Chaos and VIOLENCE as ‘Confederates’ and Antifa GO TO WAR at Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain, Georgia was ground zero for armed conflict today at a “Defending Stone Mountain” demonstration, as groups, some describing themselves as militias, faced off with Antifa militants while, nearby, military vehicles and personnel waited to intervene.

There was blood, there were weapons, but even though some carried guns, thankfully no shots were fired.

The militias and right-wings groups carried Confederate flags and Trump signs, the left-wingers and Antifa burned Confederate flags and American flags. The two sides fought repeatedly. Race was an issue, monuments, there were those who were described as, and described themselves as Confederates or “pro-Confederate” and others who claimed to be defending freedom or the constitution. Those who said they were “anti-Facist” or “anti-Confederate, and those who claimed to be defending human rights.

But that it was far right versus far left is not a question. These were extremes, and they fought with each other and tussled with police in small and otherwise quiet Stone Mountain, Georgia.

The best on the scene videos were from Ford Fischer of News2Share.

Other outlets were also on the scene.

The AP reported on the clashes in terms that seem relatively small ball when it came to fights. No mention of baseball bats or beatings.

After several hours of mostly peaceful demonstrations Saturday in an Atlanta suburb that’s home to a giant Confederate memorial, large numbers of police moved in to disperse the crowds when fights broke out.

Several dozen right-wing demonstrators, some waving the Confederate battle flag and many wearing military gear, gathered in downtown Stone Mountain where they faced off against a few hundred counterprotesters, many of whom wore shirts or carried signs expressing support for the Black Lives Matter movement. People in both groups carried rifles. For several hours, there was little visible police presence and things were largely peaceful, aside from some shoving and pushing and spirited arguments.

But just before 1 p.m., fights broke out, with people punching and kicking each other and throwing rocks. That’s when police officers in riot gear moved in to disperse the crowds.

Here is how the Daily Mail wrote it up.

Members of pro-Confederate and white supremacist organizations clashed with counter-protesters in Georgia on Saturday after a far-right rally turned into a violent standoff between opposing groups.

Several dozen right-wing activists toting rifles and Confederate battle flags gathered in the Atlanta suburb of Stone Mountain, near Stone Mountain Park, home to a giant sculpture of Confederate leaders.

News2Share’s Fischer, on the ground and up close, described a far more intense scene, saying it was “ome of the most intense street violence between left and right” since Charlottesville.

After some initial tweeting live during the event, Fischer posted his videos as HD in follow-up tweets. The long, continous live streams are the bottom of this article. After the event, the processed clips told the story.

There were many, many fights.

Here’s more video.


There were no winners here.

Eventually, police moved in.

The officers were challenged. One genius dared a cop to mace him. The accommodating officer granted the request.

Fischer spotted military vehicles on standby as everyone was departing.

Here are Fischer’s live streams.

via therightscoop


  1. Sadly we are going to see more and more of this due to the BLM and Antifa and it isn’t because there were thousands of far right loonies silently hanging out but because American’s are getting sick of the violent far left terrorist and are beginning to fight back. Towns and cities are getting tired of them and fighting back. The BLM and Antifa have became the face of terrorist and the democratic party of “My way or no way”. They demand you think as they do, talk as they say you can, wear what they say, spit on our flag and constitution and are driving the silent majority into an angry lion ready to attack and defend their homes and way of life. The confederate flag and our nations flag are becoming symbols of the right to free speech. Push too much and eventually you get pushed back.

  2. These people have to be stopped.. this is not right to go around and destroy things that do not belong to them.. It belongs to the Americans who love our History both good ,bad and ugly

  3. These people have to be stopped.. this is not right to go around and destroy things that do not belong to them.. It belongs to the Americans who love our History both good ,bad and ugly …these paid antifa are the communism pawns .. they are the ones who hate America… But they will go to jail for 10 years because it is the law now, if they are catch destroying what is not theirs.. And the Flag.. that will soon be the law.. jail time to burn the flag..

  4. And now, the end is near, the Dems will face their final curtain. This time they bit off more than they can chew,,Now the time has come for the people to have it our way… TRUMP 2020


  5. ANTIFA and extremists from BLM want a war, and they will get their wish. This is going to get very ugly, very fast, unless ALL politicians everywhere stand together and denounce violence in any form by any group. As for ANTIFA, it has already proven beyond any doubt, they are a TERRORIST organization. Yes, they are an organization, complete with website, flags and an ideology of overthrowing the government, not just the present government. They do not care if you’re D or R or Independent, they want the federal government done away with. As such an organization, they should be dealt with, permanently.

    1. Agree with you 100 per cent. The time is coming when Americans are going to be forced to pick up a weapon and defend this country, or they will loose it.

  6. Time to step up America or lose your homes forever. Black Lives Matter won’t be satisfied till white people are wiped out from the world. In Africa all white land owners have been imprisoned or killed. This group of people are just as racist as the KKK. I ask my fellow African Americans not to fall into this trap of extreme hatred. America has been moving forward without all this paid by George Soros violence.

    1. Keep pushing and see’s what happens… There will be some people come out of the wood work you don’t want to _uck with who will put a end to this non-sense. Lock and Load: Stand your Ground

  7. This was right in back yard. It wasn’t a ‘huge’ crowd, but nonetheless, was annoyance.
    This IS NOT a representation of today’s “typical southern” America. Most people have grown up since the race riots and desegregation. We live and let live.
    There are ‘extreme’ “far right” groups that pledge to a “white-only” America, and they go by many different names. Their only similar characteristic is they hate dark-skinned people(s). Or subscribe to ‘White Superiority’.
    If you put them all in one place, they would only equate to a fraction of 1% of the entire U.S. population. They might fill a football stadium, and probably squabble and fight among themselves enough to eliminate quite a few of them. Most of the ‘rebels’ have limited cognitive abilities (ever talked to one?).
    There seems to be a few thousand ant-if-as and b-l-m-ers ‘factions’ and groups. They have their limitations too (spoiled white rich kids, and black welfare babies — all lazy and soft).
    Why not corral them all into the ruined Demon cities and let them fight it out, BEFORE sending in the Troops, or bother with spending taxpayer dollars rebuilding?

  8. Well lets say that shit happens, and it is going to be BIG time. There is no person black, white, yellow that is going to destroy my protery without a fight. History is just that, but learn from it. My great great grandfather fought in the Civil War, my Uncle fought with Patton, and I fought all for the freedom we have. By God I may be old, but I’ll walk point to keep the U.S. FREE. What was it that old guy up North said in 1775 “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH” I’m ready for either. I give these guys an A for effort, but a D for follow thru.

  9. I am tired ofAntifa and BLM telling me what I can and cannot do. This is America one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for All. I blame the Demoshits for this and their lawlessness platform. They are the destructive ones led by senile Pelosi and Biden and I did nothing In eight years Obama. When will the Demoshits face reality that they are not leaders but losers and disrupters!

  10. I understand why the ‘right’ side wants to push back against antifa and blm. I just wish they would leave President Trump out of it. I believe our president cares about all people and wants to keep America safe for all citizens. Trump/Pence 2020!!!!!!!!!!!

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