Why we should NOT save Portland or any other liberal city

Should the federal government intervene in these democrat-controlled cities that are being pillaged and burned down by left-wing anarchists, or should the President sit back and watch these cities burn?

If he does nothing, President Trump runs the risk of being seen as weak, allowing mobs to tear down courthouses, loot commercial districts, and take over entire police precincts. But by staying out of the state and local city business, President Trump may ultimately get to show strength and resolve, letting these liberal voters live with the consequences of their “peace,” “love,” and “equality.”

Democrat-ruled cities should clean up their own mess

Yes, these left-wing mobs are threatening innocent lives, tearing down businesses, and waging war on police, but it’s the democratic mayors and governors who are justifying this politically motivated violence and crime, right along with their cohorts at CNN, MSNBC, and ABC News. This is a peaceful protest, they advertise, but the voters there now fear for their lives and must live under constant intimidation from the left-wing mobs. Why should the federal government get involved and clean up the mess that these democrat-run cities have created? How will these liberal cities, like Portland, Eugene and Seattle ever see the root of the problem if the President comes in and cleans up their failures?

Yes, federal property is being threatened and national security is at risk, with black power brigades forming and antifa terrorists arming up. These groups have become like standing armies, patrolling the streets. But if the federal government comes in with their soldiers, they will become the boogeyman that the left-wing anarchists need in order to sell their violence and justify their terror. As these left-wing anarchists use violence to take temporary power, they have become the enemy they are trying to eradicate. If federal troops step in, then the left-wing anarchists finally get to say, “I told you so!” Now they have a reason to grow bolder, a reason to fight.

Living under left-wing terror could motivate change from within the cities

If they continue to tear up their cities and make demands, the majority will be forced to live under terror and intimidation. It could motivate these people to take their own action and vote for true leaders who will restore law and order. Maybe, just maybe these rioters will eventually expose the fundamental hypocrisies and shortcomings of the democrat party and what it has done to the psyche of the younger generations. Maybe this psyche will begin to break, exiting from a state of hypnosis to a state of reality. If the liberal utopia they demand must be had through violence and lying about the violence, then what are they really fighting for?

Is it really love, life, liberty, fairness, justice and equality? Or does their path of destruction and loss of virtue ultimately create a society of terror and hate? Who has individual rights in a utopia ruled by an all-powerful mob, that hurts the weak until they submit? Who has freedom in a system where justice is determined by a forceful mob? What happens when the mob disagrees with its members? Even the members of the mob should want due process and a fair trial should they disagree or dissent. Why would they want to be assaulted until they comply with the group’s demands?

Liberal cities won’t be saved by an all-powerful President

The liberal cities will continue to burn and rightfully so, until the states and cities take decisive action to restore the rule of law. Moreover, there is no police power granted to the federal government in the Constitution. The founders warned about standing armies and the quartering of troops. By enlisting federal agents to these cities, dangerous precedent is initiated. For what other reasons could federal troops be called upon in the future?

Portland and Seattle will not be saved by an all-powerful President. Sure, the President cares about the safety of people in the country and the integrity of these cities, but he cannot become the scapegoat. These cities can only be changed from the inside out, from the people who live there, from the people who are fed up. If the situation worsens, then these are the consequences of living under democrat control, which allows violent mob rule to reign in terror.

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  1. President Trump should take over the violent cities and clean them up. After doing that he should advise the leaders of these places that if they do not keep the trash out and keep the thugs out then those leaders go to jail starting with 10 days on first offence.

  2. They do not want police e. They do not want federal forces to go in and clean up their mess. We should not bail them out of the disaster they created themselves. Let these cities burn and those in it should rot in what is left. The DEMONRATS brought this into themselves, let them clean their own mess up.

      1. If the mayors and governors believe in the “summer of love” and refuse to stop it. Then when federal help is needed it’s a big “NO”. Or let the Federal government help out and don’t complain. Then you will get money for the damage.
        Arrest these terrorists and have them go out on daily clean up of their damage.

