McCarthy: Stimulus Bill ‘Less Likely’ as Talks at Standstill

Another stimulus bill is “possible,” but it’s becoming “less likely” as talks continue to remain at a standstill, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Tuesday.

“We came back for an emergency meeting on Saturday, and that was about the Post Office, the desire that the post office needed more money,” the California Republican said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”But the Post Office has had 14 billion on hand and has another 10 billion line of credit through the CARES Act that we already voted on as Republicans, we voted on another amendment. We offered more money for COVID research and others. That was shot down.”

McCarthy said that it’s concerning to him that it is getting so close to the election, but he’s not in the majority party, so he “can’t control what is coming to the floor,” and the coronavirus bill is becoming a “political element instead of a policy one.”

“We have a lot of small businesses still being affected and needing help we can utilize that money and maybe even more,” said McCarthy, adding that there is more than $100 billion “already sitting there” for states and another “$1 trillion already appropriated that hasn’t been outlaid yet that you could utilize too.”

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants another $1 trillion, making it a real sticking point, said McCarthy.

“What concerns me more than anything else, they shifted the Democrats for the emergency meeting on the post office and said we had to come back on Saturday,” said McCarthy. “If you watched, 68 Democrats didn’t even show, one-third of them didn’t even show up. I would believe the economy would be so important that everybody could show but they couldn’t even bring that issue up as well.”

Meanwhile, McCarthy said everyone is more concerned about the Post Office when it comes to mail-in ballots, but that isn’t the problem.

“The Post Office can handle it,” he said. “The real concern is can the election office handle it?”

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