A Black Lives Matter leader has declared a war on police in the United States and has said that they have a "special forces" for it. - realconservativesunite

Black Lives Matter Leader Declares War Against The Police

A Black Lives Matter leader has declared a war on police in the United States and has said that they have a “special forces” for it.

Hawk Newsome, the Greater New York chapter of Black Lives Matter chairman, said that his group is “mobilizing” and wants to create a highly-trained “military” arm to take on police brutality, The Daily Mail reported.

Hawk Newsome, Chairman of BLM's Greater New York chapter, says the black rights group is 'mobilizing' its base and aims to develop a highly-trained 'military' arm to challenge police brutality head on

“It’s our obligation, it is our duty to provide people with a pathway forward,” he said in the interview with The Mail.

“‘We want liberation. We want the power to determine our own destiny. We want freedom from an oppressive government, and we want the immediate end of government sanctioned murder by the police.

“And we prepare to stop these government sanctioned murders by any means necessary.

“We are preparing and training our people to defend our communities,” he said.

He was in Los Angeles at the time of the interview in June as he met with other top brass and “military leaders.”

The meeting was held in the office of actor and comedian Nick Cannon, a Black Lives Matter supporter who has caused controversy recently by calling white people “savages.”

In a conference room at the trendy compound in Burbank, Newsome said the group hammered out details of the ‘Black Opts’ blueprint – which stands for Black Opportunities – a new direction he hopes will be the beginning of the liberation of black people.

Black Lives Matter has tens of thousands of activists protesting the death of George Floyd in dozens of cities around America and across the world.

And BLM’s Greater New York chapter has emerged at the forefront of the movement as black rights become a topic for debate.

Newsome, 43, an imposing 6ft 6in, who wore shades and smoked a thick cigar for our photo shoot, believes his group can lead the ‘war on police’.

Newsome is currently in Los Angeles - a city devastated by rioting this past few days - where he held a think tank attended by members of the BLM Greater New York leadership and 'military advisors'. The meeting was held at the offices of NCredible Entertainment, owned by actor and musician Nick Cannon (pictured together), a fervent BLM supporter who also attended

“We’re talking about self-defense. We’re talking about defending our communities,” he said in the interview where he blamed police for escalating the tension.

“You know what it’s like to see a taser pointed at a seven-year-old, you know what it’s like to see a 67-year-old black woman… pepper sprayed and pushed to the ground?” he said.

“We have black Special Forces officers advising us, and we will teach and train people in our communities, the Black Ops department of Black Opportunities,” Newsome said.

“What we’ll see is people put in place to defend our communities from police who will murder us and get away with it,” he said.

The brazen declaration of war against the police is not likely to do anything to help what the Black Lives Matter organization says it is fighting for.

Sadly, this type of escalation only leads to more death and destruction of people, most of whom want peace.

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    1. Hey, you NIGGER, the so call leader of the blm, somebody needs to gather all of you up, put you on a BOAT and then, let everyone have a FIELD DAY!!! Hey, you act like you were the slave, no you are wrong,you were not! Because, if you were, you sure would know, how to WORK and ACT .

  1. They cannot let this lawless pos continue to live – shoot on sight and take anyone with him who is there
    problem solved anyone who takes his place receives the same treatment

  2. This is war. This enemy just declared war against America. This isn’t a threat to police he said Government meaning America . We need to build the defense of all Americans. We will be run by Blacks that hate whites. Fu. K this MFer. The feds need to look at this as war not protest. All Americans arm yourselves for the coming. Not our fault but our duty . America TRUMP 2020

    1. Black lives matter you want war come see me i will give you a war that will make you head spin
      I have more guns that can arm the city

    2. This Hawk Newsome is an example of what to expect with another demon in the Whitehouse.
      He is protected by a demon in NYC, who allows all blacks to behave badly, or be treated differently simply because of their coloration.
      Now they want to segregate America again, with blacks as masters of all ‘lighter’ colors.
      Hawk Newsome is only a white-hater; an opinion probably based on poor upbringing. He was raised in a world where a black man achieved the highest post in the land, and where multitudes of blacks held high elected offices; or held high-paying jobs based on higher education, or “grit and determination”. He obviously wasn’t raised to believe in himself, or what he could achieve if he tried.
      It matters not what color you are. It still takes “grit and determination”, “nose-to-the-grindstone” to get anywhere in America. You go to school, or learn a trade, or invent something, or start a company. Save your pennies. Plan for the future. None of that has ANYTHING to do with coloration today; and EVRYONE knows that except victimologists, and the perpetually lazy welfare set.

      1. All lives matter. We all bleed red, feel pain, & have someone who grieves when we are hurt or killed. The human race was made in all colors by our Creator.

  3. Where the hell is the fbi ? This pos thug has made a direct threat to all of us. Surely we have the manpower to take care of him.