    1. Here’s the issue with not intervening if he allows the cities to be taken over and destroyed the cancer will spread throughout the rest of Dummy Crap Blue States and to be honest it isn’t fair to all citizens in those communities so he has to protect everyone regardless of race etc, HOWEVER no I repeat NO bail out money for any of the dopes who allow this behavior, and last this really hopefully final shows the people who are undecided which amazes me on who to vote for this coming election. You would think common sense would prevail you have Trump who made this country a powerhouse in less then four years I won’t list all his accomplishments isn’t enough room and then you have Quid Quo Pro Rapist Hair Sniffing Demented Joe who for over fifty years has DONE NOT A NOT A F***ING THING and promotes riots, looting, murdering, destroying cities and businesses if the undecided are that DUMB not to see what Quid Pro Quo Joe and his band of power hungry thieves will bring then they deserve everything they get!!!!

    2. I, am a Republican and do not fault the Republicans or Democrats. It is the city of Portland people who are the problems.

      1. My daughter lives in Portland for the last 20 years. She is a typical product of American education system – “obamaniac” to the core. She keeps on telling me that everything is fine in her city except of just two blocks “occupied by the feds”. The majority of Portlanders are just like her. They deserve what they got and Trump and we all should just buy more popcorn…

  3. The citizens of these cities should be SUING the mayors and Governors who allowed these Terrorist free rein in the states. All the deaths should chrged againt these mayors and governors as an accessories in the mudres, these mayors and governors should be sued to rebuil with their own money not taxpayers, these governors and mayors should be ARRESTED and dragged out of office in chains beforfe the people. Ant all tese Terrorists should be rounded up in chains or if armed and refused to drop their weapons SHOT DEAD.


    1. You are absolutely correct. These idiots are allowing all the problems caused by BLM, Antifa and the worst group that was created to destroy our Country and our Freedom called (AOC) by the village idiot Obama to allow complete Socialism and who is being backed by the Nazi Soros. The Village Idiot Obama is a Muslim and will do anything to destroy our way of Life.
      The traitors in the Democratic Party should be destroyed. They are the ones causing the plunder, destruction of property, and the killing of innocent people.
      What is wrong with all the normal peaceful people of these communities that sit idly by to see their communities torn apart.
      The Democrat mayors and governors of these infested States should be sued by the people and made to pay for all and every type of damage that they through their complete negligence. Most of them should face heavy fines and imprisonment
      The village idiot should be tried, convicted of money laundering, aiding and abetting the enemy, for spying on the Trump campaign which the most crooked and corrupt politician, Hilary Clinton paid for with the full knowledge of the village idiot and Sleazy Joe Biden, his VP were fully aware and sponsored and paid for the spying of the Trump campaign.
      America need to wake up and demand justice before this country is completely toppled by all of these traitors.

    2. Citizens in Seattle, and I believe also in Portland, ARE suing the city and state governments for destruction of their businesses and property.

  4. If they really want to clean it up they need to stop “pussy footing” around. They need to shoot these criminals dead. The rest of the world is laughing at us on the use of candy ass weaponry. Break out the flame throwers & the Gatlin guns. Belive me this will end all their BS…………

    1. The Democratic Party is BLM. It’s antifa. It’s als Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. The Obamas, Clintons, Comey, Soros, etc. Literally get away with murder. These are Some of the worst criminals on earth. Gov. Cuomo, Gov. Murphy, Gov. Wolf, Gov. Lamont and Gov. Whitmer are no different than Adolf Hitler. Who instructed these governors to send people to these facilities? Nothing happens to the Democrat criminals. The media is just as guilty for conspiring with them. They WILL steal this election and nothing will happen to them.

    2. Start with the water cannons to disperse the crowds. Keep using them until these terrorists are forced to stop or be “drowned” out.

