Trump: Dems Using Virus Fears to ‘Steal an Election’

President Donald Trump is accusing Democrats of using voters’ concerns about COVID-19 to steal the upcoming presidential election.

Trump told delegates at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Monday that the only way Democrats can win is “if this is a rigged election.”

“What they’re doing is using COVID to steal an election,” Trump said. “They’re using COVID to defraud the American people, all of our people, of a fair and free election. We can’t do that.”

Until he won, Trump also warned that the 2016 election was going to be rigged.

He says Americans know how to keep themselves safe from the coronavirus and can go to the polls, eliminating the need to mail in their ballots. He said, without providing evidence, that that creates fraud.

Voter fraud has proved exceedingly rare. The Brennan Center for Justice in 2017 ranked the risk of ballot fraud at 0.00004% to 0.0009%, based on studies of past elections.

Trump says other votes will be “harvested” by people going door-to-door to collect ballots that voters have not submitted. In addition, he says some states are not verifying signatures on ballots. He did not provide evidence for those claims.

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  1. I’ve been been saying since day one that this idiocy is WRONG, SPITEFUL, HATEFUL, AND SOLELY ORDERED BY THE POLITICAL LEFT IN ORDER, THEY “BELIEVE”, TO WIN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Nothing will change my mind. Masks accomplish NOTHING. Standing 6 feet away from others is not going to stop the spread of a virus. We have lived through dozens of virus illnesses and this one is the only SILLY one……it just may allow the left to win the election, which will be deadly for Americans. I should start looking for a country that MAY BE SANE, but doubtful about the sanity…..I think the world has gone bonkers, thanks to POLITICS.

  2. What’s the purpose of this article, to argue against or debunk the theory of election fraud? What if I just ignore this article and in the meantime unsubscribe from your mailing list?

  3. That’s like amazing. Imagine trying to actually use somebody’s fears to steal an election. Like fear of losing my healthcare. Or fear of losing my job because my city opened up to soon…or the fear that some black Americans might get killed by an over stretched police force, doing a job better suited for a social worker. But that agency has been financially depleted by a local government that over funds and over uses its police department. Putting untrained police in situations they are not supposed to be in?
    What kind of monster would try to capitalize on those fears and use them to win an election…(steal doesn’t actually apply)
    Stealing is what you do when you incorporate the aide of illegal means like closing down or limiting the resources of the post office because people are afraid to vote in person.)

    1. I doubt you are staying home during this “plandemic”.
      If you can stand in line at Walmart, or your corner liquor store, or the DMV, or ‘peacefully protest’ in the streets with huge crowds of strangers; you can stand in line at the polling places.

      BTW; no amount of half-truths will change the facts on police-killings. More than 10 times as many white criminals have been killed during police ‘confrontations’ in the past 12 months, than ALL black criminals have been killed by police during ‘confrontations’, this year.
      Blacks ARE being killed by the thousands every year in shootings caused by other blacks; but it’s an uncomfortable factoid, and doesn’t meet the narrative of “Hate Trump”, “Hate America”.
      The country is NOT “systemically racist”. There are racist stubbornly hanging onto their ancient teachings and ignorant fears; but there are too many black and brown people elected to offices, and we’ve even had a “black president” too (it’s just too bad he wasn’t a good one). None of which would happen in a ‘racist country’.
      It’s sad when people of some coloration darker than lily-white get elected to democrat offices, they forget who elected them — as with the case of all “darker” Demonrats.

      When you buy a barrel of apples, and find one isn’t fit to eat, do you throw out the whole barrel?
      No matter what you try to do, there will always be someone in an organization that doesn’t fit, or doesn’t live up to the organizational standards. All you can do is cull out the bad when you find it. You don’t blame the whole. One size never fits everyone . . .
      But, the “war on Trump and conservative America” needs an excuse . . .

  4. I have renamed this ‘virus’ to the CONTROLUS VIRUS from day ONE. It has been taken advantage of in every respect and I have doubts that it will ever end. It’s all about POWER and MONEY. This may be the end of our Republic as we know it. It’s taken years and one little crumb of cake at a time, slow and progressive, but their ‘cake’ is now just a few crumbs from completion.

  5. The proof is right in front of your face, every day we see stories of ballots rejected, people caught defrauding, are you sure you are a conservative news outlet you sure seem to be trying hard to debunk it, I am 71 and I honestly believe the demoRats are going to use any fraudulent means neccessary to cheat out a win!!!!

  6. The mail-in-vote is the demon’s last straw to oust Trump and make his Presidency illegitimate.
    Nothing they have tried has worked, and they are desperate. When a crook gets desperate, they are willing to do anything.
    The mass-mailing of unrequested voter applications is not the same as absentee ballot voting. The demonrats know it, but not all their dummycrats know it. They have a few who post to sites like this, with skewed “factoids”, half-truths, and even outright lies; because that’s just what a demon does.
    Pill-osi is the demon’s last hope. She keeps insisting on the mass-mail-vote because she KNOWS without a doubt that it would be rife with confounding results and illegalities and fraud. It would require her to call the vote , or nullify the vote until they can get to the bottom of the ‘whatever’ in whichever state or jurisdiction. We’ve seen elections hampered with in the recent past that garnered national TV airings, like; Florida over DeSantis, and Georgia over Miss Piggy Abrams — so it’s nothing new.
    When it comes to a Presidential election, it has to be clear who won.
    If the vote is corrupted, it is nulled. It has to be done over, or the Speaker determines the President. In the meantime, she would be the ‘acting’ President; with almost full powers of the office. Enough so, that even one day in office she could ruin the country forever. If she had a demon-held Congress, who knows what damages they could do with her at the helm? Just look what she did about the ‘Impeachment’ farce. She went around the constitution on that. I doubt she’d have better ethics as ‘president’.

  7. I’m 83 and in the danger zone, Diabetes.Pulmonary Fibrosis and High Blood Pressure and this farce that Democrats is trying to scare people is bunk, I have voted twice including runoff, wore mask, rubber gloves and used hand sanitizer and I am just fine and intend to vote IN PERSON for the General Election.

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