Biden Spox Melts Down Over Teleprompter, COVID Questions

Joe Biden’s National Press Secretary, TJ Ducklo, just gave a trainwreck of an interview on Fox News – where he shifted between anti-Trump talking points and backpedaling defensively over simple questions, such as Biden’s reliance on teleprompters and what the former VP would have done better than Trump in terms of the national response to COVID-19.

Perhaps the most jaw-dropping moment was when host Bret Baier asked Ducklo a simple question over Joe Biden’s use of teleprompters that goes back to at least July:

Has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews, or to answer Q&A with supporters?” asked Baier, to which Ducklo launched into a defensive tirade – accusing Baier of parroting Trump campaign talking points, and “trying to distract the American people.”

Baier asked two more times to “answer the question,” while Ducklo deflected – scolding the host and accusing the network of ‘funneling Trump campaign questions.’

Ducklo has been answering questions over Biden’s teleprompter use since at least July – when he said the notion that the former VP is using them to answer questions is “laughable, ludicrous, and a lie.

Yet, here he is earlier in the week doing just that:

Last week, Biden read teleprompter cues on multiple occasions.

Earlier in the interview with Ducklo, Baier asked what Biden would have done differently in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic – since a new campaign talking point is that President Trump mishandled the virus, the Biden spox went into defensive overdrive – robotically barking anti-Trump talking points without actually answering the question.

Watch the full interview here:

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  1. Me thinks tho protest too much Ducky Poo. And are we really gonna believe “the poll” numbers after Hillary? Also, who the He!! do they poll? I’ve never seen one in my 65 years. Who is making sure all these polls aren’t Democrat dominated? If it’s taken on any kind of social media you can just throw that poll in the trash. The same goes for Hillary’s popular vote. What a farce!

    1. Exactly … The MSM and Democrats have been lying constantly since Donald Trump entered the political scene. How did that “Russian Collusion” pushed by the Clinton Crime Family dossier work out? The Clinton Crime Family colluded with foreign entities to create a dossier that accused Trump of colluding with foreign entities … SWAMP CORRUPTION HEADQUARTERS!

    2. I’m 65 never been called to take a pill. They are a joke. The Democraps only poll Democraps. Trump in a landslide. Hes going to beat Biden worse than he beat Hillary ass.

  2. I never saw anybody spin anything like Dakota duck and he really had a Brett on a on a roll he really ate Bret’s lunch. I wouldn’t have happened if Jesse yeah Jesse Waters was was interviewing them nobody spends on Jesse Waters Fred Bear let that man take your show over He could have stopped it and he didn’t He didn’t know how to handle ducky poo 5gon

  3. I thought Brett Bear was better than to let that guy spin on him and take his show over red Bear was visibly bothered and troubled he didn’t know how to handle this guy it’s a good thing that Jesse Waters wasn’t taking the interview

  4. Bret should have shut him down. If he could not answer the questions, Bret should have taken a break and done to him the same thing Whoopie did to the Judge. Although, I do not support Whoopie or any of her wannabees. I support President Trump in his endeavors for our great nation. I’m glad that he supports our policemen and does not pander to those that wish to destroy, burn, or loot. I just can’t understand why anyone would want to vote for Joe Biden when he has proven, that he is not medically able to serve this nation as our President. I believe like James Woods that he will come up with something that he will not be able to debate President Trump.

  5. Can we just leave slow Joe the basement rat and his co-rats in the basement and say they came out? I’d much rather they didn’t and we claim they did. I get so tired of the “it’s Donald’s fault Biden can’t answer question without a teleprompter”.

  6. Love James Woods Prediction … He’s nailed it.
    Watching jerks like Ducklo squirm is trippy and so transparent.
    Brett …. Time to Hang-em up. You’re to nice.

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