  5. As much $$$ as the Dems have brought in for the election they should be able to pay for the damage they have made. The amount of money both parties have accrued is sinful. It could be used in so many helpful ways for the citizens

  6. Let them burn. They nurtured Antifa and BLM. Let them reap what they sow. Pull out all of the federal agencies, employment and financial support and let the deom-rats rot in their own self made sewer.

  7. Unfortunately Trump is in the same position as a lawyer having to defend a client he knows is quilty. Trump’s job is to protect the law abiding citizens

  8. Since The Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist And Islamic Infested Democratic Party, Which Began As The Progressive Liberal Democratic Party, Who Did NOT Want To Get Their Own Bodies Dirty Or Muddy By Continuing That Awful And Degrading Profession Called “Slavery”, Those PL Democrats Got Rich And Wanted To Receive More Power By Forcing Those “‘Slaves’ To Do The Dirty Work”, So Their Masters Can Become Richer And Wanted Even Be More Power Hungry, Who Condoned And Started The Triple K Before The American Civil War Began! IF I Was The US President, Nowadays, I Should Let These Dangerous, Deadly Violent, Destructive And HATE Filled And Fueled Animals = Questionable Human Beings, Who Have The Names And The Initials, Like BLM And ANTIFA And Their Splinter Group’s And Orgs. Who Only Have The Tunnel Vision Of Being Dangerous, Deadly Violent, Destructive And HATE Filled And Fueled Attitudes And Actions, That Org. Initials Are The ACLU (Who Used To Be Called The American Civil Liberty Union, Who Are Supposed To REPRESENT ONLY “We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of America”, And NNNOOOTTT TO REPRESENT Any Of Those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens Including DACA Children, Which Is Un-Constitutional And ILLEGAL)!!!Because The New Version Of The PLD Party, Who Turned Into The Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist And Islamic Infested Democratic Party And The New Version Of The ACLU, Whose Lawyers, ILLEGALLY Began Stealing “We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of Americas Hard Earned Tax Dollars, And Acted Like A Buch Of ILLEGAL ROBINHOODLUMS, And Turned Around And Started Giving Away We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA’s Hard Earned Tax Dollars To All Of Those IIA’s = Illegal Immigrant-Aliens And (#44’s Un-Constitutional Executive Order) To Those Illegally Condoned DACA Children, That The Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist And Islamic Infested Democratic Party Members And Their Two Or More IDOLS, Whose Names Are #44 = Mr. Barry Or Is It Barack Hussein Soetoro Alias Soebarkah Alias Dunham Alias Obama, And His First US-SOS Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Did NNNOOOTTT Follow The US Immigration And Naturalization Act’s Instructions First, To Immigrate To The USA, Which Does Begin By Going To Their Previous Home Countries US Embassy, To Start The Legal Trek To The USA, In Filling Out That US Immigration Application Truthfully And Sincerely Second, They Truly Needed To Go Get Check Out By A Licensed Doctor (No Diseases And Mental Abnormalities Allowed Inside the USA’s Boundaries) Third, Learn To Write And Speak IN THE USA’s Official Language “English” Fourth, Wait For The USA’s APPROVAL Fifth, And FINALLY, The USA Does NNNOOOTTT Allow Any Type Of CRIMINALS Inside The USA’s Boundaries, Which Means, All Migrants Will Have To LEAVE BEHIND ALL OF THEIR DANGEROUS, DEADLY VIOLENT, DESTRUCTIVE AND HHHAAATTTEEE FILLED AND FUELED ATTITUDES AND ACTIONS BACK INSIDE THEIR FORMER HOME COUNTRIES BOUNDARIES, NO IF’S ANDS OR BUTTS ABOUT IT!!!

