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Will Joe Biden Be The First Presidential Nominee In 80 Years To Refuse A Debate?

Joe Biden has shut down debates this cycle, using the Wuhan coronavirus as the 77-year-old candidate’s excuse to call off challenges with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders when it’s actually become the Democrat nominee’s saving grace.

Now, as the general election season nears full bloom next month after each party’s nominating conventions, debates have re-entered the discussion as the Trump campaign requests more while Democrats and their allies in the media plea for Biden to steer clear of facing Trump head to head.

“Let’s Scrap the Presidential Debates,” headlined a New York Times opinion piece Monday.

“It’s time to rethink the presidential debates,” another headline in the Washington Post concurred in June. In it, columnist Karen Tumulty advocates organizers “do away with them entirely.”

“Biden better walk back any offers to debate Trump,” pushed the Boston Herald.

Others have been more direct.

“Whatever you do, don’t debate Trump,” former Clinton White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart urged Biden in a CNN piece last week, arguing not that Biden’s struggle to form coherent sentences could prove problematic but instead President Donald Trump will spout unchecked lies to the millions of voters watching.

Thomas Friedman at The New York Times called on Biden to skip the presidential tradition unless Trump released his tax returns and agrees to a fact-checking team validating or correcting claims in real time.

“I worry about Joe Biden debating Donald Trump,” Friedman wrote frankly.

Biden’s allies have reason to worry. While the presumptive Democratic nominee made it through a primary of more than 25 candidates this year despite making a series of slip-ups, Biden’s apparent cognitive decline has become ever clearer as live mistakes have become far more frequent over the course of the summer.

A Zogby poll shows 55 percent of voters believe Biden is in the early stages of dementia. The former vice president’s constant slip-ups have led the campaign to limit their candidate’s media appearances by running a 20th-century campaign. Warren G. Harding’s Ohio front porch has become Biden’s Delaware basement.

The tight control over Biden’s public appearances has led the campaign to now consider refusing to participate in the fall debates. The debates have become a fundamental presidential tradition that allow voters to compare their two choices for commander-in-chief side by side. No president has avoided them since Franklin D. Roosevelt refused to debate Wendell Willkie in 1940.

The excuse Roosevelt made, while also likely trying to hide a medical condition from the public, is nearly identical to the ones being flouted by the same party today: declaring the debate nothing more than a political stunt. Since the mid-20th century, however, debates have become a staple of the American electoral tradition, with the first televised match-up between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960. Since then, presidential elections have typically featured debates between the two major-party candidates making their case to voters over the direction of the country.

While the Democrat push to keep their nominee off the debate stage intensifies, the Biden campaign re-affirmed Monday they have no plans to skip the events scheduled for this fall as venues change to limit crowd size.

Biden is “very much looking forward to debating Donald Trump,” Biden campaign Communications Director Kate Bedingfield told Fox News on Monday less than 100 days until Nov. 3.

The first debate is scheduled to be held on Sept. 29 at the University of Notre Dame, although the Trump campaign has requested the date be moved earlier considering that 16 states will already be conducting mail-in voting.

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  1. biden will not debate pres. trump. pres. trump needs to be on tv everyday talking about his accomplishments, what he wants to do over next 4 years and tell americans what democrat agenda will do to america. maybe he could be on stage with empty chair like clint eastwood.

  2. The only thing I’m sure of with him…is when he gets asked something, whether it is now or possibly later in court, he will probably be the only one who will have, ever, truthfully stated…”I don’t recall”…

  3. Why do you even ask stupid questions like this . Even if God himself pointed to Biden to win he would never make it to the big boy seat . They would either kill him or set him to the side and run the country in his name . He’s a disgrace to the office and them that want him there . He’s the fool being played by the delusional democrats . What’s even more scarey is how the dumb ass’s follow blindly and vote for the delusional democrats . I can understand the young kids in collage following cause their just to stupid to think for them selfs . But the older people that vote delusional democrat … their the ones that are the problem in our country , their way beyond any kind of help . Iam sure their parents didn’t raise them that way . some where they lost their way and became retarded in their thinking . No way in hell will Biden win . Even with the mail in fake votes he wont win . Ask hillary how that work out for her . Stop asking stupid questions lIke this and ask real questionsf5k8

    1. They don’t follow blindly. They do have reasons to always vote for the demons, and their reasons are always linked to satan’s domain. Demons follow demons. Even perverts grow up, but they don’t lose their perversions . . .

  4. For a while, I was sure Joe Biden was ‘feigning’ his memory lapses; because of all the attention his dirty deeds with his son were at the forefront of the news – sort-of like “setting the stage” for a possible courtroom appearance, where he could legitimately claim ‘no memory’. Yet, he was out in public bragging about his ‘exploits’.
    Now, I’m certain he’s suffering from dementia, as a typical elder might. And, I think it is his family who are pushing him and controlling him (elder abuse?). There are some elders who recognize their limitations, and he may also; but I dare say his family has more to do with his ‘hiding’ and limited appearances. The very last thing they would want is an embarrassing appearance on a stage with the current President. Any cognitive viewer would know it’d be a bloodbath; and chase away any fool who would have voted for him.
    Most people also know by now that the Biden family has a lot ‘at stake’ in this race. Some think they’re keeping him in the race to avoid prosecution; but he is not ‘protected’ by law. It’s simply a “courtesy” not to prosecute a candidate. And, the “courtesy” depends heavily upon the jurisdictional prosecutors.
    Plus there are a bunch of sympathetic RINOs in office . . .

