CRINGE: Biden Pulls Out His Phone and Starts Playing Despacito (VIDEO)

Joe Biden traveled to Florida on Tuesday to pander to the Latino community as he loses support from Hispanic voters.

Biden traveled to Kissimmee after holding a disaster roundtable event with veterans in Tampa.

Ricky Martin and Eva Longoria were at the Kissimmee event desperately trying to help Biden connect to the Latino community as the former VP arrived almost two hours late for his speech.

Then this happened…

After being introduced by Puerto Rican-American singer Luis Fonsi, Joe Biden pulled out his phone and started playing Despacito ahead of his remarks kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Despacito” means “slowly” — perfect for Slow Joe!


Twitter users savaged Biden.

Biden’s own supporters were horrified!

via thegatewaypundit


  1. Ah yes…there he is…the Trojan horse That will get Marxist Kamala Harris into the White house. You can then kiss America good bye. They will tax you to death to pay for the flood of illegals that cross the border to be their base. They will immediately be given voting rights, housing, food and a free education all on your dime. How could any democrat fall for such crap! This is highly reminiscent of the Bolsheviks that murdered the czar and his family and turned Russia into a communist country. In this case ANTIFA leading BLM by their noses are the Bolsheviks. God help us!

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