  9. Oh, yes, I Almost Forgot, Let BLM And ANTIFA And All Of Their Splinter Groups Continue To Destroy, Injure/Maim Some Ignorant People Inside Of Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist And Islamic Infested Democratic Governed Cities And States Population And Business Building’s, And NNNOOO Financial Help Given, UNTIL, ALL OF THOSE IGNORANT PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL COMMIE SOCIALIST AND ISLAMIC INFESTED DEMOCRATIC GOVERNED CITIES AND STATES START CHANGING BACK TOWARD FOLLOWING THE US CONSTITUTION TO THE LETTER AND WORD AND ALL OF THE TIME, LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!!!

  10. We ALL must get out and vote. The next presidential election is the most critical presidential election in our life time. This election is not about the candidates, Trump vs. Biden. It is not about a political party, Republican vs. Democrat. It is about our country. Simply put, these are the choices. Choice one: The United States of America shall be a country with rights, liberties, freedoms and opportunities for all. Choice two: The Unites States of America shall become a socialist or communist country with very limited rights, liberties and freedoms for its people and very limited opportunities.

    The USA is not perfect, but it is far better than other countries in its ideals and virtues. We have work to do to better our country, BUT we have the abilities and freedom to do that. We can become better, but not by capitulating to the radical left. BLM does not care about Black people, they never have (similar to Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and so many others). They are a political organization hell bent on turning the USA into a Marxist, socialist / communist country. They have recently admitted to that very fact, quite brazenly.

    Our youth has been brainwashed into the believing in the leftist radical socialist agenda. This has been slowly creeping its way into our society for 35 plus years. We MUST stand against this or lose our country. That will be a loss for the entire world.

    ALWAYS remember there are 3 absolutes in life; 1. death, 2. taxes and 3. communism / socialisms ALWAYS fails. The latter is a lesson of history which is why the radical left wants to destroy history.
    I get that a lot of people do not like Trump. I can fully understand that. But not liking Trump is a poor reason to vote against our country. As George P. Bush stated recently, he is voting for Trump because Trump is the only thing standing between our country and socialism.


  11. The voters in those cities (and states like Michigan) elected their leaders so they should clean us their messes themselves. If Trump does it, which the leaders say they don’t want, the leaders will claim that they got the mess cleaned up and will be reelected to do more of the same.

  12. LET THE LIBERALLY RUN Cities BURN TO THE GROUND!! They voted for these anarchist/Marxist rulers… take the consequences !!!

  13. It’s a no win situation, either way. If President Trump uses federal forces to clean up the cities…the dems will cry that he’s heavy-handed. If he doesn’t, then they’ll say he doesn’t care. Personally, I blame the mayors and governors of the cities and states where this is happening. Law and order for ‘their’ city or state is ‘their’ responsibility. The governors should activate their respective National Guard units to restore law and order and use all the necessary force needed to do the job…non-lethal and lethal. Hopefully, the voters are smart enough to see their elected official’s dereliction of duty and get rid of them and hopefully, too, the state AG will press for charges against them.

    1. The Mayors, Governors, and District Attorneys are definitely at fault (95% are Democrat of course). They are unreasonably restricting the police and telling them to step down and allow the anarchists to do what they want or what they are paid to do by Soros (through the grapevine) you know what I’m talking about. The majority of the dedicated police officers and their superiors are quitting or retiring. Arresting these criminals does no good as they will usually be released right away. The police are appalled that their hard work is done in vane. They are not allowed to use any force and that is a severe risk to their own lives. Everyone should have the right to protect themselves . Even all law abiding citizens, even though there are many that disagree with that statement. We need law and order back to survive in this Country.

  14. Everyone is missing the point, Obama in one of his first few interviews, said that he wanted to create the Brown Shirts, but said America wasn’t ready for it. Well the Dem’s have apparently decided it is time to disband the police and create the Brown Shirts, the political police of the socialist party. Where you disagree with the socialist party and you just disappear. That is also why the socialist want to take away the 2nd amendment, so you can’t fight back. The first amendment has almost disappeared, but will completely disappear under the socialist Dem’s rule. The 2nd world war was fought to kick the socialist out of Germany, yes the Nazi were socialist. The Dem’s and the media have been following the Nazi play book for the takeover of America for the last twenty years.