    I’m certain that sleepy Joe is inoculated for ‘China virus’ just like Trump. Everyone around him is probably tested every day.
    He could be ushered onto a debate stage in a bubble, just like he’s been doing with his very limited outings around his Delaware home base.

    He won’t debate Trump because he can’t think, and his handlers know it.

    No, the media is the publishing and propaganda arm of the DNC, and they are required by Demon Law to support and defend their can’t-i-date.
    Those who have written about “the debates” are scrounging around for any excuse, like saying; “debates aren’t necessary”, or we have ‘evolved’, or looking to technology substitutes so people “don’t have to risk their safety”.

    The virus is everywhere, just like all past pandemics. Obama’s Swine Flu killed more young than COVID. Everyone has been exposed, just like all past pandemics. Some will get sick, some won’t. Most people get over it, just like the flu. We rarely run to the E.R. with flu anymore, unless you’re very old, or a child with high fever. Most people “wait-it-out” and go back to work.
    There is no escaping I this coronavirus, and hiding out will not change anything except herd-immunity.
    All other past pandemics allowed herd-immunity to take place, and the viruses went on about their mutations to the point they no longer affected the populous.
    Yes, the past viruses did kill folks, but people do die from the flu in about as great a number every year. People who think they can outlast death are fools. But then, fools are the major base of the demonrat party . . . Staying indoors and avoiding life for a virus that has established parameters, where most are not affected other than seasonal symptoms, is no way to live.
    The vast majority of the population will not be adversely affected.
    Protect the ones you know who will be affected and go on with life.
    We have lost our economy and livelihoods because we allowed the demons to use the ‘pandemic’ to their advantage.
    We have learned a lot about the virus, and there’s no point to the shutdowns other than to control the population for political gain. We know now that those who are insisting on control have been wrong about it all. They cannot change the simple fact that sunlight kills viruses and bacteria, but insist you stay indoors. Just going outside on a sunny day, exposing yourself to SUNLIGHT has an effect on viruses. It’s because of the radiated air, and viruses mutate so fast.
    We also know masks DO NOTHING for coronavirus. There is no mask made to date that can trap coronavirus. Studies prove that both N95 respirators and surgical masks “resulted in no significant difference in the incidence of laboratory confirmed influenza.” They can only trap particles 0.3 microns or larger. Coronaviruses are about 0.125 microns (homework).
    And wearing a bandana? JOKE! Cloth coverings do not stop you from GETTING the Wuhan China virus, and they will not STOP OTHERS from getting it from you.
    Masks are nothing more than virtue-signaling to other dummycrats (my opinion). The obviously sick should be courteous and wear masks, so others will not get too close.
    Mandatory medicine and mandated interventions such as social distancing and mask-wearing have no place in a free society; citizens have the right to make responsible decisions about what is best for themselves and their children based on their own unique circumstances.

  5. Absolutely true, Biden shouldn’t qualify to be a President of u.s.a. i just can’t hire any employee if you don’t pass your physical n mental test. So if Biden can’t pass his physical n mental test. TRUMP will be automatic President for the next four years.

  6. Douglas: I think the debate is a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situation for Biden. He has been pushed to the forefront by the criminal clan of Obama, Clinton and others who will secure their positions to continue their criminal activity as they did for 8 years while selling our country out to foreigners while lining their own pockets! President Trump has had to fight with a bitter group of losers within the Democratic Party after winning the election in 2016. He was on the right path to doing what is best for the USA with bringing back manufacturing to our country to allow our citizens the right to have good jobs and a better quality of life. And, he has the balls to tell the truth about WHO and NATO. He wants us to be in control of our lives and our country. Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi and others wanted to put us under NATO’s control – using our cities for training sites and putting NATO in control of our guns. Remember, they were the ones who wanted to send a plane loaded down with gold and US currency to IRAN. We DO NOT need another moment, much less 4 more years of their B.S. Their ties with our enemies is “scary” and we may have to learn to speak Chinese. It is about time for our countrymen to be realistic! Enjoy our freedoms, rid our country of criminal politicians who don’t care about the country… just themselves. We need secure borders to protect our citizens. We should NOT allow our corporations to have control of foreigners and our universities and our companies accepting “bribes” from China and others outside of the USA. And, remember how and why Britain got rid of George Soros from their country as he funded groups to produce chaos and tried to destroy their economic system? Where is he now…….follow the money trails. Why are we allowing this to happen? The Supreme Court MUST hear the JOHN Q. PUBLIC case which will substantiate many truths and facts of the criminal activity some of these unscrupulous people have done to OUR COUNTRY! Enough if Enough! We need to DRAIN THE SWAMP, as there are too many more gators popping up to promote the continue the activities of there leaders within the Democratic Party. When I first registered to vote, I did so as a Democrat……as most Southerners would do……..but, as I got older and wiser, I changed to join the Republican party. I want truth and accountability from our leaders! I do not want our country to be under the control of a bunch of lying, stealing, treasonous politicians! I want our educational system to be the best in the world, our environment clean, our citizens safe, and I want our country to be respected by the rest of the world!

  7. Democrats are so scared to have Biden on a debate because he is so stupid he might bust them out. First question, who authorized the investigation of the Russian, witch hunt? Who authorized the hold of the 6 million dollars to Ukrain, and Why? Who and why was General Flynn targeted? What do you know about uranium one and the fast and furious deals? What do you know about the Covid19 and where did it originate? Do you know where you are? Do you know what position you are running for? What would you do that president Trump has not done to deal with the pandemic? Democrats are so scared they dont want to admit that Biden is not up to the task. His been in politics and very important positions for decades, BUT no accomplishments.

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