DOJ Records Show Mueller’s Team WIPED Phones During Trump Probe

Newly released records from the Department of Justice show that the cell phones of multiple people on then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team were “wiped” for various reasons during the probe.

The records show at least several dozen phones were wiped of information because of forgotten passcodes, irreparable screen damage, loss of the device, intentional deletion or other reasons — and came before the DOJ’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) could review the devices.

The documents show that Mueller deputy Andrew Weissman “accidentally wiped” his phone twice after entering the wrong passcode too many times in March 2018. Lawyer James Quarles’ phone “wiped itself” without his intervention, the records say.

The documents were released after a lawsuit from the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. They were first reported by Sean Davis of the Federalist.

The records indicate Attorney Greg Andres phone was also wiped due to a forgotten passcode. And they say the phones of both Mueller deputy Kyle Freeny and Rush Atkinson were wiped accidentally after they entered the wrong passcode too many times.

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  1. Lying criminals……
    Must have been self incriminating evidence on these phones.
    AND, most likely chat between each other on how to “get Trump”.
    With this the investigation should have immediately ended.
    (What is on obama’s phone?)

  2. there is no such thing as wiped message. i had experienced several times forgot or input wrong password. the server/provider can get the information if the FOIC get to the bottom of this. there’s always footprint on all online email, just take patience and time.

  3. Do another,
    You are certainly correct. Those records can be retrieved. The problem is that nobody will try. Just like Killary and all of her destroyed, bleach bit, “lost” devices. I find it oh so convenient that these “accidents” only happen when they are subpoenaed and it just the democrats who have these problems. Strange how that happens. Regardless of the coincidences here, nothing will be done. There will be no attempt to retrieve the information. There will be no investigating the call/text logs of those devices. There will be a big fat ZERO done about any of this because nothing ever gets done. Politicians/lawyers/judges will all cover everything up for each other as usual. The American people will be kept in the dark and treated like idiots because that is what has been allowed to happen for so long that it has become the norm rather than the exception.

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