  15. Forcibly remove the alleged “leaders” of these sh*tholes and install real law enforcement people! Then give the “peaceful demonstrators” an ultimatum. Rioters will be shot!

    1. Shoot them!
      Anarchists rioters are domestic terrorists. Terrorists commit treason when they plot to destroy their own country, whether locally or nationally. Traitors have always been shot in the past . . .

  16. The incompetent Democratic governors and mayors are allowing the destruction of their cities. The president can only offer so many times to assist in getting law and order back into place so every citizen can feel safe within their own communities. . I pray to God the citizens of these states wake up and realize the people they voted into these positions should never be allowed into politics again. I honestly say let the cities burn. President Donald Trump should continue to protect the federal buildings.And when this is all said and done let the governors and mayors clean up their own mess, with NO federal funds granted. We also need all the media To report truths and facts. We need to keep our country going in the right direction and reelect President Donald Trump in 2020. I also would love to see Donald Junior get ready to run for president in 2024. Keep American Great 🇺🇸

  17. I think the President has good intentions for the people in the Portland area, even though the majority of them are too weak to survive. There may be some people who did not vote for this type of governance, but it should fall. That’s the only way to get rid of bad governance.
    There is a reason it is happening, and it’s not all because of demonrat “leadership”. The dimwits WERE elected, after all. “Birds-of-a-feather-flock-together”.
    The rest of the country would profit from Portland’s demise in that less federal dollars would be wasted. The sane people of the area may benefit from moving.
    If you apply the same theology to any other demon-run city, the outcome might be the same. Chicago, for instance, already has most of the sane people moved out. Only whiners and welfare-dependent people still live there.
    Trump should order the federal buildings in Portland CLOSED, and the city will not receive ANY federal funds until they clean up the mess and repair the buildings, and pay back what it cost for all the ‘help’ keeping the rioting at bay.
    If Portland’s residents have to travel to other areas or states to get their federal issues and assistance taken care of, or do without; maybe they will lynch their demonrats and start voting for changes.

  18. It just seems to me that people are looking at this from the outside in when they should be looking at this from the inside out. How did these morons, that are suppose to be representatives of the people, not leaders like so many want to call them, get elected? The people there must have voted them into office! They didn’t all get elected by way of voter fraud, it may have helped but it wasn’t the only way! So it must have been the people’s choice! If this is what they voted for then who are we to say they can’t have what they voted for? Here’s the thing about Trump stepping in and cleaning it all up. Just who do you think the MSM and socialist communist dems are going to give the credit to for doing the hard dirty work? It damn sure won’t be Trump!

  19. Any one in power at the state level who idly stood by and fiddled while their respective cities burned should be thrown in jail… They are responsible for all the burning looting and harm, whether a broken fingernail or a death, and should be held completely responsible. The minute they tied the hands of the police they were as bad as any and all of the totally
    UNpeaceful protesters. ……..😱😡

  20. Why save cities like Portland or Seattle, if the inhabitants of these cities are not making any attempts to stop the bandits, after all the inhabitants of these cities have weapons and, in the absence of help from the police, they could put the bandits in their place. But they don’t want tо . Why would the President come to the rescue if no one asks for it? He gives all Americans a chance to see what awaits them if dementia – Biden becomes president, which means that the country will be run by terrorist squadrons of crazy Sanders and the old crazy hooligan – Pelosi.

  21. Here’s the problem: not every resident of the cities involved voted for this kind of program. And that they would actually go so far as to withdraw all police protection and abolish something called “police” was the last thing they would imagine in a thousand years.

    Are you, therefore, saying that any person who voted against these programs, must live with the consequences of having “waited too long” to move out?

