to deny it anymore. Now they’re playing games with a relief package to bankrupt our Country to bankroll their political agendas like Planned Parenthood. Why this massive push for mail in voting that’s already known to be rife with fraud? The only way to stop this is to actually get out, go to the polls in November and physically vote for Trump so he finish draining the corruption, continue fighting for Americans and finally put an end to this anarchy. Don’t sit home, go vote. Let’s get our Great Nation back…

  12. Remember Salendra, (sp),the start up company that produced those glass panels that you put on your roof to capture the suns heat for cheap energy. Many liberalsHW invested big time in that company from the start. Later, when the company began to fail, Obama had to bail out that company with tax payer monies in order to give his LIBERAL BUDDIES TIME TO SELL THEIR STOCK AND GET OUT OF IT ! Six months later, the company went into bankruptcy. Now here’s another opportunity, but it’s gonna take time. We can’t have some old drug that been laying around for 40 years solve the problem. . .when we’ll soon have a NEW DRUG from BIG PHARMA come along and the liberals can once again ride it up for more riches. Then, one liberal said recently, “never let a crisis go to waste”. When they put HCQ to a trial test they have left out the combination of drugs that other doctors have used with success

  13. I think it’s outrageous that Dr. Fauci should advise against using a drug just because it is ineffective against Covid and can cause irregular heartbeats and possibly death. I think EVERY true Trumper should disregard sound Medical and Scientific advice and rely solely on Trump’s utterly ignorant and dangerous hunches and cheer on Trump’s efforts to block the spread of Covid . KEEP THE US NUMBER ONE in New Cases, Deaths and Recurring cases. KEEP THE ICUs full ! KEEP the Home Nursing People working overtime ! FULL Production for Casket manufacturers and Funeral Homes ! Even if a workable vaccine is found I think the True Trumpers should refuse to take it since vaccination obviously causes autism and Lunacy . Trump and McConnell were both vaccinated as Children and look what happened to them ! The More Trumpers that follow his lunatic advice and get sick, disabled and die , the fewer abnormal people there will be in the Gene Pool. Oh yeah – BE Sure to drink your Ovaltine and buy all the screwball remedies and products that Trump and his advisors push – Trump gets a percentage ! Buy Goya Beans !

    1. Carl what the hell is the matter with you? You’re a hateful ass and you sound like you have a screw loose! Your TDS has made you a warped and twisted fruitcake! Get some help pal, you’re losing your marbles!

  14. This morning, Friday, 7/31/20, Dr. Fauci was being questioned by Congressman Jim Jordan. Mr. Jordan asked Dr. Fauci for his comments about some doctor that just recently cured several patients, (maybe 20 or 30) with Hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Fauci did not push back about several patients having been cured. . .but he did come back with the information that HCQ has been tested and each time the results determined HCQ was ineffective against Coronavirus. Excuse me. . .IT SOUNDS LIKE WE HAVE A CURE . . . . EACH TIME HCQ HAS BEEN TESTED IT WAS TESTED ALONE ! WITHOUT THE ADDITIONAL COMBINATION OF DRUGS- ATHITHROMRCIN dley

  15. I would like know how much money will Dr. Fauci and his wife will make off the vaccine once it is available. Why would he promote a drug that has been used for at least 65 and found to be safe.

  16. The fact that he has a demonrat-supporting reputation is enough to pay little attention to him; along with his partnership with the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation trying to develop vaccines. He does have future profits to consider. Why would he ‘recognize’ a low-wage containment drug?
    He has flip-flopped on the virus ‘rules’ and containment; and in typical demonrat fashion, doesn’t follow his own advice.
    There are too many good examples of the use of hydroxychloroquine; but the demons need it squelched because it might make things better, and they want the U.S. citizens to continue suffering until the election. They need to be able to claim what they’re doing is in our “best interests” and they’re concerned for our “safety”. “We need a mail-in vote.”
    I wish Trump would fire his ass; but I guess it would “look bad” at the moment, since EVERYTHING is tied to the upcoming election. The demons and their media cohorts would have a field day . . .

  17. Fouci is so full of shi–t that it will take a septic holding tank cleaner to keep him from dieing from his lies.

    He is Dem Deep State, that is totally set out to disrupt the cleansing of our Government. Trump is anointed of God and WILL restore our government with Nesara and Gesara. It wold be wise for you cabal to submit to God and take your punishment ! Face it God is over all and will keep Trump alive to finish his goals!

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