  4. This is an example of what perpetual victims and victimology produces.
    Personal responsibility is not a factor in their thinking.
    The death of George Floyd was unfortunate, and possibly could have been avoided; but the nation will not be told the whole truth about his death for several months because the demons need the event of his death to rally the demon hoards against the nation that supported Trump.
    And, even after Trump, they’ll still need the hoards to secure their Marxist agenda.
    The videos the nation saw right after Floyd’s death was publicized, were only half the “truth”. The guy was high on fentanyl; but no media outlet mentioned THAT. Minnesota Attorney General is Keith Ellison hid the video because it didn’t fit his narrative of a ‘murderous police force’ full of ‘racist cops’.
    Fentanyl causes lack of breathing ability, heightened emotions, rapid heartbeat, and will kill the drug abuser if the ‘dose’ isn’t “just right”. But, drug abuse is an accepted demon “right”, and MUST be overlooked. The demon masters must make a profit after all . . . and China makes, and the demons and their media love China.
    This big baby-man, Hawk Newsome, would probably run like hell when bullets start flying around for all his blustering. He and his NYC ‘chapter’ of BLM fail to realize they are feeding into a Marxist campaign, and co-opting a ‘name’ only. According to Kailee Scales, Managing Director of BLM Global Network, Hawk Newsom is “abusing” the BLM name and mission. Anyone who visits the ‘official’ BLM website can view their “woke” mission statement; ” . . . affirm the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum.”
    The original founders, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi profess themselves as “trained Marxists”. They have receive millions and millions of dollars in donations from corporations, but none of that money makes it’s way back into any ‘community’. They’re just getting rich off a ’cause’ that was easy to jump-start with the death of Treyvon Martin. Everything about their ‘website’ is victimology on steroids.
    The vast majority of ‘facts’ BLM and the likes of Hawk Newsome claim are erroneous at best, and complete lies at worst. Far more whites are ‘killed by cops’ every year, but that gets no ‘victim’ attention. The ‘official’ BLM and Hawk Newsome don’t give a rat’s ass about black lives. If they did, they’d concentrate on all the black-on-black crime and murders. More black lives have been lost in all the recent riots than anyone ever ‘killed’ by cops.
    Wonder if they’ll come back out with a different tune when the actual truth is finally told about George Floyd? Nah, the truth about Treyvon Martin case didn’t do anything . . .

  5. People are tired of hearing all this crap about how they matter and only them and now we’re also savages. Truth be told they are more rascists than anyone I’ve ever met in my lifetime. Anytime I’ve been attacked, harrased, raped once & disrespected to the point my children were deathly afraid to leave the house, was all by a black person “EVERY DAMN TIME”.
    All the news shows daily, is all about the crimes they’ve done, who they steal, rob or shot. I am EXTREMELY tired of it ALL… I walk down to the store and hear racial slurs at me and my kids. Like they think that bothers me and I will run and hide…They wont be happy until the white man is gone. They don’t care that the police have probably helped them or a loved one at least one time (or even more.) They only want police gone, so they can try to take over and let the crime wave begin. I refuse to allow this crap to happen in my beautiful country, that they keep destroying with their thugs and trashing our streets, monuments and business. They treat the places they live like a garbage can and then expect us to clean it all up. No More. We’re sick and tired of it ALL and the way its going were on the verge of a new civil war. And personally, I know where and who I stand with. The funny part is, I’ve spoken to many hard working black Americans and they also agree that these black lives matter groups ,have taken on a whole different meaning and the thugs are the ones trying to stomp out the whites. And they told me they want nothing to do with any of it…
    Trumps commercial where the old lady calls for help, when the bad guys breaking in her home was brilliant. Why? Because it shown the real reality of what actually is going on in our world and what woupd happen if the police can’t respond. Truth is there is nobody who will want to be a police officer and get little to no pay for doing that job. That’s exactly what theyre counting on.
    Thank God I have the right to bear my arms and protect my home and family and trust me, if I didn’t, no one would stop me from defending our familys lives against these new age terrorists. What a joke we must look like in other country’s. God Bless the folks out there who want a nice place to call home and those that appreciate our country for all that want to be civil and show some class… PS. Has anyone ever heard of a gathering or a party where black people attended and there hasnt been a shooting or the police Not called ? Never fails. A birthday party for a child turns into a shooting and the birthday becomes a crime scene… If someone doesnt like the way our country is being ran, then leave. Stop trying to make all about one race. Thank for lettimg me vent…

  6. Violence is not the way. Get education you have schools that are just for your race. I don’t schools just for my race. Quit whining and do the right thing. Or would that make to much sense.

  7. This guy doesn’t see what a clown he really is. He will be taken down fast and forgotten before long. He’s feeling his oats now but is obviously too dumb to know his limitations. He’ll be crushed like a bug as soon as the authorities have decided they’ve had enough.

  8. Bring it Oyster brain Mofo. I’m locked and loaded and my trigger finger stays itchy! I so miss killing Commies ,and Ragheads so any Stupid domestic Terrorist will do. I swore to defend this country against ALL Enemies!! Foreign or domestic!! And don’t worry I kept an old habit from my military days, I always munch on Bacon strips or pork rinds while loading my Magazines Just in case you’re expecting to see Allah when you die! My bullets will take you straight to HELL BIATCH!! SO COME ON!! LET’S PARTY!!

  9. I can hardly wait for what is comming. Most people have their heads in their ass about what’s happening in the U.S. On or about November3rd 2020 The shit is going to hit the fan. Becouse Mr. President TRUMP is going to win. Then you thought 2016 was out of hand. You just watch. You start messing shit up you aren’t going to deal with local police or the N.G. You will be dealing with American militias and trust me you going to have your hands full m fers. Are you READDY?? We are coming..

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