    Moving out is likely to involve walking away from mortgages (and seeing their credit scores drop down to a reeking 200, which means “Deadbeat”) and doing a grab-and-go bug-out. Is that what you recommend?

    Shall we, then, muster our militia to go in and carry out a rescue operation, similar to the two angels evacuating Lot and his daughters from Sodom?

  22. I say let them eat their own and do not give them any federal money for destroying their city and innocent lives. Children throwing a tantrum should have consequences. Trump 2020

  23. What everyone is missing is this has been going on for years . Career politicians have been using race and religion as a dividing point for decades. There’s a lot of innocent people stuck in these cities and states that want NO part of this destruction. I don’t know what the answer is . But it’s time that people need to look at each other not their color or religion. If we actually start talking and point out what the politicians are doing then you might see changes. Freedom has never been free and someone has always paid the ultimate price. If you ask if I will defend my family the answer is definitely. We fought for the right to peacefully protest but when you start destroying other people’s property I draw a line. But what we need to do is STOP BEING THE SILENT MAJORITY. We have the power to change things. Let’s start by talking and if that doesn’t work we can look at other options.

  24. We are into the third month of the communist uprising in our country not the first month and the writer of this article is a fool at best or a closet communist sympathizer at worst . The communists have been using Seattle and Portland as a proving ground for their tactics and are now trying to do in every city one by one what they did in Seattle and Portland that worked. The Communists are one by one going to and getting violent at every house of worship in this country, going from the cities to the suburban areas to the rural areas to cause trouble like the NFAC and both Democrats and Republicans have bent the knee to communists . If Trump does not shut this down now and quick and arrest the city/state officials aiding the communists as well as the news media aiding the communists this is what is most likely going to happen . Just before or just after the Democratic convention Biden is going to go to city after city where he says a few words wave his hand and suddenly peace will happen because Biden said this making him look like Moses parting the Red Sea. The press will see to that . Biden brought us peace while Trump Mr. Law and Order had violence happen every where and people will suddenly want to vote for this old brain damaged fart because that’s how things like these plans work. So Trump needs to not fall for the con game and shut this down and be the one who looks like the strong one that he claimed to be instead of a weak fool who got played . Both Koch and Soros should be brought to the reopened committee on unamerican activities to answer for what they have done to this country and the fact that Congress is talking about taking down statues show who’s back pocket who is in and neither party or house deserves our vote this year and we the people need to start recall petitions and elections five seconds after the politicians leave us all to rot like they always do but now are bending the knee to communists too.

  25. What the terrorist Dems have created is literally, in every sense, WAR against our country. The military would be within their rights and doing their DUTY if they wiped out every violent rioter. Just mow ’em down, boys. If you do that ONCE, there won’t be a second round.

  26. Give no support unless they ask for it. Let them learn lessons the hard way. It’s the only way these entitled mayors will learn that chaos can not rule; it just breeds more chaos.

  27. The citizens of these cities need to take back their cities – if they don’t, let them live in hell. Life is a choice.

  28. I say let them rot in their own filth. Hard working people built these cities and made them livable for creatures that now control them. If these creatures want to live in burned out slums, why help them. Cut off welfare payments, government grants and all forms of National support. Look at Baltimore. Billions of dollars didn’t help a bit. The useful moved out, the hopeless took over. They must like it that way.

  29. Just a thought …
    De-fund the police at the state level and re-fund the police at the federal level. No federal money to the applicable city/state.
    The real money behind the protests are from ISIS, now covertly operating within the major US cities and recruiting at a university near you …
    Tax all college/ university property, etc. the same as private businesses. Eliminate all federal grants to same.

  30. Detroit has been burned out to the point that they’ve bulldozed 1/3 of the city into parking lots. Yet, the cretins that live there continue to vote in Demoncrats. So, voting isn’t going to help in these cities and states. In the end, Trump will win the election with a majority of Congress & Senate, and will then go into these states, declare martial law and clean out the riff-raff terrorist groups BLM & ANTIFA.

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